Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9/28/11 you cant be saved without spiritual knowledge

To his dad...

well about priesthood session, no we wont be watching it at 9 at night. they replay it at 8 am on sunday, but we can only go to it if we have an instigator with us. same goes for the saturday sessions. so im only guaranteed the sunday sessions. but well be watching all of them if i have anything to with it. ive been looking forward to this for a long time. i absolutely love conference. also, you're definitely right about looking for guidance in my calling. its a great opportunity for that. and as far as i know, they dont have english headphones for use, but i wouldnt be using them
anyway. i want to hear it in portuguese, except maybe elder holland, the translators arent quite the same as him in some of his talks haha. crazy that ariel is already heading japan right?? and jake. im so excited for him! he'll be great. just gotta get chase and layton out there. i wrote the frogs a letter and included a special part for chase haha. sounds like chads finally turning into a bergquist. the only thing chad screwed up on is getting his eagle before he was 18 hahah jk. thats sweet he already got it done.
(Dallin and his older brothers all got their Eagle Scout JUST before they turned 18, Chad got his last week! He is still 15, he will be 16 next month) gotta go. love ya pops. tchau.
Um abração!
Elder Bergquist

Bom dia mãe!
first of all, i hate that i haent seen weston yet. it seriously makes me mad. especially seeing him grow up like this. but its all good day, and one day ill get to see a nephew of mine from the start, and then even better a son of mine haha, but thats a long way off. glad you enjoy my emails. i try to keep them interesting and good, but i wont lie, you probably wont like this weeks too much. im not really in the mood to sit at the computer today haha. we have a lot of stuff to do still and its already 1 oclock. did devin and jeff catch slash photograph anything cool? send some pics. or tell him to!
(His brother, Devin and his cousin, Jeff love to go herping, they just took a trip to AZ to herp this past week, Dallin has grown to really enjoy herping too, so he wanted pics of what they caught) i havent heard from any of my siblings in a while.... im jealous of blake too, on a soccer team. i miss playing sports. (His mission president doesn't allow them to play sports on P-day) i walk by kids playing soccer everyday. once in a while i call for them to pass me the ball and i get to pass it back, but thats about it for me here haha. its rough stuff. and tanner...i cant believe hes already coming home...i feel like i left a couple months after him but it was over a year. weird. but the time is flying. i already have nine months. people say its bad to count, but i do it sometimes, because just like chad said about the x-country thing, you gotta sprint at the end. and as i see the time passing it makes me want to work harder and harder. but tell tanner when you see him to write me, because i dont have his address there, and i want to hear from him about the mish and all. alright agora, as perguntas.

Did the family of 4 come to church again? no :/

Tell me about your talk.... i spoke on revelation. personal revelation mainly, but at the end talked a bit about prophets seeing as we have general conf this weekend. i spoke for about 15 minutes and had a lot more that i didnt share but i was only planned for 10. but the guy that spoke after me (from the stake) didnt prepare a talk, just got up there and talked about....bistera. sei lá. he talked about one time when a mission pres went to a ward and had women blessing the sacrament...and he didnt relate it to anything...i dont know why he talked about that haha it was interesting. as i heard a few time before the mish...the church is still true in brasil, just a little less than in the states hahah. oh and the second councilor in the bishopric told me this week that i have hardly any accent. it made me really happy. so according to that, it seems like the people are understanding pretty well

I can't believe some lady threw rocks at you! Does that kind of thing happen often? ive never heard of it happening to anyone in this mission...the first time its happened to me...ha

How is the work going? its going....we're trying to figure out whats faulting to really bring God's children to receive the blessing but nobody we have found here in sabará has wanted the blessings bad enough to make a change.

Anyone ready for baptism? not at the moment... :(

How is your companion? hes doing just great haha...he said "bien" haha

Are you having to take money out of your account for bus trips or food? no. not anymore. i took out a lot in my first area and got all the reimbursements. so i havent had to take any out since then...but i took a lot out there haha

Tell me something about your week! i already told you a lot ha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? writing my talk i felt like i had a lot of guidance and learned a lot. probably studying about that. i learned that you cant learn spiritual truths and hold on them without personal revelation and you cant be saved without spiritual knowledge "man cant be saved in ignorance" "this is life eternal, to thee the only true God and Jesus Christ" so personal revelation = eternal life

Have you taken any pics of your house? no not yet. ive been taking them though, dont worry, you'll get to see all my houses when i get home haha.
Love you mom!
love you all!
Um abraço,
Elder Bergquist

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