Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/11 gotta go save some souls!

kleber who gave us these jerseys. ha gente boa! (His last area) CAM Atlético de Minas Gerais. he played on like the AAA team i think, but he was really good, has back problems now, but played against some of the best players in the world

thats my new comp. looks like brandon. and reminds me of blake. haha

Dear mother,

How are you this week? im very very good

Tell us all about your new companion! (personality) he reminds me of blake haha. hes kinda little but hes got a strong personality and seems like everyone likes him. hes really friendly and firm in his opinions. And he came out to the mission with 25 years old! tell blake to follow his example!!! seriously. its me dream to see him out here at the same time as me. theres nothing better blake. i promise. prepare, dont put it off any more

Is he from uruguay? no hes from brasil but he was raised on the border between uraguay and brasil. he said its just an avenue and one side is brasil and the other is uruguay

How long has he been out? he just completed 2 months ha. im his second comp

Tell us about your area! im in BH. the BH oeste (west) stake. and im liking it alot. possibly my favorite area so far. or alfenas. not sure. and speaking of. tell dad i live on rua eugênia nery. i dont remember the number. and the church is like 3 blocks from our house on avenida brigadeiro eduardo gomes. i believe it is bairro grória.

How big is the city? im in BH. pretty big haha

Are you the only missionaries there? no hahaha theres a lot. hahaa

How far away are the closest missionaries? i dont know exactly. like 20 minutes or so...?

How big is your ward? the bishop said theres about 800 on the papers, but about 130-150 frequencia on average.

What is your house/apt like? its below the house of a member. shes really funny. she goes to the states a lot and showed us her pantry thing today, she has like 10 things of peanut butter that she brings from the states all the time and shes gonna try to make a shaila bergquist sunday dinner for me. roast beef, mashed potatoes and rolls hahaha. but theres a leak in the pipes where the toilet flushes above us. and it leaks down the wall of our kitchen. its wonderful! QUE BÊNÇÃO!!!

Are the mosquitoes bad? no. just flies haha like little fruit flies...

How hot is it? not too bad. its been raining so its really humid but not that hot , just that we walk a lot

Did you have a baptism this weekend? (the father and daughter??) yes! i think were gonna baptise her tonight, were going to her house right now to confirm with them and the dad is still smoking but went from 60 a day and smoked 13 yesterday and the goal is the 4 he has left will be his last. we took him some lollipops last night to try to help him with the habit.

How many lessons did you teach this week? we havent had a full week yet but de quarta ate domingo (Wednesday through Saturday) it was like twenty something ha dont remember

Tell us something funny that happened! we taught this lady on her front porch. we knocked and she answered a pretty old lady, i thought she was like 75 or so...she was 92. halfway through the lesson her "neighbor slash friend" comes to join. hes a pretty old guy. i thought like 70 or so...he was 88. and they are boyfriend and girlfriend. were like 99 percent sure. its was so funny the way they treated each other. they were like flirting and then at the end they both had doubts whether they were baptized or not and were both wanting to talk and ask questions and she kept trying to talk but he would talk over her and he finished and goes "now you can talk maria, go ahead..." haha it was comedy

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? i studied Doctrine and Covenants 130....i felt the spirit in that...lots of stuff in a little chapter. i spent two whole days studying verse 7. haha i want to know more. but also i feel like weve been teaching really well and direct. we had one lady tell us after the lesson, so wait im not baptised? ive been in this church for 49 years and thought i was baptized but this whole time its been a lie? so she told us she was going to pray because she still wasnt sure and had doubts and would call us the next day. it was a really good experience, just that sadly someone must have said something to her because we passed by her house the next day and she ran and hid from us...its really sad, but she has the doubt, one day shell come around and get over the other false churches. the spirit was really strong there though , and in a couple other lessons too, well todas, mas sempre algumas mais que outras.... (all, but always some more than others)

my comp was telling me about an axe commercial he saw of a missionary that like "goes bad" have you seen it? he said it was from there...? sei lá. (you are there) sounded kinda funny, but really blasphemous...haha. and i thought of two more things i would like...if that little side bag thing of dereks is still at home, id like it, if no one is using it...and velveeta shells and cheese, like the instant stuff....or just mac and cheese, sei lá mas algo assim (I do not know but something) thats quick because i have like no time to eat at night and ive been craving mac and cheese haha. thanks. and i think i finally leveled out on my weight at about 77 body just wasnt used to rice and beans i think. but thanks for everything love you all! sorry my times up! gotta go save some souls!

Um Abraço!
(a hug)
Elder Bergquist!
ps tell chad atta boy! starting early! keep it up kid!
(Chad gave away a Book of Mormon to a friend at school)

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