Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/30/12 She was already a member!

i can imagine hayden going to church in his skirt but for some reason i dont see ricky in a sombrero hahah the nba is terrible. i dont even want to hear anymore about the heat. we already know theyve got it...  sounds like the weekend was pretty good for you guys... haha pretty quiet eh? louco. (crazy) you guys are getting old. hahaa jkjk...but theres still a ton of people at home for now. so thats good haha. too bad for weaver. that is ridiculous...good game haha. well i love ya pops. thanks for always being a great dad and supporting me and teaching me in everything....a few weeks ago i started to feel falta (in need) of your blessing that you always give me at the start of the school year ha so i asked pres to give me one haha. it was really good. not quite the same but it was really good. love ya pops. ate mais!
Elder Bergquist

hey mom!!
So did you get the pics that devin sent? yup!

How do you charge your iPod? right now its charging in the comp...

Do you use it? (Karen says she needs to send some church music to Jonathon and she is trying to figure out what is best, any suggestions?) yeah, i dont know because it depends on what the president lets them listen its just mo tab (He misunderstood, she is wondering HOW to play music, ipod, CD player, etc...)

Do you need me to send you another SD card for your camera? that would be good. this one is running out of space...

How was your week? amazing as always ha

Did Val's family come to church? no. they were on their way and got in a car crash....there was a marathon on the avenue in front of the church so the traffic was crazier than normal....they didnt make it. but everybody is fine. dont worry...

Who are you teaching now? children of  our loving heavenly Father. haha everybody we can!

Anyone ready for baptism? there are tons. they just dont know it yet! haha

The pics of the missionaries that are "crushing" on Ashley and Kaitlin, are they the elders you live with?  yeah haha its my comp and elder casper they both live with me

Did y'all have any investigators at church on Sunday? yeah. (I love how he gives me SO much info!)

Do you eat breakfast? yeah. oatmeal or cookies or stuff like that haha

What do y'all eat for dinner? cookies. haha sometimes ramen...sometimes sandwiches...thats about it haha

 Do you think chad should take AP Lang with maculix next year or wait till his sr year??? sei la. (I don't know) haha ddoes he like english? its not easy. but if he knows how to please the teacher he can get an a

When are transfers? i dunno. in like 3 weeks i think...we dont think about that in the mission. pres gets mad because nobody ever baptizes on the week of transfers because theyre all thinking theyll be leaving...

Does your new MP get there this week? no. its on the 30th of june that they switch...

Is there still 4 of you living together? (I bet it is much more lively with 4) yeah. it is but sometimes its demais (excessive) with elder casper and elder canepa hahaa

When is transfers? your trunky! (haha, I was laying in bed typing this up and didn't realize I had already asked this!  oops!)

Anything fun/crazy happen this week? uhhh yeah, but it goes together with that last question too. our baptism was kinda ridiculous!~we were teaching karen and her mom andrea. karen was super excited from the first day we taught her but her mom wasnt so excited...but we kept teaching them and karen was getting more and more excited and her mom less and less...until we told them about the interview....andrea goes, no shes not gonna get baptized this week....but we took her to be interviewed anyway just to show her that it wasnt that big a deal. she passed real easy...and then she stayed there for a yw activity....they were going to do a little show for the moms. her mom got there a little later and after the activity the elders showed up to talk to them about their baptism.... he went and asked andrea if she was excited for her baptism on sunday (this was saturday night) and she looked at me with a little grin and erminia (member) goes just tell him.....i thought for sure she decided to get baptized....when all of the sudden she goes im already baptized. being a missionary and hearing this multiple times a day from half the people we invite to be baptized i thought, you very well know you werent baptized in the true church if you were baptized so i asked what do you mean? and she goes im baptized 15 years ago i got baptized! you guys never asked! i was going crazy! anyway...long story short, we looking it up on the computer and she was and we convinced her to let her daughter get baptized too and she did! what a blessing!!
Elder BerGQuist 

He also sent 2 pictures but he didn't tell me whose birthday it was...???
(his face and arms sure look tan but those are some WHITE legs)

 And, their baptism!  (Karen) :)

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