Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/5/11 aprendi BASTANTE

To his dad...

yes im working hard, obeying the rules, loving the people, i get along with my comp well, and i feel like weve got the trust of the ward. of course theres ways i can improve in all those areas, but im doing well and improving cada dia (every day). well, sadly no, we didnt have any investigators to be able to watch conference saturday. i was really sad about that. and i didnt get to watch priesthood, that was the saddest of all because, i dont know if i told you but the prieshood session of conference is my favorite meeting in all the church. so i didnt hear elder holland. or packer....i cant wait for the liahona next month! but i liked hearing it in portuguese. the only one was president monson, i love his voice and the faces he makes, its just not quite the same. but other than that i liked the portuguese, considering i didnt hear elder holland, because the translators cant quite project the message the way he does. what did he talk about? what was your favorite from priesthood? and president uchtdorf? thats really sad about BYU. really really sad. Utah state? really?? hopefully they stay this way one more year so i can get on the team the year after haha. and chad really is finally turning into a bergquist! atta boy! anyway thanks for the updates, love ya pops!
Elder Bergquist

Oi avó!
(Hi Grandma) GRANDMA!! haha
well i finally picked my team. last night. were teaching a guy that played on this team. CAM Atlético de Minas Gerais. he played on like the AAA team i think, but he was really good, has back problems now, but played against some of the best players in the world today and was one of the best of his época
(time). i asked him to sign the jersey for me that he gave me. i told him i hadnt picked a team yet, here in minas there are 3. one is cruzeiro, who EVERYONE and their mom likes, and i dont really like to follow the crowd so i was leaning toward atletico and he told me, are you going to follow atletico? and i said i think so now because of you, and he went and got a jersey out of his room for me. its an original, like 150 reais. hes a really good guy, and hopefully he continues to instigate the gospel, his wife is kinda putting doubts in his head...

How are you? im more than good, im grrrreat! haha

Did you get to go to every session of Conference? no :( só (only) sunday

Which talk did you enjoy the most? Elder DALLIN H. Oaks, also the sunday school general pres about teaching by the spirit, and the one about the book of mormon, i forgot the guys name...

How is the work going? pretty good, im learning alot at least, a lot of different ways to work, because knocking doors here isnt the most effective thing. generally i like to choose the streets when we plan so the Lord knows where we'll be so he can help us, but we dont have a map here so we pick an area and its kinda blind. but im learning how to use all the tools we have as missionaries, so that is good.

It seems like this area is harder for some reason... agree? Dont let it get you down!!! it seems like it, but i dont know if its the area, i hate blaming it on the area. i just try to find the things i can do to melhorar (improve) everyday

Who went to conference with you? ninguem (nobody). once again i dont want to give excuses, but its an hour away and we have to get two buses and nobody went. we had people say they wanted to and one that even said she would meet us there and i called an hour before the session and she said she was getting on the bus, but never showed up. and on sunday in the two sessions our ward only had 3 people that went. 2 in the first and one in the second. it was really sad. our lunch messages have been about the importance of the prophet in our day (needless to say)

Anyone ready for baptism? a few that are, but they wont make the decision to actually do it.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? in conference. claro! (of course) haha it was really good. aprendi BASTANTE (I learned A LOT). and stuff that will help me on the mission to be a better teacher by the spirit and help people assumir compromissos melhor. (make commitments)

how is everyone at home? chads finally turning into a bergquist! hows weston doing? how was running out of gas with andy? haha what was your favorite talk and why? i need to know which ones to study first when i get the liahona! haha anyway. i love you mom! or should i say GRANDMA!! haha i love ya'll!

Um abraço!
Elder Bergquistps two things. first. a member here wants those scripture sticker things. the like pictures that go with the verses for incentive for people to bring their scriptures to church. he wants a price...i think he wants a good like 20 or thirty but if you could just look on the internet and see the price so i can tell him.

then i want a silver sharpie when you send my package
thanks mommy :) tchau

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