Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/12 Opposition in all things...

Bishop Bergquist!
hey pops. glad i got your letter! sounds like all is well! good to hear about grandpa. and to get to know little weston a little better. sounds like a character. sounds like he likes all the attention you guys are sure to be giving him haha. even blake likes him thats crazy haha. no he always liked kids too. like tess and all the cousins its not a huge surprise...souinds like everyone is happy and the lakers are doing alright. how long will kobe be out for?? bynum is a beast! good stuff good stuff....anyway, gotta go! love ya pops! i wrote a letter to Brennen today. when does he go home again? i forgot haha. ate mais! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

hey mommy!!
how are things la em casa?? i hope everything is going well! i hope you're not sick too! priesthood blessing!! haha i love getting pics of weston and krew! haha they look like happy little guys. i like hearing about you guys too. you dont share much with me either haha. sorry that some weeks are better then others, both with the work and with my disposition to write you guys in detail hah. sometimes i just dont feel like writing haha. sorry, but i cant lie...but ill answer your questions:

How was your week? well, to be honest, not real great. we tried and tried to work in this neighborhood close to the chapel (they want to divide the ward but theres not enough priesthood close to the chapel) but it just just didnt work out too well, so we switched to a different bairro...

How is the work going? its going alright, not super good, but com certeza ta melhorando (It will surely improve).

How many investigators at church? this week just one, really disappointing, but it was lucky we had one. we had gone to everyones house to get them for church, but nobody was there or had some excuse....and then we called one guy that wasnt at home and he said he was at the fair which is right in front of the chapel at the lake praça...he said he was going to go to church but didnt want us to find him at the we went and sat down in church and like 20 minutes after the start he showed up. hes a less actives husband....and longtime friend of some members, so well see what happens!

Any one ready for baptism? not yet, unfortunately :(

How many lessons did you teach? not a ton. i think like 25....

Do you have to teach at the zone meetings? we didnt have any. and no i dont teach at them. unless its my turn to practice teaching investigators. its more just practicing teaching investigators

How big is your area that you are serving in? its probably the smallest ive been in on my mission until now. and we have two duplas working in it. its kinda crazy haha.

Are you still sleeping on that flat little pad? Or did you get a hammock and get up off the ground??? still sleeping on the pad. i cant sleep in a hammock mom, that will kill my back. and my bank account hahaha

Are you writing in your journal? (You better be!!! You do not share enough with us each week...) ummmmmmmmm...........................yeah............well my journal acabou....i need to buy another one, but i write de vez em quando (once in a while) ....haha ill buy one today...i think haha.

anyway....sorry this week wasnt super exciting here in boa vista...but next week will be a better email i hope! haha sorry! im doing my best haha. love you all! i know Christ is our Savior! He loves you all!!!!
um abraço.
Elder Bergquist!

PS i dont have any! ill take some today! next week for sure!! sorry :/ haha

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