Wednesday, November 23, 2011


To his dad...

haha oh dr tambem nao sei como que escreve...but thats weird that he knows you're bishopping (Chad has Dallin's AP Lang teacher this year and he told Chad, "hey chad while your dad is out the "bishopping" maybe he can put in a good word for the school play." We thought that was pretty funny. He also still has a picture of Dallin up by the side of the desk and refers to him often) but thats good to know that he liked me...i would have never guessed. knowing him he was probably asking if you could announce it in church or something...ha sei lá. i didnt really understand the story about tanner and kaitelyn...and when you say that im assuming you mean katelyn kerr? and yeah i am pretty immersed in the work. its going really well here in progresso ate agora...and were staying mais uma transferencia...i will be here in progresso for Christmas, new years and my birthday. im loving the work. thanks for always supporting me and helping me see how blessed i really am. and its good to see the 9ers doing well...or should i say hear that theyre doing well...what day is thanksgiving by the way? is it this week? tomorrow? weird. i cant believe its almost december já!! love ya pops. keep up the good bishoping!
teu filho preferido,
Elder Bergquist

we had 3 baptisms.
tawilly and luciene (friend and mother of pauliene)
and maria dora. (mother and grandma of a family of members. she has osteoperosis and is always in pain, but in the baptismal font when we took her out of the wheelchair and dunked her, she felt nothing at all. all she said was "oh que gostoso" no pain whatsoever. QUE BÊNCÃO!!! love ya'll

primeiro. vou reclamar. what a rip off!! you sent one picture! whats that about. cheap. i wanted to send you guys a package, but i dont know about the money, and ill be coming home for christmas, so ill just bring with me next year and then they can be better presents. haha. but i think im gonna not send pictures this week because i got ripped off. maybe ill be a good son. we'll see....mas que milagre! tell hayley i said hi when you see her and ask her to sing beautiful eyes for you guys. haha does she have a cd out yet? haha i know she was working on one. and tanner is going to byui...i didnt know that...he told me he was leaning towards ldsbc. anyways. as perguntas:

DID YOU GET TRANSFERRED??? (I keep praying that you and your comp will get to stay there together!!!) NOPE. your prayers came true. haha were both still here

How was your week? great. we had 3 baptisms :)

Any baptisms this week? yup olha para cima

Any commitments? umm...a couple, but theyre not married yet. it was really disappointing when we found that out.

How is the teaching going? its going really well, at least i think so, if not i dont think wed be baptizing haha

Who all are you teaching? were still working with murilão, e geraldo...and a couple others...

How is the man that said, "I want to find the true church" coming along??! he said that, but i dont think he really wants to , he didnt keep commitments and didnt go to church, its really sad, but maybe a little mas para frente...

How is Sobrinho coming along? i believe you are talking about shirlei's sobrinho (nephew) his name is Ándreas. and its going well, but hes a typical 17 year old and doesnt understand the importance yet, but hes coming along

How about Shirlei's friend? she didnt come this week...we'll see...

and her nephew? ja respondi ha

How about Paulienes mom? ver as fotos. ha. ela batizou.

and her friend? tambem. :) theyre all doing really well. they love their young womens leader já

How about Murilo? hes having a tough time...he just want the Lord to do stuff in his way instead of the other way around, but i believe that were still here in part to help him to understand and be baptized too...

Did you get the package Kaitlin O'Connor sent you? yes. thank her for that. i got it last week.

Did you get the package Kellie Sprunt sent you? ainda nao

When did you feel the Spirit this week? every second of my life. haha no but we had a lesson with a family that was really good, we all felt the spirit very strong and the dad said at the end, i only want to be baptized because a lot of people from a lot of religions already passed by and taught, but i never felt what i felt with you guys tonight. that was really good to hear. and i love this work and how the spirit is teaching and guiding me everyday. i know my savior lives and i know he loves us. im praying for you guys. i love you! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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