Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11/9/11 Miracles

well, sounds like your life is pretty boring with no nba haha. thats so crazy to me that they just like cancelled it. what exactly is going on?? why did they stop the games? being bishop has calmed down? not so crazy anymore? half the missionaries from the stake are from our ward. thats what im talking about! haha so can i be expecting a few letters in a couple of weeks here? haha its crazy to me how fast the time goes out here ha. anyway, i love you pops. keep your head up, the nba will get up and running one of these days. haha ate o próximo. te amo.
um abraço,
teu filho,
Elder Bergquist

olá mamãe! tudo bom?
well this week was a pretty good one. im lovin this area. progresso. thanks for the pictures. and that rule with the pictures can start next week, but you cant get mad at me this week mom. come on. you have to give me a minute. today i dont even have my you cant start with that rule. and next week ill have some baptism pics for you. dont you worry. :) chad is 16. thats so weird. i knew it would come someday but i dont feel like he should be that old. its weird. ill answer you questions now ha...

So how was your week? its been a good one :)

Did you baptize shirlei on Sunday? no not yet, we moved it to this week so her family can be there. its going to be great. shes an elect of the Lord if ive ever seen one. when we taught about the law of chastity she got sooo happy. "ive always thought that way. and i know that its a law of God" then she got all sad and asked, what does your church teach about tattoos? she had one done and regrets it a lot haha she got all embarrassed and was like it was a time of my life that i just felt like i needed to do it, but i know its not right haha. shes eleitíssimo.

How is Murilo doing? hes doing well. he goes to church every week, reads the scriptures and is really happy when we come to teach him, but "he doesnt have faith" as he says. its hard to explain to him because he looks at everything literally...but weve got some things planned for him.

Who else are you teaching? we have a mother and daughter were teaching. pauliene and luciene. they both have had really strong answers to their prayers and are progressing well. they take care of an elderly lady with alzheimers, but ill get back to that story a little later...

How is your ward? its really good. i like it a lot. the sisters are really good. but the youth is kinda weak, but were working with that ha. no worries

Did you bare your testimony on Sunday? claro, the missionaries have to, we have to be an example of the believers, não é?

Are you serving in a wealthy ward or a poor area? umm...normal. there are wealthy areas and poor areas in every ward i think...but in this one theres not a whole lot of either. ha

Do you take the bus often or just walk? no we walk everywhere in this area. its not very big...just when we have to go to the mission office or something like that.

How big is the city you are in? im in BH. i think you asked that last week ha. its the biggest city in the mission.

Are you the only missionaries in the city? no. hahah you asked that one already too haha

Is there just one ward? no ha theres like 4 stakes...

Where is the closest temple? the closest is campinas, and just a little farther is sao paulo...

Is the fruit there good? no its terrible...haha sike! yeah its bomb. i love the juice the sisters make at lunch. maracujá goiaba. you know all those tropical fruits haha. and fruit is cheap too. i love it.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? thats a tough one. sacrament meeting was really good, studying about the atonement is always really good too. and teaching shirlei is always really good. but i think to top it off would probably be with the senhora that luciene e pauliene take care of...she has had alzheimers for about 5 years and getting worse. when we met her and asked her name she didnt understand what we were saying and couldnt answer....after we gave her a blessing, (we thought that would be the only way the two could be baptized because with her like that they cant both leave and leave her alone at home) so we gave her a blessing and afterward as my comp was talking to them i asked the lady "a senhora tem fé em Cristo" ela respondeu "tenho" ("Do you have faith in Christ?" she replied "yes") then my comp came and asked "a senhora acredita que ele pode curar você?" ela respondeu "sim" ("do you believe he can heal you?" she replied "yes") it was a miracle in the moment. the power of the priesthood is real. and this sunday the three of them are going to church with us and pauliene (the daughter, who went to church alone last week) should be getting baptized with shirlei. im loving the mission!

Do you have a little hymn book? yes i got one in the ctm . no worries haha.

So, I am mailing out your package on Thurs... I know you want tooth brushes and face wash... anything else??? not that i can think of. besides peanut butter...haha thats the only thing i think of when you ask that haha

i love the mission. i love serving the lord. i love you mom. and all of you that may be reading this email. i love my savior Jesus Christ and thank God everyday for his atonement. i love being able to share with my brothers and sisters everyday this marvelous gospel. i love the miracles i see every day, including just being able to communicate with the people. the lord really loves us. every single one. anybody who is thinking about serving a mission as you read this letter. do it. its the best thing you could ever do with your life.

um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

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