Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11/2/11 Peace and Health

Hey mommy. how are you?
first im gonna answer the questions because my comp is impatient i might not write a whole lot, we'll see haha. or maybe thats just an excuse because i dont feel like sitting in front of a computer screen haha

How was your week? it was really good

Do they have Halloween in Brasil? i think so. but its not like it is there. my comp said they just have parties sometimes. and some people dress up for the parties but generally no. only if there a costume contest ha

Is Elder Ballard an AP? yeah. hes only got like 2 months more than me on the mish. he is a really good missionary

Did you guys have a baptism? last week no, but we have one marked for this week. shes got a really strong testimony

Are you teaching anyone that is golden/accepted baptism? see previous question haha. her name is shirlei. her dad went to church the last two weeks. Murilo. he says he doesnt feel God so he cant have faith, but were trying to make him realize that he has felt him and he has faith or else he wouldnt be going to church and talking to us so much ha. but she went with him this week and liked it a lot. she bore her testimony to us in our lesson sunday and has a stronger testimony than i had until i was like 16 haha. shes got a really strong testimony and loved the lesson on chastity in gospel principles

Are you still teaching the dad of the girl you baptized last week? yeah, well mais ou menos (more or less).

Has he stopped smoking? he has not stopped smoking, hes kinda losing faith. hes gonna buy a pill to try to stop smoking....vamos ver....(we'll see)

Did you get a Shaila Bergquist Sunday dinner? not really, but it was good. it was the day elder ballard was here and she served umm she called it parmesan. like chicken parmesan. it was like steak? with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce. it was pretty good. and we had peanut butter sandwiches as an appetizer haha that was bomb. then she gave the jar of peanut butter to alder ballard ha. i was pretty jealous. but then we ate at another house and she made mashed potatoes exactly like yours mom haha it was ridiculous. i told her and she said ta bom então (well, then), ill make them again the next time. which is saturday. so im pretty happy about that haha

Do you dream in Portuguese? i dont remember the last time i had a dream that anyone talked haha. my dreams are just like flashes. theyre like slideshows haha. when i have them. which is rare. haha

Tell us something funny that happened this week... well, paz, e saúde (Peace and health) haha. its funny because every time we start a lesson we ask if we can ask for something in the prayer for them. 99.9% of everybody says paz e saúde (peace and health) and so we ask. is there some problem you have here in the home or with your health. no i just need these things.....haha its pretty funny. also we talked to a guy who tried to tell us that we should go home because sacrifices isnt what God wants. he asked if we feel "preso" that its just by grace that were saved so i asked why we have the bible and the laws and teachings, he said so that we know that were sinners. once we admit that were saved. he asked if he could say a prayer, and im pretty sure he tried to cast out demons out of me and my comp haha.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? muitas vezes (often) ...but when shirlei bore testimony to us. then we marked 2 nefi 31 and mosiah 18 for her to read. she sent us a text like 2 hours later thanking us and i know shell be baptized...we went back last night and marked her baptism for this sunday. estamos animados!! (we are encouraged)

blake, how was hanging out with hayley stayner?? haha did you make her sing for you at least? haha paige....kaitlin told me that you miss me. thats so sweet hahahaha.

i loved the pitures. that one of weston is legit. with the twix wrapper haha good stuff. hows krew doing? haha

mom if you havent sent the package yet, throw in a good toothbrush (one with like firm bristles) haha and a good face wash. além disso.....

FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO CHAD! PARABÉNS!! THE BIG16 EH? tell me how it is haha. love you all!
Um abração!
Elder Bergquist

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