Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/28/11 Elder Bergquist is on his way to Brasil!!!

At 8:46 this morning my cell phone rang! The area code was 612... could it be??? Could it be... YES!!!! It was Elder Berqguist!!! He was in Minneapolis on a layover! We got to chat for about an hour!!! It was so wonderful to hear his voice! He was SO happy and super excited! He told us all about the wonderful people that he was able to teach/work with in Powell! He told us his mission pres there in Billings is just awesome! He rode in a van yesterday from Powell WY to Billings MT to the mission home. They fed him and then they had a farewell meeting with him and 8 other missionaries who were leaving. Obviously, the other missionaries were going home... He said it was a really good meeting, listening to what the missionaries leaving were saying really made him contemplate his mission and how he wants to serve!

He also told us that he was worried about his luggage because the guy that checked him in asked if he just wanted to check his luggage all the say to Sao Paulo and he hesitated (thinking... I am going to Belo Horizonte) and his mission president said yes. So, he is worried it might not be going to Belo, it might show up at Sao Paulo!

I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH HIM AGAIN!!!! Short call this time, but I am glad he called again because Chad got to talk to him! My phone rang while I was sitting here typing up this post (6:26) and it was a 786 number, I really didnt think he would call again (He didn't call us when he flew from the MTC to Billings) but when I saw the strange area code I thought maybe it was and had Chad answer!

He was so funny, he said that they thought his Books in his carry on were bombs... he then laughed and said they are "BOM's"... (get it??? BOM... Books of Mormon) but not the kind that blow up! haha.. I asked him if he had given one away yet and he said no... but the lady he sat by on the last leg (from Minneapolis to Miami) said she was proud of him! He also said that on the 1st two legs of his flights he was alone... he said it was weird! He kept turning to say something to his companion and NO one was there! haha... He said that he asked the guy about his luggage and he looked and said, well, the code is Sao Paulo but the flight is the right one so it is a 50/50 chance that it will go to the right place! YIKES! He has his under clothes and socks in his carry on but no other shirt, haha... I said, "Well you can borrow one from your companion" haha... hopefully his luggage shows up but I guess we wont know until next Wednesday when he emails home! I heard from a couple of the missionary mom's who have sons and daughters serving in Belo and they said that they are expecting 18 missionaries on Friday! But, Dallin said so far he had only run into 4 other missionaries, 3 that were in the MTC with him and one other... and NONE of them were on his flight. A couple were going to Sao Paulo and a couple to Rio so??? Again, I guess we will find out if there were actually 17 others on his flight.

I am anxious to read his email next week so he can tell us all about BRASIL!!! ...if his luggage made it... who met them when the flight landed... if he was able to understand ANYthing that the people were saying! Etc!!! AND, it is just a few weeks away from Mother's Day, when we will get to talk to him again!!!

Miami International (MIA) to Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves Intl (CNF)
Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carrier Flight
Number Departing Arriving Aircraft
Type Flight Status
City Date & Time City Date & Time Comments Seats

AMERICAN AIRLINES 991 MIA Miami Apr 28, 2011
11:05 PM CNF Belo Horizonte Apr 29, 2011
08:05 AM 763


Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25/11 My last email from the states!

Here is Elder Bergquist's note to his dad...

well....first of all. i hope adeline didnt think i was serious about not writing nonmembers, i was completely joking haha. you're lucky you get to hear from elder perry though. should be fun. take notes for me. and blake does have the shirt. its fine though, i'll just get their one with 6 rings on it when i get home. :) anyway, i still gotta write mom, so i think thats all i can get on here considering its going to take a while to write her ha. love you dad. pray for me! i need as much help as i can get with the language. tchau!
Elder Bergquist
ps this is the last time i'll write you from the states for 20 more months. ha
Silly boy, it is actually down to 19 now!!! °Ü°

And his one to me....

ola gente! como vai??
okay before i forget, first thing, i want pictures of chad pole vaulting and stuff. i know i'll get to see it when i get home when hes a little better at it all, but i want to see since i cant go watch! and next i guess questions haha. i'll expound upon them though, dont get sad mom.

