Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7/4/12 i felt so much confidence i wanted to be better and im trying to pass that to the missionaries in the zone!

hey pops. well my new president is president fortunato. hes a great guy. way different from president parrella. they are both wonderful servants of God, but have qualities that are way different. hes super spiritual, and trusts the missionaries A LOT. i just hope the missionaries can live up to that, because we had a president that didnt allow much because of the fubecagem (messing around) that there was when he got on the mission. so well see if there will be changes, but as of now, nothing changed yet. except for that the next zone leader council will be at his house and his wife is gonna make lunch for us instead of at the church with pizza after.... ha thats the only change so far. he seems like a great guy with a HUGE faith. he saved a few wards already from like 30 members going to like 200... he knows how to retain the members too, which is something they really need help with here in minas...its lookin good.

sounds like dereks clubs are pretty sweet but i dont know which ones they are, are they callaways....? haha whats the brand of his?

and thats crazy, i just got a letter from kaitlin and she told me she wasnt feeling like a mission was the right thing, at least not yet haha. crazy how the Lord works. she will be a great missionary.

sounds like the angels are doing well still. tell them i said to keep it up! haha love you guys! did anyone get a hole in one for me last week? haha tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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