Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/26/11 baptism in this church really does change people

Hey everybody! how is everyone? mom? hows the chin? hahahaha i laughed out loud litterally, maybe i should start asking you what the funniest thing that happened was every week haha. that was pretty dang funny. but. only because you told me about it so i know youre okay. i hope it didnt hurt too bad. ill answer your questions and include a few stories and details. ta bom? sorry i dont have much time this week we have an appt at 5 so were cut short on time.

How are you? im doing absolutely fabulous. and you? ha

How was your week? it was an extraordinary week haha

Did you have a baptism? (the father and the daughter??) we did baptize the daughter, but the father ainda nao...he isnt really esforcando to stop smoking. were still going to keep working with him but im not sure if its his time yet. we'll see if its a wake up call for him that we arent there everyday now. because he really likes us ha and we also had another baptism. it was really cool. she went to church sunday, and we set up an appt on thursday to go see her. when we got there we realized that she had already been taught everything by the other missionaries, and was keeping all the commandments. so we invited her to be baptized. she told us she wanted to learn more, but also bore her testimony and showed that it was pretty strong, so we explained to her that she cant know everything before baptizm and the spirit will help her learn faster, when she heard that, she decided to be baptized and we had her baptism on saturday night. it was a really cool experience

How is the working coming along? its going pretty good. im learning a lot. my comp is new but a really good missionary. and is helping me grow.

Are you still teaching the 92 year old lady and her boyfriend? no

Any golden contacts? umm...its hard to tell, por enquanto, no...but were teaching a few that recognized christ in our countenance when we went there the first time, so well see if they stay firm. i have faith they will, because when they recognize us like that they normally do.

Are you and your companion having fun? yeah, hes a really animado gaúcho ha ha

Working hard? certainly. who do you think i am? haha we end up running to get home on time usually at least twice a week its pretty funny. everyone probably thinks were crazy

Why does the lady that lives above you come to the states a lot? i dont know. because its the united states...? haha

Did she make a Shaila Bergquist Sunday dinner for ya'll? ainda no. she feeds us tomorrow. so we'll see haha

Anything funny happen this week? nope. nothing. ha yeah...let me see....we took one investigator to church, who says he doesnt have faith in christ yet. but its just because he doesnt recognize the spirit. he says he cant feel God. its pretty tough. but our lesson in gospel principles was on eternal marriage and he took over the class asking questions and expressing doubts. ha hes an interesting guy. he always asks, first thing to everyone, who committed the first sin and where? of course everyone says adam in the garden. and he come in with, no it was satan in the "spiritual plan" ha doido. he also did the same thing in priesthood but made everyone stay like 15 minutes after because he doesnt really stop talking haha.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? after Karine's baptism. i was really happy to see another alma nas aguas. and the change we saw in her after the baptism was amazing. i dont know if i told you, but she doesnt talk. remember how i was when i was younger...? shes like 100 times worse. she says yes no and i dont know....só its pretty tough. but after the baptism we went over there to talk to the dad and the rest of the family and she was conversing with us and laughing and messing with her dad for smoking. it was really cool. baptism in this church really does change people. :)

also in my interview with president. it was really good. i learned a lot. he told me i need to be more bold in my teaching and try to find the source of pride in my life, because its a problem that everyone has and once you find the source thats when you can actually change it and become more humble. it was really good. other than that, remember how i said they doent do exchanges in this mission, well my lz called last night and said id be going on an exchange with Elder Ballard this week. Not the apostle. at least i dont think so hahaha. but elder ballard, my comp said, was assistant to pres when he got here. so im kinda nervous. im not sure what its about. doesnt love me or what? haha jk. i didnt write him last week so i wont get mad. is that why or is he just really busy or what? and cadê meus irmãos?? i want to hear from you all!! haha. blakes email is bgb11187 right? @gmail? at @aol? i got a letter from elder marchetti yesterday. and from elder trujillo, my comp from montana. i was pretty excited. anyway thats all. the pics are of Karines baptism, with her mom (baptised 2 weeks ago) and her dad.

and of maria josé. our two baptisms this week.

love you mom. hope all is well. i love all the rest of you too! até mais! tchau!

Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

oh and ask devin if he misses alfajor? haha my comp got a package with like 1000 of them this week. theyre pretty bomb haha. tchau!

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