Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/8/12 I know the Savior lives and loves every one of us.

hey dad.
sounds like your week went well haha. judging by the sports report haha. since thats all you told me. but you must be bishoping a lot, im guessing thats why you had to write a short one haha. thanks for writing me every
week dad. i love you. thats kinda ridiculous what the US is doing to basketball. kinda sad actually. nobody has a chance. who does brasil have on their team from the nba? Barbosa? who else?  let me know how that ends up...and mens soccer? whos on top? sounds like you guys had a great time at the reunion! i dont even recognize half the people there haha. everybody grew a ton. haha and it looks like there was a good turn out this year. good to shot a head from 700 yards?? thats not bad golden eye haha. anyway, pday is changing to monday next week so if you wanna write its gonna have to be sunday... hope you are not too busy haha. love ya pops! até semana que vem! tchau!
(until next week! bye!)
Elder Bergquist

hahaha what a blessing!!! dont you love the internet!! (I took an hour and wrote him a LONG email and then aol kicked me off and I lost it!!!) and aol!! haha why are you still using aol?? haha youre in the stone age ahaha. but thanks for writing me anyway. even if it toook like 8 tries to get it right. it looks like the reunion was good. a good turn out ha. even though i dont know who half the people are haha. thats good that there was no fighting this year haha. im still a little traumatized by one year when devin went running after derek with a knife  when we were younger. i was scared he was really going to stab him hahahaha psychos! but i think now looking back on it they were messing around, i just didnt get that part cuzwas little haha. i dont know if they remember that...ask them hahaha. maybe it was a dream...? where is brit working? i forgot. and im still praying dont worry. i feel like derek has had a 2nd interview like 8 times already...haha. Que bênção (what a blessing) that jack is going to florianopolis!! (his cousin was called to serve in Brasil too!!) when does he go??

Is Amanda back in town? not yet...ha

Did you get her baptized? not yet ha

How about her brother? Is he interested? ha not even a little. hes worse than his dad was at the beginning ha

How is her dad?? hes good. he went to the activity on friday and helped serve the food. hes willing to go if he can help with something but he says hes "espírito" (some religion that believes in reincarnation) but he doesnt study at home or go to the center (theyre version of church) haha. im almost certain that he'll be baptized too. i told you what he said about the changes right?? and we invited them to pray together and they agreed but when we went back he told us that Danielle was praying alone and not even inviting him haha so we told her to start inviting him haha. hes a really good guy. he'll be baptized real soon im sure of it.

Do you guys have anyone else ready for baptism? we're teaching 3 people that have a date for sunday. but just one is real sure about it. his name is luiz. hes 15. his parents took the lessons with the sisters like 20 years ago and then the elders passed again like 5 years ago and luis remembers them. he liked what they taught but the family is super catholic. now hes real good friends of some of the kids from the church and works with them too and goes to play futebol at the church and stuff. he went to church sunday and accepted baptism real well. hes super excited!!

Tell is about your week!!! well we had lz council. it was good except we got there like 5 hours late!!! it was ridiculous!! we got on the bus at 6:30 here in lafaiete (its like an hour and a half from here) and at like 7:30 all of a sudden the bus stopped. we looked out the window and there was a huge line of cars...anyway long story short we waited until almost 1 for them to clear up the crash and start going again. we got there at like 3 o clock and got like 45 minutes of the meeting at the end. then we ate leftovers from'll see pics on the facbook i think haha.and the aps explained what we missed. a few changes in the mission. First of all, president isnt going to let us email anymore on wednesday.... sorry least its just for a few months right....?? haha only on monday....hahahaahh pday got moved to monday starting after if you wanna write me this week itll have to be sunday night okay? haha and were going to get a visit from elder costa from the 70 on the 23rd of this month! and a few other little things changed too... and then on the way back from BH! nossa mãe! it wasnt our day to go to BH. we left at like 6 and at about 7 oclock a lady behind screams "my cell phone got stolen while i was in the bathroom!!" haha so then we had to pull over and all get searched by the police (my visa is expired!!!) and they took it from everyone while we were being searched! (i had marked to renew my visa earlier that day with pres) but luckily nothing happened and afterward the cell phone mysteriously showed up on the bus. so we got home at like 9. 10 hours on the bus!!! for a 3 and a half hour trip!! haha

When did you feel the spirit the strongest?? well after the council on tues we had a zone meeting and it was just us lzs and our zone. and we passed what we learned to them. it was super spiritual and we learned a ton!! I love the Lord and the Holy Ghost!! I love President Fortunato. hes super inspired...the mission is going to continue progressing!

How is your zone? theyre a lot better now. everyone received inspiration i think yesterday. it was a blessing. i know the Savior lives and loves every one of us. Thank you so much mom for everything you do for me and for helping me learn about a true relationship with the Lord from my childhood! Im so grateful for having born into this family! i love you!!
Elder Bergquist

a family night we had

some avocados we got from a lady in the ward....i thought you'd like that...tell derek to make you a vitamina de abacate! hahaa were eating them like everyday!

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