Are you super excited? yes. i think i've felt every emotion i felt from putting in my papers, leaving for the mtc, being in the mtc, leaving for the field, all within the last like 3 days since i've heard i'm leaving

How are you feeling about it? i'm nervous, scared, sad, happy, relieved and SUPER EXCITED, all at the same time. its weird. ha

Do you have any of your flight info? What time do you fly out? no i dont know yet, he might let me email or call or something because i'll be at the mission home pretty much all day wednesday. i leave powell at about 10 am i will probably be back to the mission home sometime around 2 and dont leave till thursday, so i dont know what i'll be doing. i might get to go through the temple with all the departing missionaries. idk

What airlines? (we want to watch your flight on line!!!) Have you gotten your itinerary yet??!!! sei la!

Are you going to get to call us and give us info on when you leave? Or just call us from the airport? i dont know yet, i assume just during my layover, but who knows. i'll try my best to let you know.

Did you ever get those songs on your ipod? no :( not yet. hopefully i can, but i have some good music on it anyway, so'll be okay. dont worry

Did Elder T get transferred or is he still there with you in Powell? Is there 3 of you together till Thurs? he's still here. transfers take forever here because the mission is so big, so we were gonna be in a threesome til i left, but we wont be. transfers ended yesterday technically, thats when everyone gets picked up by the transfer van and goes back to billings and then they make a loop through montana, then they bring people back like tuesday and thursday, so elder bennion wont get here til wednesday and when the transfer van drops him off i'll get on.

So, who all did you teach this week? oh it was a really good week, we found the most golden investigator. well, the members did. but wow i'll tell you the story.

How are they all processing? we've got a few that are doing really well and a few that are lagging a little bit, but overall it seems really good right now, thats why i'm a little sad to leave. the work is picking up a lot! like this is the best week we've had since i got here.

Did any of them go to church? (I saw on Elder T.'s FB where a sister there asked him to be with her hubby in Priesthood mtg, so, that is good!) yeah, well, she's a sister, but a nonmember sister. she's our golden investigator, but theres a little bit of a sad ending ha

How is Makenna and her mom? Is she ready to be baptized? really well. they came to church for the first time yesterday, the members were really friendly. i think they'll be back. she's not quite ready. has to come to Church ha few more times. and supposedly her dad is pretty anti, so i dont know how much that will hold her back. she only goes to his house a couple times a month, but i dont know.

How about Won Kim? his wife is giving him a bit of troubles, so he wants to wait until she is ready to continue the lessons with her. but he still is coming to church, so thats good. hopefully she comes around.

How about the guy you found tracting... did you get to meet with him again? Had he read any of the Book of Mormon? (Thank you for telling us that story!) we didnt get a chance to go back this week, so i dont know, hopefully elder t goes by sometime.

Did Sam email you? yeah but not much because he wasnt sure if he had my email right, but i'll write him back and get it going.

Has Derek? nope. i dont like him anymore anyway. oh well. at least my parents still love me.

How are you feeling about your language? uhh really scared. like REALLY. but i know the Lord will help me. hopefully i can remember what i've learned and catch on quick. we'll see ha :)

Are the families there good at feeding you? yeah, really good. we have had maybe like 2 or 3 days where we didnt have a dinner. and sometimes we have to cancel because we have too many people that want to feed us. today we're going to the sessions and she's making us antelope roast, potatoes, rolls, all that good stuff (shes the one that took us to the ER and made us soup ha) and then the prestwich's who fed us yesterday, are going to feed us lunch tomorrow, so we'll have lunch and dinner appts. ha they are so tight. he plays golf and the son thats like 17 and they are just a really cool family. one of my favorites here. theyre from pennsylvania/colorado.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? probably, when we had our mission wide conference call on easter morning and had a little easter devotional. i dont really remember anything specific that was said it was just really cool to talk about the ressurreicao and really focus on it. Its amazing everything the Savior does for us.

