Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 my comps that are obsessed with my friends haha

nossa mae!!
nao acredito. as i was reading about the lakers i felt the pain. literally, i got a cramp in my leg. thats how much i love them, i feel their pain. i converted my comp. ill be sending a foto. well im kinda sad and i dont know what else to write. i kinda fell in depression with that announcement. they just didnt wanna win it while i was out of the country i think. next year ill be there and ill be becoming a stats man for them, then theyll win haha. and sounds like hayden was pretty excited. love ya pops and good luck with the whole bishopping deal haha ate mais! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

 hey mom. hows it goin.
well i sent a ton of pics to make up for some other weeks haha. hope you like them haha oh and tell kaitlin and natalia that i said hi too! natalias going on a mission! que legal! let me know where shes going. and where is chase going again:: i forgot. i know its in south slash central america speaking spanish....guatemala: sei la.
How was your week? wonderful!!

How was the baptism? amazing!

Do you have any more scheduled? yeah, we have a few this week, but one doesnt know if he'll have to work on sunday

how is the work going? really good. were learning a ton and teaching way better now.

How is your district doing? our district is going pretty terrible.

Your zone? the zone too. the missionaries in this zone need to stop talking so much about home and stop being trunky.

Are you able to go see all the referrals you get? well...we probably can, but some arent as good as others, so we focus on the good ones from the members

Anything funny happen this week? yeah. you'll see in the pictures haha. the missionaries that live with me are louco. haha

Are you writing in your journal? yeah. the good experiences at least that one i told you about val and her husband. at least i think i told you haha if not ill tell you later. like after the mission

Are you taking lots of pictures? not a whole lot, but of the good stuff. you'll see haha

When did you feel the spirit the strongest this week? no batismo da (the baptism of) val. i baptized for the first time since december!! not that we didnt have baptisms but this one i actually performed haa. its was really funny too. the water was cold because the water heater ran out of gas ha. val screamed when she got in the water haha. but it was a really good baptism and the whole family was there :) good stuff. and what Celio said to Val. i felt the spirit super strong! :) that family is gonna get real strong in the church again!
Amo voçês!
Elder Bergquist
ps cadê as fotos (where are the photos) from the herping trip!!? (Dallin's brother, Devin, went with his cousin on their annual herping trip, you can go HERE to look at pics...)

some pics for you guys. the first one is our lakers fan group here in contagem. pretty big eh. i converted my comp.

the next two are of the baptism. Val. and her family that i told you about, everybody in the pics are her family, their inactive but they all went to the baptism and a few of them were crying by the end of sacrament meeting! que bencao!

 the trade i made with elder canepa for his authentic flamengo jersey. (He traded 2 ties for the jersey)
 my comps that are obsessed with my friends haha. they ask to see my pictures like almost everyday haha. (haha, I can't wait to see what Ashley and Kaitlin think about this!!! TOO cute!)

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