Wednesday, July 25, 2012


pops. the olympics!! nossa! i forgot about that haha. it starts this week? the us is killin in bball? i like this new kid on the angels ha. good stuff and thanks for the package. you guys are like pullin a bourne identity, i dont think theres gonna be that big of a problem, but i guess its better safe then sorry right haha. weird that everybody was out there on rickys driveway. the good ol days. everyone is at home without anything to do then it sounds like haha. you guys excited for the reunion? weird the time is flying. it seems like you went to the other reunion last week! dont you worry about it dad. im gonna leave everything on the field. im a Bergquist haha and when you use terms like that that make me think of sports it makes me want it more hahaa. when i had my interview with President Fortunato he asked about how i am, or was before the mission, whats my family like. i just said well were five brothers, a basketball team, or a team of any other sport haha we all love to play sports and he was like okay! haha and went on to the next question. haha it was funny. i love the mish! i know it is the work of the lord and theres nothing else id rather be doing right now! i know the church is true and this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! love ya pops!
um grande abraço!
(a big hug)
Elder Bergquist

hey momma. how are things?? you didnt tell me the same stories dont worry. and even when you do its good to get two views on it. like the 4 gospels haha its pretty much all the same story but its good to have more testimonies né? by the mouth of two or three witnesses! Que bênção!! chase got reassigned to boise!! que bencao!! but hes not in his ward right?? nossa mãe. ta louco.(his cousin was called to serve in Peru but his visa has not come in and he was temporarily assigned to serve in Boise - his home town - until his visa comes) chad went with ricky tanner and mike to jamba em? good to hear their treating him well haha i think our friendship (chad and i) will be different when i get back hahaaha. i cant believe hes 16 now...? right haha hes about to turn 17 huh?? nossa! layton bought a car? for what?? hes gotta put that money in the mission fund?? is he still dating that girl?? im still praying for derek and devin to get those jobs, and for all of you! i dont know if you can send video but you can try. but the pictures didnt even work so good luck haha. yeah i think today was transfers, but im still here. i didnt hear anything. only one missionary in our whole zone is being switched and thats because he finished his mission haha so im still here with elder carneiro. danielle and amanda are progressing for their baptism sunday! Danielle is super excited. in her prayer the other day she asked for strength and help to be able to fulfill the most important commandment on sunday being baptized. it was really cool. i felt the spirit real strong. she has changed so much in the last week its amazing. the first days we saw her she was really down and like without hope, but now shes always smiling and laughing with us and full of hope. its really cool. and even her husband, who refuses to hear us, is changing, we can see it even from afar.  hes helping more with the kids and hes at home more....the GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES!!! QUE BÊNÇÃO!!!!  amo o evangelho de Jesus Cristo (I love the gospel of Jesus Christ), and i know it can change all of us if we'll let it. i pray that we can all near ourselves to the Lord through the simple things so that we can see the big changes it makes in our lives! love you all!!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

Here are a few pics he sent this week... some are similar to the ones he has sent before...

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