Monday, August 13, 2012

8/13/12 we said a prayer and she had the courage

nossa mãe!!! já era!! (holy cow, it's already over) looks like the Lakers got it in the bag! ha thats good to hear. good to hear about the Olympics too. the US did pretty well ne...i cant believe they have STEVE NASH! and dwight howard...thats kinda ridiculous. i feel like theyre cheating...haha whos the coach now? im sad to hear kobe is done with the you think hes serious? i kinda teared up at that part too haha blake is in Santa Monica now?? layton still dating that girl?? he works at a hotel right? and blake? does he have a job already?? cool that derek and brit have jobs close to there and theyre gonna live close still praying for devin and di...and all of you really...(Di is getting her state lic. and then she will apply for jobs) and its good to have a good ward willing to serve and fix the bishops flat tire haha. well, with the new president, as you see, theres a few changes. we're gonna start doing a lot more divisions too with the other elders and be able to help them a little more personally, im excited for that. this week were gonna go to congonhas and sao joao del should be good. i love you pops! thanks for everything and for your example to me and everyone else around you! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

Mom! whos chads seminary teacher?? and blake lucked out. id like to live in santa Monica for free...ha sounds like derek and brit are ding well...good to hear. what does derek do with hub intl? im praying for all of you.

 derek is the man haha he met elder costa a few times haha no big deal....he didnt respond to me...but i sent him an email asking him whos his team from Sao Paulo...?ask him for me...anyway perguntas....
YOU like avocados? hahaha they dont have any flavor whatsoever. but you'd freak with some of the stuff i eat now. can you imagine me eating beets? well they love to serve beets with lunch here haha que bencao!!!

Have you tried Ketchup? Do you/they eat much hamburger? i think ive eaten it...i dont even pay attention...i just eat! haha and hamburger yeah...

Is Amanda back in town? yeah. she went to church again yesterday, we're gonna keep teaching her this week to have her baptized by saturday ha...i have faith shell accept. shes just a little confused, when we taught the plan of salvation she got a little confused....but were going to talk to them about Christ and his role in the plan of salvation and the atonement. and im sure shell feel the spirit testify!

Are you still working with her dad? yeah, but its a little harder haha 

Was Luiz baptized? YEAH! and went to missionary prep on sunday night! QUE BÊNÇÃO!! haha

How about the other 2? Faviana got baptized, but the other one no :/

Was Pres upset coz y'all were late to the zl mtg?? no!! he was worried, he was reallly happy we made it haha

Why on earth has your visa expired??!!! its only good for a year, dont worry they already marked my visit to renew it. hahaa

When are you going to renew it?? i dont know the date, but the secretaries will take care of it, i talked to pres already.

What are some stories from this week? well on sunday morning, we went to get flaviana to be baptized and she was kinda doubting, but we and her friend, thats a member convinced her to follow Christ and she went, then at baptism time we realized why she was worried....she is afraid of water! ha. not really that funny, she started crying and didnt want to go down in the we talked to her and calmed her down and a few of the young women helped and then we said a prayer and she had the courage to go. ha she was baptised!!! and afterward she was really happy. she said she felt like she wanted to cry when the yw sang afterwards. shes way happy now. both of these two are members friends and the members were less active, so now they are gonna go to church together! que bençao!! and thats about it for this week!! love you all! ótima semana!!
Elder Bergquist

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