Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/12 everybody started sharing testimonies

 hey pops.  hows it goin. looks like the lakers are still doin good. how do they count the scoring title by game that they play then?  its not total? but kobe knows where its at.  its not about him, its about the team. ha good guy.  and mitts in it then?  when does the election start?  in like november, right?  indiana is in it?  WEIRD where did they come from? haha i want to see pics from the herp trip, tell devin to send some to me.  11 am there is 3 here.  works out perfect.  (for our Mother's Day phone call) president said that we can use skype but without the image.  he said if i find out you used the image ill send you home to see the image of your mom for the rest of your life. hahaha i dont know if skype would be better or if it would be better to just call... i dont really know how skype works that well.  you have to have a login but you guys could call the irma and derek can talk to her to set it up.  it will for sure be way cheaper... aka free, hahaha, but i think thats it.  i will talk more about it with mom but if you guys could respond to make sure its under control for sunday or work it out with irma jurema.
Elder Bergquist

hey mom
What time do you want us to call you? dad said 11 oclock works best for you guys.  thats perfect, i just need to know...

What number do we call?  xx xxxx xxxx with the same prefix and everything from last time.  i dont remember but 31 is the area code and the number is the other 8 numbers.  pres said we can use skype, but without the image.  i told dad in his email.  i dont know how you guys want to do it, email me back letting me know or work it out with irma jurema, but i need to know whatt time for sure. irma jurema is from the ward and we are going to eat with her on sunday!  i had skype but i dont remember my account.  thats why i told you about her and gave you the phone number already.  put derek to work with his portuguese!!!  haha tell him to work it out with her.

How do you like your new area?  Tell us about it.  How far from Belo are you?  its good.  its HUGE!!  im in contagem, which basically is still BH, but its technically another city.  the edge of our area borders BH.

How big is the town/city?  its pretty big, theres a stake here.

Is it a poor area?  no, theres parts that are but not really.

Tell us about your new companion! the great Elder Canepa (he wrote the great haha) hes from campo grande mato grosso do sul.  he was the financial secretary when i got here and hes been an LZ since he left the office... muito gente boa (very good people) ... i like him, hes a good guy. hes super excited and kind of a joker, hes been a member since birth, well since 8 years old.

How long has he been out?  hes got like one month less than me on the mish

Are all of the elders you are living with natives?  no.  there was 3 and 3 but 2 of them moved out today to a house in their area, Elder Wensel and Elder Fernandes.  now its my dupla and elder Wieniesky (Brasileiro) and elder Casper from Washington,  he went to byu too and elder wensel is a ute.  we always walk around the house in our byu shirts, haha, good stuff!  

Are they all hard workers?  i think so, haha, it seems like it.  we dont work together its only when we are at home and at church that i see them.

How many people are you teaching?  millions!!  haha... 

Anyone ready for baptism?  tambem (also) millions!!  Que Bencao!!!  (what a blessing!!!) we are teaching a lady thats husband is an inactive member, she's got a date for dia 20 and were gonna bring the whole family back with her!  the mom and 3 kids, their spouses and kids!!!  her name is Val.  shes super exited and jokes with us and stuff.  

How many investigators did you have at church?  um, 4 i think.  tinha mais (was more) but we divided the other dupla.  

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this past week?  with Val and that whole family.  we had a family night  and a couple of other families. we watched the restoration and bore testimony and then everybody started sharing testimonies and basically it turned into a testimony meeting.  the spirit was super strong and we went back the next day and Val accepted a date to be baptized and the whole family wants to come back!  they all bore testimony and felt the spirit and now they have a reason to go to church.  Val is too and will be baptized.  they have to be there ne. haha
i love you all. Happy mothers day!! 
Elder Bergquist

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