Any thing fun or funny happen this week? nothing out of the ordinary, everyday has fun slash funny moments. besides sam prestwich. he's a 15 year old kid. one of the funniest 15 year olds i've ever met haha. but i'll tell you about our investigator now so her name is tabitha. a member here is friends with her, she goes to the college. so she set up an appointment for us. we went over and taught the first lesson. it went pretty well. and we challenged her to read 3rd nephi 11 and pray about the book of mormon and what we had taught and set up an appointment for a week later. so about 2 hours after we leave, we get a call from her friend. "tabitha already read and prayed and wants to meet with you tomorrow morning to continue learning" so we go back. talked about her day a little. she said she had more patience with her daughter and husband than she ever has before. she decided to quit smoking and she couldnt stop reading the book of mormon. she read 3rd nefi 11 twice, and then wanted to read more so she started from the beginning and read up to 1 nefi 11. and retained it well, she asked us about the brass plates and some other stuff. but she wants to keep learning before she tries to convince her husband. then the next day is when she told us they were coming to church and she wanted us to sit with him in priesthood ha. but the sad news is they dont live here. they live in greybull, she just goes to school here but they cant really go to the singles ward here because theyre married and have a 3 year old. so we have to hand them off. i know kinda selfish. but she'll be a great member. and we had 3 others at sacrament meeting too :) besides those two. so it was a pretty good week. anyway. thats the end of my book. i love you all! ate o brasil! haha tchau!
Elder Bergquist

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Elder Bergquist's Blog and Visa!

Elder Bergquist is currently serving in the Billings Montana Mission waiting for his visa. (Actually, he just got his visa and flies out next Thursday to Brasil!!!) Anyway, the church has a pilot program where some of the missions have their missionaries participate in the technology of the world, sharing the gospel. They have facebook accounts and write blogs.

Here is a prophecy about the Future of Missionary Work-
In 1974, President Spencer W. Kimball issued an amazing prophecy about the technology driving the gospel message.Technology will help spread the gospel. We need to enlarge our field of operation.… The Lord will lay in our hand inventions which we can scarcely conceive whereby we will be able to bring the gospel to the peoples of the world…. I have faith that the Lord will open doors when we have done everything in our power. I believe that the Lord is anxious to put into our hands inventions of which we laymen have hardly had a glimpse….We shall use the inventions the Lord has given us to awaken interest and acquaint people of the world with the truths, to ease their prejudices and give them a general knowledge. We shall need to answer specific questions, and perhaps that can be done by two-way radio and TV perfected to a point beyond our present imagination. It is conceivable that such a program greatly perfected could be multiplied ten thousand times in ten thousand tongues and dialects in ten thousand places far and near…. Tens of thousands of young missionaries endowed with the power from on high will follow up the proselyting."

Anyway, Elder Bergquist has started a blog. Click HERE to look at it!

And click HERE to read more blogs from other missionaries!

It is nice to read them and post them on your facebook for others to read... and/or comment on them to start a good discussion... hopefully through these blogs we can help others to understand our religion and ask questions!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"There is no application pending"

I am just documenting... I checked the status of Dallin's passport this morning and it was still on "Ready for Collection". I checked again after 6 (this seems to be when they post new info) and it said, "There is no application pending" which means, it is NO LONGER in Brasil! It has been mailed to SLC and from what I understand they overnight it! SO... SLC should be booking Elder Bergquist's flight to Brasil soon!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ready for Collection!!!!

Oh my gosh.

Okay, so I posted on Facebook that Dallin's visa had moved to "authorized" and then a friend whose son has been waiting for his visa too told me that his had also moved to authorized... then a few hours later she told me that his had moved to "ready for collection" so I went and checked Dallin's and......... YEP!!! His too is now ready for collection!!!! The 4th and FINAL stage!!! So... now I guess we just wait for Salt Lake to book his flight!!! Oh, how I wish I could text him and tell him!!!
I am TOTALLY doing the HAPPY DANCE over here!!!! °Ü°


Received Processing Authorized Ready for Collection

Visa is Authorized!!!

If you have been following Elder Bergquist's blog you are aware that he got his mission call to Belo Horizonte Brasil, but due to visa problems to Brasil he went to the MTC in Provo instead of Sao Paulo Brasil. After finishing his time in the MTC he had still not received his visa so he was sent to the Billings Montana mission to serve and wait. He has been serving in Powell WY for the last 10.5 weeks - he flew to Billings on Feb. 5th. In his email yesterday he said that transfers are coming up next Monday, they get their phone call on Friday telling if they were being transferred or staying in Powell.

