Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18/11 i need the texas sheet cake recipe please!!! :D

1:17 (email to his dad)
sim muito obrigado por me escrever in portugues. esta bom que voce nao tem os assentos. sei la como fazer. our district: we have 4 elders and 2 sisters, zone is 8 elders and 2 sisters. even though I will be going to brasil President treats me just the same as far as i can see. i have borne my testemony at both zone conferences, because the first one i was new and this last one becasue "i could be leaveing soon" haha and transfers are this coming week. we find out this friday. so i dont know yet. anyway i gotta go.
sorry its so short! love you pops!
Elder bergquist

1:29 pm
i need the texas sheet cake recipe please!!!

2:07 pm
:Dohhh mom. heres the thing. I still have limited time. and its hard for me to think of what to write. trying to fit a whole weeks worth of stuff into a 25 minute email. so questions are good, they give me direction. thats why i didnt really talk about who we taught and what not because you didnt ask and i cant remember everything unless i have a reminder haha. so ask questions, by all means. trust me, the emails will get really short if you dont hahaha. and its not like i just answer your questions with like a yes or no. i always expound on them and say more, but that just reminds me of stuff and gets me going. but, sounds like a fun slash interesting week in Utah, I hope Di is doing better. and I hope Brit is pregnant for like 26 months with that kid hahahahaah jk...kinda. they may be having him far away from you, but think how much farther they will be from me. that is, assuming i'm on the opposite side of the equator by then, but i guess if i'm here, technically i'll be closer i think haha. and the other elders in the pictures were Elder Short and Elder Matthews i believe. Elder moore and elder child were there too but they arent in as many pics i dont think. umm lets see...this week...well it wasnt as good as last week and i didnt tell you how many lessons it was because i dont want people judging me haha i think every mission, even every area is different so i dont want people to compare. plus the numbers arent the important thing, the people are. (random thought: elder holland gave us the same talk at the mtc that he gave to Kaitlin if you remember...) (Dallin's good friend, Kaitlin is doing a semester at the Jeruselum Center, Elder Holland came and spoke to them and when Dallin was in the MTC Elder Holland spoke to them... it sounds like he gave basically the same talk. He talked about how after Christ died, the apostles went back to Galilee as fishers and when the Savior was ressurected, he came and called them back from fishing, letting them know that they were at a higher level now and could never go back to what they were but only continue progressing. He told them that they were the same way and that after these experiances they could only continue to grow, that they can't go back to fishing because they now have a higher calling.) anyway, this week: highlights: probably meeting with Makenna. She's so tight! shes a 10 year old but really really smart. its crazy. she asked us "if we're all God's children and Christ is the Son of God, whats the difference?" its just weird because most people dont put that kind of stuff together. i really like teaching her and her mom. They are so excited and happy to learn the gospel! we showed them around the church, since thats where we have been meeting with them, just to help them feel more comfortable there. and Won Kim, the guy who has been coming to church for a while, we taught him this week too. well, i didnt, i was on exchanges in Lovell and Elder T and Heilman taught him. Heilman is from montana, just here until the end of the transfer because E Short left to brasil. so its interesting, we're trying to help him out because he hasnt been to the mtc or anything. and Elder trujillo and I went tracting, the reason we dont go often is because its not very productive, so if we have people we can try to visit instead we do that, especially because we have lists of less actives from the ward mission leaders to contact. but anyway, thats how i was thinking of it, kind of just a time killer because we had like 40 minutes before dinner one night, so we were i guess you could say "going through the motions" and then on the way to one door i thought, "I have the faith that this can be effective, that out of as many houses as we try we can find one, God wants these people to have this message too" so i put my trust in him and just knew we would be guided. and yeah i know the way i said that, you're expecting a great miraculous story, but here's what happened. The guy comes to the door, first thing he does is props the screen door open with the little door stop thing (could be a really good or really bad sign!! haha) but then he introduces himself and is really nice. it was cool. he recently moved here and supposeDLY (he loves to tease me) has met with missionaries before (some people just say that thinking it will get them off the hook) anyway so we talked for a few minutes and he said he knew a little about the Book of Mormon but didnt have one so we gave him one, he said i'll take this if you take one of my bibles (he gave us a little pocket size NIV new testament, which FYI (-dedicated to mom hahah) (again teasing me, I tend to say that a lot, even when I am teaching institute) i dont like it at all. i read a little, and it has the same stories, but it makes everyone sound uneducated like when Christ talks and says you and stuff instead of ye and just doesnt have the same spirit i guess) any way so we took it and read a little and we're gonna go back hopefully and see if he read any of ours...idk nothing crazy miraculous, but it was cool, first person that has been even somewhat open to listening to us so far that we found on our own. welp, theres this weeks novel and yes, I will be writing blogs very soon hopefully. but i gotta go, Tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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