Monday, April 11, 2011

4/11/11 Tied for the most lessons!

Ola Gente!! como e que todo mundo esta??
things here are going pretty great! we had a pretty good week this week. my comp said its tied for the most lessons he has had in a week on his mission. i really wanted to beat it, and we had one more guy that said to come see him on sunday night but we got there at like 10 to 9 and i think he was asleep :( so we didnt beat it, but we tied it so that was good. I was pretty happy about that, but we're going to beat it this week. now for the questions...

I didn't realize that there were three missionaries in your mission waiting on visas, do you know if there are any more now or are you the only one left there? there are still more, i believe theres like 3 but i'm not sure anymore. there were 5 when i got here, and i think about 5 have left since i got here but i think we've gotten a few more since then.

I am glad the work is picking up there! :) Let me know how it went this week! How about the guy that wanted to "sign up with our church"? we are teaching him again today, actually in about 45 minutes haha. its the only time he could meet i guess...but we're going to kinda teach the importance of families, and try to get him to let us teach him with his wife too, which he said he wants to do but she has been sick for a week now i guess...? and she never comes to church with him, so i dont know what the deal is.

and how about the girl from the college? she hasnt contacted us back like she said she would so we'll probably contact her this week.

Do you still go to institute? yeah, not so much though, usually once or twice a week. I would think that they would bring friends with them. Our kids are so good about giving out books of mormon here! they do sometimes but supposedly, or for you mom, supposably, they have all been asked if they would like to take the lessons and none of them have accepted, its better if the friends ask and deal with it to that point, but we try to introduce ourselves and whatnot...

And, how about Xxxxx? :( i think her husband is not wanting us to come over. kinda frustrating.

And, the less active with the 10 year old daughter?? the lesson went really well, and she seems really excited and motivated, and her daughter already considers herself mormon ha, so its looking good, we have another appt this week with them :)

Did you get the package I sent? yes i did! thank you very much! i loved the pictures! haha good times. and yes i get the pics you send in emails too. thank you. devin has a nice shirt on in the first picture (its mine) haha. how are things at home? tell chad aleah wrote me a letter this week and i havent gotten one from him yet haha. (aleah, theres your shoutout! haha) sounds fun going out to mormon rock for climbing though, i've never been out there haha. anyway, i only have a few more minutes left so i guess i'll wrap it up! amo todos voces! sei que esta igreja e verdadeiro! keep studying and growing your testimonies! ate a proxima semana! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

His note to his dad...

sorry dad i only have a couple minutes left. but thanks for the email and the
updates! thats pretty cool about the angels game. too bad the camera men
hate you haha.
We went to the Angel's game last Friday and Mike & Kathy O'Connor and I got on the BIG SCREEN! But, Brad didnt...haha
the lakers are retarded sometimes. speaking of...i was
thinking about my only kings have rings shirt the other day, have you seen
it? do you know if blake has it? ha and i saw a bit of the masters at a
members house while we were visiting with him and teaching him haha. i have
never even heard of that guy though. but i gotta get going! te amo!
elder Bergquist
p.s. did you use like google translate for that or something? haha good to
see some portuguese though

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