BUT, today I checked his visa status, like I do EVERY day, and it has moved to "authorized"!!! There are 4 steps it goes thru... I tried to copy and paste the results that I found today but it down let you completely. It has a read dot where it is in the search result... anyway, it has been authorized so... I am not sure how long it will take to go from "authorized" to "ready for collection" but I wouldnt think it should take too long! Maybe he will be flying to Brasil next week!!!


Received Processing Authorized Ready for Collection

Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18/11 i need the texas sheet cake recipe please!!! :D

1:17 (email to his dad)
sim muito obrigado por me escrever in portugues. esta bom que voce nao tem os assentos. sei la como fazer. our district: we have 4 elders and 2 sisters, zone is 8 elders and 2 sisters. even though I will be going to brasil President treats me just the same as far as i can see. i have borne my testemony at both zone conferences, because the first one i was new and this last one becasue "i could be leaveing soon" haha and transfers are this coming week. we find out this friday. so i dont know yet. anyway i gotta go.
sorry its so short! love you pops!
Elder bergquist

1:29 pm
i need the texas sheet cake recipe please!!!

2:07 pm
:Dohhh mom. heres the thing. I still have limited time. and its hard for me to think of what to write. trying to fit a whole weeks worth of stuff into a 25 minute email. so questions are good, they give me direction. thats why i didnt really talk about who we taught and what not because you didnt ask and i cant remember everything unless i have a reminder haha. so ask questions, by all means. trust me, the emails will get really short if you dont hahaha. and its not like i just answer your questions with like a yes or no. i always expound on them and say more, but that just reminds me of stuff and gets me going. but, sounds like a fun slash interesting week in Utah, I hope Di is doing better. and I hope Brit is pregnant for like 26 months with that kid hahahahaah jk...kinda. they may be having him far away from you, but think how much farther they will be from me. that is, assuming i'm on the opposite side of the equator by then, but i guess if i'm here, technically i'll be closer i think haha. and the other elders in the pictures were Elder Short and Elder Matthews i believe. Elder moore and elder child were there too but they arent in as many pics i dont think. umm lets see...this week...well it wasnt as good as last week and i didnt tell you how many lessons it was because i dont want people judging me haha i think every mission, even every area is different so i dont want people to compare. plus the numbers arent the important thing, the people are. (random thought: elder holland gave us the same talk at the mtc that he gave to Kaitlin if you remember...) (Dallin's good friend, Kaitlin is doing a semester at the Jeruselum Center, Elder Holland came and spoke to them and when Dallin was in the MTC Elder Holland spoke to them... it sounds like he gave basically the same talk. He talked about how after Christ died, the apostles went back to Galilee as fishers and when the Savior was ressurected, he came and called them back from fishing, letting them know that they were at a higher level now and could never go back to what they were but only continue progressing. He told them that they were the same way and that after these experiances they could only continue to grow, that they can't go back to fishing because they now have a higher calling.) anyway, this week: highlights: probably meeting with Makenna. She's so tight! shes a 10 year old but really really smart. its crazy. she asked us "if we're all God's children and Christ is the Son of God, whats the difference?" its just weird because most people dont put that kind of stuff together. i really like teaching her and her mom. They are so excited and happy to learn the gospel! we showed them around the church, since thats where we have been meeting with them, just to help them feel more comfortable there. and Won Kim, the guy who has been coming to church for a while, we taught him this week too. well, i didnt, i was on exchanges in Lovell and Elder T and Heilman taught him. Heilman is from montana, just here until the end of the transfer because E Short left to brasil. so its interesting, we're trying to help him out because he hasnt been to the mtc or anything. and Elder trujillo and I went tracting, the reason we dont go often is because its not very productive, so if we have people we can try to visit instead we do that, especially because we have lists of less actives from the ward mission leaders to contact. but anyway, thats how i was thinking of it, kind of just a time killer because we had like 40 minutes before dinner one night, so we were i guess you could say "going through the motions" and then on the way to one door i thought, "I have the faith that this can be effective, that out of as many houses as we try we can find one, God wants these people to have this message too" so i put my trust in him and just knew we would be guided. and yeah i know the way i said that, you're expecting a great miraculous story, but here's what happened. The guy comes to the door, first thing he does is props the screen door open with the little door stop thing (could be a really good or really bad sign!! haha) but then he introduces himself and is really nice. it was cool. he recently moved here and supposeDLY (he loves to tease me) has met with missionaries before (some people just say that thinking it will get them off the hook) anyway so we talked for a few minutes and he said he knew a little about the Book of Mormon but didnt have one so we gave him one, he said i'll take this if you take one of my bibles (he gave us a little pocket size NIV new testament, which FYI (-dedicated to mom hahah) (again teasing me, I tend to say that a lot, even when I am teaching institute) i dont like it at all. i read a little, and it has the same stories, but it makes everyone sound uneducated like when Christ talks and says you and stuff instead of ye and just doesnt have the same spirit i guess) any way so we took it and read a little and we're gonna go back hopefully and see if he read any of ours...idk nothing crazy miraculous, but it was cool, first person that has been even somewhat open to listening to us so far that we found on our own. welp, theres this weeks novel and yes, I will be writing blogs very soon hopefully. but i gotta go, Tchau!
Elder Bergquist

