Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/14/11 Same Power today as in times of Old!

you can see one or two of the huge catholic churches i think. theres like 5 of them that size and its kind of a tourist city because of how old it is. one of the catholic churches just has 2 of the walls left and its like a tourist site now.

a pic of fat me. wow. kinda ridiculous how much weight ive gained. (I am going to use this picture for his plaque!)
guilherme's baptism. his mom is a member and shes getting married to this guy and then we'll baptise him too

me and elder martinez

Olá gente!
how is everybody?? im doing greeat here. first before i forget. use the scripture Devin and Derek both have on their plaques, or if thats too dumb (im not really sure, i kinda lost my regular judgement skills being a missionary in another country, but i do like tradition and i know i like that scripture) or use D&C 35:13,15. i hope everyone is doing well! you said something about sending pics of di, but i didnt see any anywhere, and whats up with chads curly hair. hes got a fro and its super dark. weird. it reminds me of mikey spaletas hair when we were young, just gotta bleach the tips haha. other than that, to answer some of dads questions, BYU is stupid when it comes to football, thats the only answer to that haha and my district is 8 missionaries. 2 of which are argetines. kinda weird to have people from other countries besides brasil and the us. and my LD and LZ are both american. last time i saw the assistants they were american. maybe one was brasilian, i cant remember. and i think we have interviews with pres at the end of this transfer. i didnt have mine last time because i was 6 hours away from BH. right now were about 40 minutes from BH on bus. and now for moms questions

How do you like your new area? its really pretty, lots of hills to hike haha and with the afternoon sun its not the grrreatest, but i need to lose weight so its all good hahaha. and being a city that i guess just had its 300th birthday its very catholic, but were still finding a lot of people that are willing to hear the message of the restoration

How do you like your new companion? i like him a lot ha. hes a singer, like semi professional, you can look him up on myspace lucianoemanuel. hes really good so thats cool ha. he teaches really well despite the fact that half of it is in spanish still haha theyre so similar that he forgets to translate or change the words to portuguese haha.

Tell us about him! oh and hes 25 years old ha.

How is your new ward? theyre really good. really good with missionary work. they do like we did in our ward with the missionaries. they give a us a few minutes in priesthood to mark days and times to go out with the members. like 3 a week on average.

Do the members take care of you/feed you? yeah were doing just fine.

Do you have anyone ready for baptism? not at the moment

How many lessons did you teach this week? i dont remember, around 30

Did the last Elders leave you a list to go see/teach? just Guilherme (they baptized him, see pic above), Weder (who they baptised but still needs to be confirmed, but fell back into smoking) and one other kid that we never found at home.

Did you do any tracting? nope. none. haha yes! thats pretty much all we do. this ward is pretty good with references though too.

Referrals? see above. haha weve taught like 4 reference families so far, none have accepted baptism yet though.

Did you find any new people to teach? everyday hahaa

I have been meaning to ask you... do you have blisters? right now no. im doing pretty good.

How are your socks? Need more? nope i still have like 2 packs that arent opened yet.

Did you get the pic of Diana last week? (she is due Dec. 17th) nope

Did you pick a scripture for your plaque? yup

Did you take another pic for me? yup

Did you bare your testimony Sunday? yup. obvio. haha and i have a talk on the 25th. my comp spoke last week. but at least this time i have a bit of warning to prepare unlike in alfenas where i would find out 3 minutes before hand haha

When did you feel the Spirit leading you or teaching you this week? oh man. this is a good one. you might wanna fasten your seat belts haha. so we went out with the second councilor of the ward. he told us hed have a reference, but didnt, so we hadnt planned, so we went in the church and said a prayer. he asked that we could find a family that would accept us and that wed be able to bare testimony of the experience later on. (a goal of this ward is to baptise a family of 5 before december) so we walked out of the church and we started walking toward the street that came to mind, when we saw a recent convert walking by so we talked to her. she was going to the hospital to be with her dad. we went with to give a blessing and on the way Jefferson (2nd councilor) said were going to visit my friend at this house afterward. so we came back after the hospital and they let us in. (theres your story of guidance haha) then we started teaching this family. Jeffersons friend and 3 of his sisters and a daughter. while joão's (joão is jeff's friend) drunk brother babbled to himself in the other room. as we came to the end of the great apostasy and were about to start talking about the restoration, the drunk comes in and starts asking questions and yelling and getting mad and smoking. possessed by something, he tried to interrupt before we could get to the restoration. the same as satan tried to do that spring morning in 1820. he knows the power and spirit that go along with the restoration of the priesthood and church of Christ. so after about a 5 minute intermission in the lesson, as soon as i saw an opening in his babbling i jumped in and started talking about the restoration. he was still talking so i had to talk over him for most of the time. but the second i started in with "vi um pilar de luz...." he went silent. i saw his face in the corner of my vision, his mouth snapped shut, and then his lips started moving, but nothing came out. he couldnt speak. or should i say, the spirit that possessed him couldnt make him speak. just as satan fled on that spring morning, this evil spirit was bound by the power of the the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith. but the second i finished with the first vision, he started in again and we had to talk over him. it was a very very powerful testimony to me of the truthfulness of the restoration. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and i know the Lords missionaries still have power over evil spirits just as the apostles of old. Satan has no power compared to the power of God. I love this work and i love you guys. until next week.
Um abraço,
Elder Bergquist

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