Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/12 Put into practice what I learn and I will baptize a lot!

Mommy! Gostei muito das fotos! (I really enjoyed the photos) the boys are getting grandinhos haha. theyre looking more like Bergquists each day haha. thats good they got more of the good side of the genes. hahaha jk... kinda... hahaa. Sem moleza (no cake walk) chad! atta boy! haha gostei daquela historia (I liked the story). its good to hear a little about you guys too. kaitlin is coming home? and ashley and zoe are going there too? i hope my letters get to them haha. i wrote a couple of weeks ago and sent them to their utah address haha. oh well...someday theyll get them.....probably haha. i hope you like the pics. i finally sent some haha tell grandma happy birthday!!! and i love her!. ill be praying for diana to get a job. and parabens por formar (congratulations) Derek! Its always good to see the kids in the graduation picture hahah. And above all parabens (congratulations) to the LAKERS!! haha ill be praying for kobe too to win the scoring title. Mike told me he prayed on his mish for the lakers and his comp got mad...but thats what its all about! haha if the sprit tells you to pray about it you gotta do it! right mike? Devin tambem parabens! (also congratulations - his brothers graduated from college) love you all!

How are you? wonderful! How was your week? ótima! (great)

Did you do any baptism interviews? this past week no. but ill have at least 3 this week

How is your zone doing? pretty good. this past sunday was pessima (bad). but this one will be a lot better.

How is the teaching coming along? well. its getting better each day. theres a little something missing ainda (still), but u think we found it!

Anyone ready for baptism? weve got a few people but theyre not real firm...not sure...

What is going on with the less active that went to church last week? Did he go again? less active?? i dont know....there was a husband of a less active that isnt a member that went....he didnt go again...infelizmente (unfortunately)

Are you getting referrals from the ward members? a few. its slowed down a bit, but yeah... What are you reading now? im reading a ton of stuff i just finished nosso legado (our legacy)...but i study a little of everything...its more by topic then by book ha.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this past week? in my interview with PRESIDENT! i love my interviews with him! he added a bit to my patriarchal blessing! haha he told me at the end that if i put into practice what i learn i would Baptize,A LOT, and while im still here in 7 lagoas! it was awesome! 
i love the mish! love you guys! ate mais! Elder Bergquist
Elder Da Cunha, Elder Lima, Elder Bergquist, e Elder Jara! and our lunch we made last week. we make chicken strips, with eggs and farofa and potatoes and rice with BBQ sauce. it was pretty dang good. and we are making pizza today!
Elder Bergquist with the new birth certificates of a guy and his girlfriend for them to get married and baptized!
Elder Bergquists new shoes. size 42!!! the biggest shoes ive ever owned hahaha Hey pops! I LOVE THE LAKERS!!! haha thats what im talking about! Ron artest is a beast and kobe is the best basketball player to ever walk this planet! its sad they dont give him due respect, but whatever, it happened with The Savior too right...? maybe that wasnt the best comparison, but, i like the guy alright...haha ohh...anyway...thanks for the email pops. you guys have sister missionaries? covering two wards? which ones? that is kinda crazy...but anyway...i dont have a whole lot of time today and i have to send pictures to mom or shell go crazy haha. were gonna make pizza today, send me a dough recipe if at all possible! please and thank you! love ya pops! Elder Bergquist

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