Monday, April 11, 2011

4/11/11 Tied for the most lessons!

Ola Gente!! como e que todo mundo esta??
things here are going pretty great! we had a pretty good week this week. my comp said its tied for the most lessons he has had in a week on his mission. i really wanted to beat it, and we had one more guy that said to come see him on sunday night but we got there at like 10 to 9 and i think he was asleep :( so we didnt beat it, but we tied it so that was good. I was pretty happy about that, but we're going to beat it this week. now for the questions...

I didn't realize that there were three missionaries in your mission waiting on visas, do you know if there are any more now or are you the only one left there? there are still more, i believe theres like 3 but i'm not sure anymore. there were 5 when i got here, and i think about 5 have left since i got here but i think we've gotten a few more since then.

I am glad the work is picking up there! :) Let me know how it went this week! How about the guy that wanted to "sign up with our church"? we are teaching him again today, actually in about 45 minutes haha. its the only time he could meet i guess...but we're going to kinda teach the importance of families, and try to get him to let us teach him with his wife too, which he said he wants to do but she has been sick for a week now i guess...? and she never comes to church with him, so i dont know what the deal is.

and how about the girl from the college? she hasnt contacted us back like she said she would so we'll probably contact her this week.

Do you still go to institute? yeah, not so much though, usually once or twice a week. I would think that they would bring friends with them. Our kids are so good about giving out books of mormon here! they do sometimes but supposedly, or for you mom, supposably, they have all been asked if they would like to take the lessons and none of them have accepted, its better if the friends ask and deal with it to that point, but we try to introduce ourselves and whatnot...

And, how about Xxxxx? :( i think her husband is not wanting us to come over. kinda frustrating.

And, the less active with the 10 year old daughter?? the lesson went really well, and she seems really excited and motivated, and her daughter already considers herself mormon ha, so its looking good, we have another appt this week with them :)

Did you get the package I sent? yes i did! thank you very much! i loved the pictures! haha good times. and yes i get the pics you send in emails too. thank you. devin has a nice shirt on in the first picture (its mine) haha. how are things at home? tell chad aleah wrote me a letter this week and i havent gotten one from him yet haha. (aleah, theres your shoutout! haha) sounds fun going out to mormon rock for climbing though, i've never been out there haha. anyway, i only have a few more minutes left so i guess i'll wrap it up! amo todos voces! sei que esta igreja e verdadeiro! keep studying and growing your testimonies! ate a proxima semana! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

His note to his dad...

sorry dad i only have a couple minutes left. but thanks for the email and the
updates! thats pretty cool about the angels game. too bad the camera men
hate you haha.
We went to the Angel's game last Friday and Mike & Kathy O'Connor and I got on the BIG SCREEN! But, Brad didnt...haha
the lakers are retarded sometimes. speaking of...i was
thinking about my only kings have rings shirt the other day, have you seen
it? do you know if blake has it? ha and i saw a bit of the masters at a
members house while we were visiting with him and teaching him haha. i have
never even heard of that guy though. but i gotta get going! te amo!
elder Bergquist
p.s. did you use like google translate for that or something? haha good to
see some portuguese though

Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11 General Conference!

first of all, yes, i check my visa progress almost everyday too haha. so i knew, also, THREE missionaries in this mission flew out this morning to go to BRASIL!! including the one that was in Lovell, just south of here, elder short, anyway, his visa went to the second step and took about 3 weeks for it to finish and get here and whatnot, so dont get your hopes up for this week haha but it should be soon. But! i'm kinda sad, the work is just starting to pick up here. well, at least this week should be good. i'll answer your questions first:

Where did you watch conference? one session at a member's house that just was sealed in the temple recently after being reactivated, three at the church building(including priesthood, which by the way, you can watch on!!) and one at one of our ward mission leaders house.

