Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11/30/11 a picture on the tree as our present to the Lord for Christmas

hey pops!
hows it going? things seem to be going real well back at home. its good to hear. sounds like some pretty good stuff is going on. and prayers are being answered. que continue assim. que bencao. i dont have a whole lot of time today, and i really want to write blake, so sorry pops but youll have be be satisfied with pouco essa semana. hope you dont mind. but im not liking the idea of the nba deal, theyre gonna burn out kobe. and good that the us won the cup. good stuff all around it looks like. Weston is the man. does he have a 6 pack yet? haha all those sit ups and laughing has got to do some good. love you dad.
Your favotite son,
Elder Bergquist

hey mom. sorry today will be short. but well be able to talk on the phone like tomorrow
(what a nut, in in 24 days, but whose counting??) ha so dont even worry haha

So, how was your week? maravilhosa

Any baptisms this week? infelizmente nao :/

What happened to the couple that wasnt married? negaram a verdade, infelizment parece que nao e a hora deles.

How is it going with Geraldo? ah....nem sei, mole. ha um dia ele vai ver ha

Did you go back and see the man that wanted to find the true church? no he wast keeping his commitments

How about Andreas? hes comin along. slowly but surely. he just wants to be a pro soccer ´player and plays on sundays ha, so thats his big problem. but i talked to him a lot about how i played to and sempre the championchip game was on sunday and i never played and got put on the sucky team because of that but how it was a worthy sacrifice and i knew that as i followed the commandments he would guide me to what i needed in my life. well see what happens after he prays about it...

And Shirleis friend? shes got a lot ha, shes loving the gospel and like alma and the sons of mosiah she wants to share with everybody now that shes converted and felt the love of God in her life. shes helping a lot and is the strongest convert i think on the face of the earth. ha jk but she truly converted. she had a change in her heart and spirit and is very very happy now, and wants to share with everyone! its great :)

Murilo? hes still having a little trouble, but were seeing changes in him too. very slow and very subtle, but changes nonetheless, i think were still here in part because of him.

Anyone else you are working with? a few people, but nobody thats super serious, and it changes every week depending on how much they want it, because were out here to find people like shirlei that are being or have been prepared.

Did you get the package Kellie S. sent? (BTW, Aunt Melodie said they are going to send you a little package too) ainda nao....

Any funny/crazy stories from this week? not anything too crazy, but we had our christmas conference. it was really nice. sister parrella is really like a mom to us haha its great. (of course she'll never compare to my real mom) hahah but it was really nice and had tons of sweet. nossa. i ate so much junk ha

When was the Spirit the strongest? ou na conferencia. we heard a lot of testimonies and messages, including the profet and apostles and that special witnesses of Christ dvd. it was really spiritual. and we had a family night at muriilo and shirleis house with their whole family. it was the birthday of shirleis brother who committed suicide. we shared with them part of one of uchtdorfs talks about the love of God and parts of the family a proclamation to the world and about how families can be together forever through Gods plan and if we do our part and how this knowledge is here because of the restoration. it was really good.
but thats all i got for you this week. i love you all. love you mom. and hope the best for diana and krew. im praying for you. Boa semana!
Elder Bergquist

heres a couple pics from the christmas conference yesterday. each dupla went up and shared an experience of baptism from this month and put a picture on the tree as our present to the lord for christmas. it was really cool. and heres the result ha and me with pres and sister parrella

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