Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/12 Bring it on!

wow... looks like things are going pretty well there at home.
i converted elder jara to be a laker fan over the last 5 weeks.  haha.  kobe is a beast.  are you sure hes not twenty five still?  haha  hows he looking on the scoring title now?  is he up by now?  how many points?  bynum is lookin good too, good stuff!  baseball...ummm... i think i lost interest haha.  no, but this always happens to the angels, they get good players and then they all fall and forget how to play.  is it looking like lakers and heat in the finals?  is everyone still on the whole lebron is the best deal or have thye opened their eyes?

brother oconnor is a lucky guy... he spoke with Dallin!  hes the man and playing with the pros...
wow, devin jeff and bryce... and christian... as in bryce blomberg and christian, my friends?  im kinda confused on that part haha.  good luck at hobble!  and chads finally gonna get his braaces on?  good luck with that boi...

i didnt get an email from mom today so ill tell you a bit about the mission (I wrote him, I don't know why he didn't get it!) i got transferred.  im here in contagem agora. my comp is elder canepa, im still lz with him.  im excited for this area, 7 lagoas was a challenge for me.  I was happy to leave.

oh hows mitt romney doing?  you never said anything else about him.  well, theres not too much goin on here... ill send a pic of my comp and i...
i dont really know whats going on in the area yet, but in our house there are 6 elders, its probably gonna be a little crazy, vamos la (bring it on).  pres parrella mandou todo mundo estudar (Pres. parrella told everyone to study) a talk from elder bednar, "learn by faith", so if you guys wanna study it too... i dont know what it has yet, but we will see... it must be something really important.  anyway, gotta go... love you all!  i guess ill hear from mom next week.  tchau
Elder Bergquist

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