Which talks were your favorites? My favorites were probably my boy Elder Dallin H. Oaks', Elder Bednar's and Elder Uchtdorf's in priesthood. those are the ones that stand out in my mind right now at least. i need to go back and watch some of the ones we watched at the Xxxxxxx, it was really loud there ha.

Well, how did your week go? Did you guys have any investigators at church? and less actives? Are you seeing any progress with any of them? Did you guys do any tracting? well heres the thing, there was no church this week remember!!! hahah ;) we had Xxxx come to priesthood session with us though! he hasnt been to church in a long time, he decided to quit smoking this week too, as soon as his next pack runs out hahaha, but still thats good, it was interesting watching conference with him though, because i was kinda watching it for him slash just with him in mind, never really done that before. but i think it went well. our old depressed widow investigator Xxxxx said she was excited to hear the mo tab though! so we're hoping she just left it on that channel after the music and the spoken word on sunday, but she also said she might start watching the byu channel because she saw a quilting show on there haha so hopefully. But, this week should be really good! we have an appointment tonight with a guy who has been coming to church for a few months now but has been hesitant to meet with missionaries, but a couple weeks ago he said to a guy in the ward "how do i sign on with the church?" haha it was cool, this guys is a great member missionary though, hes been bringing him to church and fellowshipping him forever! haha but thats what its all about, when the members get involved it makes our job a lot easier, or more possible. we also met with a girl from the college this week, she seemed pretty interested and the lesson went well, i could feel the spirit there, hopefully she reads and actually prays about it, because i know she has the attitude towards it where she will actually be accepting, if not, she still has the book and the number for the missionaries, sometime she'll come around. also this week we should be meeting with Xxxxx again finally! her husband gets home so we'll be calling her. and then we have another appt with a lady who is less active and has a 10 year old daughter who is not baptized and wants to have her taught the lessons :) so we've got a couple promising potential investigators and progressing ones at that. on top of the people we're already working with.

thanks for the package though! i havent gotten it yet haha but still, thanks. and i do have to say mom, i have spoiled you up to this point. my emails are sooo long! haha so, you're welcome for that hahaha. devin sounds like hes having a great time haha, i'm a little jealous of that, but i'll get to see some pretty cool herps down there probably. oh and the weather here is stupid! haha it gets up to like 60 for a couple days and then snows again, like every week! everyone keeps talking about spring and then i'll think its coming, then the 60 mph winds will come and a storm will come and then it will slowly warm back up and then repeat haha. well.....i think thats about it. i'm running out of time. i love you all! thanks for keeping me updated!
tchau! have a good week!
Elder Bergquist

And, here is his email to his dad...

oi bubs!
hows it going?? i actually noticed that a lot too, about the bishop talk in
conference...made me think of you. its kind of weird watching conference
"for someone else" if you will...not that i was doing that the whole time
but i would think of investigators or less actives we're working with at
certain points, but anyway, i was thinking about you at points thinking, i bet dad is
watching this with different things in mind this time around, just like i
was as a missionary. it was crazy how excited i got for it. it seems to mean
a lot more as a missionary. or maybe i'm just growing up. anyway,
congratulations on being called as a bishop haha uma bricadeira, you will do
great though, good luck on your talk. I really liked that about what
uchtdorf said too, it hit me pretty hard, because even though i do find joy
in this work most of the time, there are definitely times i could show it
more, and be more excited over the little things we take for granted like
going to give someone a blessing ou coisas assim when we get to really
exercise out priesthood and have the opportunity to have these people call
us when they need help. anyway. i love you pops. keep up the good work, i
know you're doing a great job.
elder Bergquist

This Elder Berquist's mom. I am on an email group for missionary moms that have sons serving in Central Brasil. One of the moms said that she just got a letter from her son serving in Belo and all the missionaries just got washing machines and microwaves! Cool, huh?