Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/21/11 its only through making commitments, or covenants that they can receive the blessings and salvation

haha comedy, elder huntsman. i will look for him. havent met him yet. (Brad just found out that one of his friends from high school also has a son serving in Belo Horizonte!) but i did have an elder huntman in my district in wyoming haha. BYU is stupid. i think im gonna transfer to Utah when i get home. haha jk. but they do suck at football. why did kathy have mom read my story? did it have anything to do with the lesson? haha that was a really cool experience though. its just sad that nobody wants to make commitments here. were getting people to church, and FAMILIES too which is really cool and rare, but everyone is scared of commitment. and its only through making commitments, or covenants that they can receive the blessings and salvation which is really sad. i think im going to start being more blunt on that topic, i am sometimes, but not real often. coles papers are in?? sweet! good to hear. (My hubby and some other Young Men leaders took the Priests to Conference a few years ago and Brad was telling him that they have all gone on missions etc... I am going to post a pic of them at the end of this email) let me know what happens. and do you know about justin too? i told him he needed to go a few times, but we kinda lost contact. (he and his family moved) the only one that didnt go is eric, but he is married in the temple which is really good too! haha anyway, ill share more in moms email. love ya pops. or should i say bishop pops.
Elder Bergquist

Cole(papers are in, waiting to hear), Justin (moved), Brennen (North Carolina), Ricky (Honduras), Sam (Portugal), Collin (Alabama), Dallin (Brasil), Kyle (Columbia), Mike (Florida), Tanner (Brasil), Eric (convert and married in the temple!) The 1st young man is who they were talking about whose papers are in! WE ARE PROUD OF OUR YOUNG MEN!

Mamãe! como vai?
you say everything is boring and then write a letter like 8 pages long haha. doida. so, just for future reference, dont ever send a picture with anything related to u of u again mmka? and you can go ahead and tell devin and diana that they are disowned. tell them that the scriptures say to raise our kids in righteousness and show them the right way... i know hes not born yet, but uhh...looks like theyve already gone wrong. aimee knows where its at.
(FYI, he is referring to the BYU U of U game... Dallin is on scholorship to BYU and his brother attends U of U and his wife is pregnant and they took this picture and said "Baby is a Utes fan" hahaha)

tanner comes home this week no? (Tanner is one of Dallin's best friends, he actually comes home in 8 day! He is serving in Rio!)

So, your ward signs up to go on splits with you guys? yes

Do they sign up to feed you? yes

Is the food the same in every area you've been in? yes haha. pretty much, its rice beans and some kind of meat and sometimes other things to go along with it.

Do you have anyone ready for baptism? not at the moment no.

Who are you teaching? everybody we can ha. i dont know if its me or what it is, but nobody we teach can make a commitment to save their life. literally, their spiritual life. its really sad, were working on improving a lot to make sure its not our fault that they arent understanding or something. but the work has been a little hard for that reason

What are the stats that you have to turn in every week? stats? haha baptisms, confirmations, people in church, progressing, with baptismal date, references, lessons with members, other lessons, new investigators and maybe a couple more. i cant remember if i missed any, but if you look in the planners that i sent home it has the weekly report thing, just dont judge me. haha

How many lessons did you teach this week? i dont remember, somewhere around 30

How many of them will you be going back to teach again? 1 ha. were only aloud to go back if: they go to church, or have a baptismal date.

Did you have any investigators at church? yeah we had a FAMILY! 4 people. come to find out, the parents arent married :( so they couldnt get baptized, but they say theyre going to start on their marriage papers

What book are you reading now? i just finished the book of mormon. im reading our search for happiness and studying the Doctrine and Covenants

How big is your ward? on the papers i think its about 200, in church its about 75 on average

How did your talk go? its this week

What was your topic? i think im gonna speak on revelation and talk about preparing for conference

How are you feeling with the language now? pretty good. its weird, a lot of times i say words that i dont even know i know, but they come out and make sense, i guess from reading and hearing other people say them, idk my bff jill

Anything funny happen this week? just that some lady threw rocks at us. no big deal. oh and when i say rocks, im not talking pebbles, like bigger than a softball. she was chuckin them and pushed my comp. its kinda sad how ignorant some people are, but dont worry, we went by the next day and left a pamphlet in her mailbox. shell be baptized soon, hahah

When did you feel the Spirit this week? im feeling the spirit a lot in my study. its true that we should feast upon the word. im learning that the more i study the more i want to study and learn more and unfold the mysteries of God. an hour before the mission to study was forever, now when the hour ends i always want to study more ha

What are you learning? a lot of things haha. everything. learning a lot about the language, and how its important to study constantly and keep learning new things. its impossible to be saved in ignorance.
anyway, gotta go. love you all. especially you mom!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

Here are the pictures he sent this week... I have no idea why he is taking pics of the Catholic churches, maybe he thinks they look cool.... haha

Silly boy... doesn't he know we want HIM in the pictures??!!!

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