Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/1/12 I know the Savior lives and works miracles in our days!

good stuff. the angels are mashing haha. i saw like two minutes of the olympics yesterday haha. we were visiting Danielle and her husband fabio and when we were getting ready to leave the baby turned on the tv and it was the gymnastics haha.

we got two new sisters?? i really hope it switches to elders!! haha i wanna be able to help more when i get home...but what can you do ha the Lord put sisters there... how are they??

Kendry moralis...2 homers in the same inning?? ta louco (crazy)!! and weaver is doing well ne. fala parabéns para eles de mim haha thanks. i was wondering when collin was getting home...i knew it was close...whos the new rs pres?? why do you say you got your work cut out for you? haha keep up the good work bishop Bergquist! love ya!! tchau
Elder Bergquist

mom. first of all....youre really lucky im gonna send pictures this week. REALLY guys are slackin!! (I haven't sent him pics in a few weeks, I guess I better next week!) hows dereks gonna do a personality test? thats weird ive never heard of that for a job...what is he applying for? and devin doesnt need to worry about it...if its the right job for him, he'll get it....or the Lord will lead him to where he needs to still praying for them both to get the jobs..everybody's gonna be living at home wont have to be empty nesters for a little while longer hahah. and dont get trunky mom...i still got a long time to go! haha  good to hear that all is going well with you guys!
Perguntas: (questions)
How was your week? wonderful. im not really sure why you always ask that hahaha its always gonna be ÓTIMO enquanto eu estiver servindo ao senhor (GREAT while I'm serving the Lord)!

Were damielle and amanda baptized? Danielle yes but amanda is in juiz de fora. (another city) because the schools are like "protesting" they dont have school for a little while...

Did her husband go? no :/ but he showed up after church to pick her up and we showed him around the chapel...

How old are their children? amanda-16, felipe-11, lewana-3 and diego-2

Who else are y'all teaching? a ton of people!! haha

Any golden contacts? not yet.....

Did you get your package yet? you sent it last week!!! are you crazy?!? haha

Does your new MP let y'all do any sports on Pday? the rules havent changed....we continue with the same rules the Lord gave us through President Parrella ha

Sister swainston (Ariel, his cousin) wants to email/write you, will this MP allow her to email? (I have her your snail mail addy) email, at least for now, no, but id love a letter from her! ha but you could probably put on fb that i cant receive email from friends because ive gotten a few and just had to erase them...or take off my email...idk where theyre getting my email from...? ha

So tell is about your week!! it was really good, and kinda hectic. we did our first divisions with our ld´ was good. ill tell you a little about sunday...haha we left church and went to lunch (like an hour away by foot) and got there, ate, went to another bairro, and when we got there to start teaching at about 3:30 the ld called us from the neighboring city saying that they didnt baptise their investigator because there wasnt baptismal clothes in their chapel, we tried to give them a few ideas, like use his shirt and the bottom part of the jumpsuit or something, but he said it wouldnt work. so went went back to the chapel, trying to call every member to be able to take the bigger jumpsuit to them, but nobody could. so we thought about going there by bus to give it to them, but by this time it was about 5 oclock when we got to the bus station and our baptism was marked for 6 oclock...then i had an inspiration, lets just send it by bus with the driver!! but we asked and they arent allowed we found someone that was gonna take the 530 bus to the other city (like 40 minutes away) and we asked her to take the jumpsuit to them for us. haha then we ran and got Danielle and ran to the baptism! both of them were baptized!! que bencao (what a blessing)!! hahaa

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? yesterday when we were talking to Fabio (danielles husband) and he told us that they had been meeting with a councilor for months (him, her and the two older kids) to try to better things at home. but he said the best thing that happened to their family was in the last two weeks while we have been teaching them. that it was the biggest change and improvement that hes seen in the 20 year marriage! The Gospel of Jesus Christ id true! and its a huge blessing to all that learn of it and practice it! it changes lives!! in our lessons with her now, she just laughs and jokes with us the whole time. in the beginning it was hard to even see her smile a little. I know the Savior lives and works miracles in our days! love you all!
Elder Bergquist

This weeks pictures!
the ward mission leader, the old branch pres that got released last week and one of his counselors.

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