Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18/12 The Spirit fills people with hope!

HAHAHA yeah, i bet mom loved it! (he is responding to the family reunion and all the rain, our tent got wet and my sleeping bag too!) haha but yeah i did sleep out there with them in the tent. its a really vague memory, but i do remember. i remember knocking on the trailer door. i think they sent me out in the rain. haha but i dont remember it well. i must have been like 6 or so haha good times. (one year their sleeping bags were soaked, they were in a puddle) sounds like your missing your golf coach huh?? hahah. i never was the best, but i always helped you to be hahah.i wanna see that video! but i doubt youll be able to get it to me through email.... but try it haha (Uncle Lane videoed Chad shooting his uzzi) sounds like sports are still going well too. good to hear! whats this about the starters kobe cp3 lebron tyson chandler...? olympic team or something? ha sei la. and i dont know the name and number and everything of my camera...i think i left the box at just says finepix jx and its fujifilm...good luck haha the battery says fujifilm lithium ion battery pack NP-45A 3.7V typ. 720mAh min.700mAh 2.6Wh you can probably figure it out with that haha love you pops! you'll hear more about pres in moms email! tchau!

 hey mom!
yeah i meant to tell you that last week. she told us she was gonna start a facebook. that was the get to know the pres conference. it was i think 3 zones...? and pres told me to tell you that hes thankful for the woman you are, and for the sacrifice you made sending me here on a mish, and hes really grateful for the son you sent to the mission. AND I AM TOO!!!! thanks a ton mom! love you. AND DAD TOO!! thanks! 
tell derek thanks for snagging a switchblade for me haha. how was the report on me? what did you tell them? (at the family reunion during church they had the missionary moms report on their missionary)  One of your friend's daughters wrote me, her name is kiera davis, do you know her?? and my debit card, no i dont use it much but this week we were broke because we went to BH a couple times in a row and its like 25 bucks each bus we ran out of money haha, but now we got our reimbursements a little so i'll be good....hakuna matata

How was your week? wonderful
Anyone ready for baptism? this week, not yet but we found a good family for the 29th!
Why is your zone not doing so well? i dunno, but we had a training this week with pres and the assistants and we learned a ton because its a new vision and its like an outside vision because he hasnt been here to see all thats been happening. so it was really good! its gonna get better now! hes a really inspired man!
How often do you meet with them? my zone? well we have district meetings each week and we try to switch it up to be able to go to all of them. then we meet once every 3 months for zone conference in bh. but we talk every night with the ld's to see whats going on...
When did you feel the spirit the strongest? in the training we learned a lot about love and gratidao and learned how to demonstrate to the people, member and nonmembers alike...then we had a division with the assistants for a couple hours and learned some more, and we left there to teach a family we had marked an appointment with and we put in in practice and they accepted a date for the 29th. shes a mom having trouble in her marriage and has 4 kids 16, 14, 5, and 4 so its pretty tough for her and she loved the church, we took her on a tour, and loved the message and shes already looking happier. the spirit fills people with hope! anyway i gotta get going! enjoy the pictures!! 
your best son, hah
Elder Bergquist!!
His camera battery is not charging any more so he sent me the pics from his comp's camera, I kind of like it this way, I get more pics!  haha.... 

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