Friday, August 24, 2012


Collins home!!! a bolivian! haha i have one in my zone too...Elder Silvestre. i think hes from bolivia...? rice chicken and potatoes, thats just about the same as here haha. they didnt eat beans?? well thats one difference. but it sounds like Dwight is pretty happy to be in LA haha good to hear. President was telling us he wanted to start having that meeting here with the lzs was it? did you guys get anything done? plans?  who is the ward mission leader in our ward?? well...i love ya pops. thanks for always being such a great example to me. thank you for who you are and how you raised me. its helped me a ton here on the mission. i was thinking the other day how you always told me to do the job right and not to leave it half way done or anything like that... then i started thinking about Christ and His Father, and how He taught Him the same thing. As i looked out the bus window at the beautiful forests, and up at the perfect infinite skies I imagined the creation and how He surely did a great job and didnt leave anything halfway, and how much you have helped me to become a better child of God more fit and prepared for the eternities to come. Thanks dad. Love ya.
Elder Bergquist

Hey mommy.
Before i forget. I met a guy in the ward here that served in Manaus. i asked him when and he said 2002-2004 i think, and i thought that was about the same time Larry was there, so i asked if he knew Elder Burns...he thought for a second, then he said, Why? i said, hes my cousin. he goes, you're kidding!! hes crazy!! haha and i go, yeah, thats gotta be the one then hahaa.  ask Larry if he remembers an Elder Saturnino from his mission. haha

anyway, moving on haha. im praying for everyone in the family but now I will be praying that all  you sick dogs get well haha. get better!! Brazilians dont know how to makes cookies but they all love them!
luiz is 15 and Flaviana is i think 13. luiz was interviewed and sustained to receive the  priesthood next week! que benção! sounds like ricky gave 3 talks in one day ne haha louco. ashley is gonna get engaged??? to who? and jessica is prego!!! nossa mãe!!!

How was your week? wonderfully amazing
Any baptisms? (Amanda??) amanda, not yet, but we had one. Priscila. shes excited. her brother is getting ready to go on a mission..
Who are you teaching? everyone we can find! haha
How are things going with Amanda? she in BH. but before she left to go there, we marked her baptism for friday night! :)
You didn't say... do you know why Pres. changed the Pday to Monday?  (just curious) he said it was because we have district meeting on tuesday and then wednesday is pday so we dont put anything in practice that we learned in district meeting, so he moved it to monday...
This week we got a reference from a young woman, a recent convert here and we went to visit her reference with her. we got there and taught a really spiritual lesson to her and her mom and invited them to be baptized on next sunday...well, come to find out, she had a baptism marked in a another church this sunday, so we invited her to cancel and be baptized in the true church of Jesus Christ. Long story short, the spirit was really strong and she knew she needed to, but she couldnt decide. it came to my mind "invite her to pray about it." and i thought, but she already knows, why...and it came again "invite her to pray about it" and i thought, and if she doesnt recognize the answer...and it came again "INVITE HER TO PRAY ABOUT IT" so i did. and less than 10 seconds passed in silence and she lifts her head and goes...i know its true, you guys are teaching the truth and God sent you.  I wish i could say that the story ended with her getting baptized in the church, but sadly, she decided to go to her baptism in the devils church because she had paid the pastor and the bus to go to the river where they were gonna baptize about 40 people. she put her heart on the riches of the world not wanting to lose the money. and possibly for that she could lose her salvation...kind of a sad story but two morals! Follow the Spirit! THE FIRST TIME! haha and no man can serve two masters. as Christ taught us, no man can serve God and mammon. that we can learn with these experiences ad not make the same mistakes as those in the story and put God in front of all else in our lives! I know He lives and loves us!
Elder Bergquist


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