Wednesday, October 12, 2011


sup pops!
General authority huh? pretty sweet. sounds like the ward slash stake at home is doing pretty good. yeah those hay bails can be pretty intense haha i did that a few times in wyoming. but people say tanner speaks english with an accent? haha its weird speaking english now. i think thats a good sign. sad that eric had to come home, but at least hes gonna be getting back out here ha. mckay got a scholarship for academics?
(he is actually getting a scholarship to BYU for swim!) good stuff. haha good ol chad. its the real deal it looks like. i remember the dances in corona haha they were always the best there. i cant believe hes almost 16. crazy. and im preparing to be a safety. i tried and tried to gain weight before the mission. i guess all i needed was rice and beans haha. im like almost 80 kilos. i think its about 170 or 175. im getting there, then i just gotta turn it into muscle when i get back. ill have almost a year to do so. haha but enough about that. there will be plenty of time for that later. right now i want to do what you said, find joy in the work, focus on the people and have no regrets here! i love you pops! até mais! (even more)
Um abração (a big hug)
Elder Bergquist
ps did you tell tanner to write me? i dont have any address for him but i want to hear from him

hey mommy tudo bem?
welp, lets see. primeiro (first) i should tell you. i am no longer in sabará. i was transferred today back to BH. ala progresso. so yeah, now that im not there any longer, Sabará was a really difficult area. at least for me. i dont know if it was the actual area or if it was being senior comp or what, but it was tough for me. BUT, i learned a ton! and i feel like i improved a lot as a person a christian and a missionary. no i wont be printing the talks. ill wait a few more weeks to read them in the liahona. its all good. and i asked your favorites last week!! not to send me the talks from preieshood haha. let me try again using a more direct question. Mom, knowing that your son will benefit greatly from this, will you tell him in your next email which talks from the conference were your favorites? there. now. let me know haha. but im here in progresso, my new comp is elder nacarado. hes from rio grande do sul. right on the border of uruguay. hes fluent in spanish too ha. and hes 25 too. for your questions:

How are you? im great, really excited for my new area. haha

How was this past week? it was good. we found someone finally in sabara who had desire and marked hers and her sons baptisms and then i left ha. but its all good. it will all work out.

How is the teaching going? the teaching is going well. i think i improved a lot in sabara.

Anyone ready for baptism? in sabara i left virginia and lucas but here theres a father and daughter that are just about ready for baptism this sunday.

Any referals? we had a few in sabara, but well see how it goes here in progresso.

I got the 3 things you want in your package (from last week) but what else can you think of that you would like??? (I need to get it in the mail pretty soon for Christmas!) peanutbutter. haha beef jerky. sei lá. (I don't know)just send what you think id like haha. ask derek and devin what they liked...

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? when we finally put everything in practice and taught a lesson really good. when virginia accepted a date to be baptised. that was a great moment. brought some hope to us ha.

Anything funny happen this week? yeah sempre (always) crazy experiences in sabará. we walked by a guy, completely out of it. not sure if it was alcohol or drugs. anyway, he goes "eu já falei, eu nao sei resar! vai embora!" (i told you i dont know how to "pray (catholic)" go away!" haha we got rejected a lot in sabará, even when we didnt try to talk to the people. we laughed about that for a few days haha.

How is your house/apartment? its fine haha. nothing out of the ordinary. haha

How often do you have district mtg? every week. tuesday morning

zone mtg? every 3 months. which is about once every 2 transfers ha

are you 2 the only missionaries in that whole town? yeah. in the past they had more, but it was just us.

im glad elder vasquez got in contact with you! thats good to hear. sounds like hes doing well. and tanner too. good stuff. anyway. i gotta get going. get settled in in our new house ha. love you mom! blake! get out here man! theres nothing better than the mish. you told mom you wanted to do something with your life. as it says in d&C the thing of most value to you right now is to bring souls to repentance. i love you man. its my greatest desire to see you out here the same time as me! you wont regret it i promise! and chad, sounds like your growing into a bergquist. keep it up! haha love you all!

Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist!

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  1. So I am very happy to hear you are doing so well Dallin! I hope my letters have been getting to you, but since you don't write me back I never know! HINT HINT ;) haha JK Love ya!