Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25/11 My last email from the states!

Here is Elder Bergquist's note to his dad...

well....first of all. i hope adeline didnt think i was serious about not writing nonmembers, i was completely joking haha. you're lucky you get to hear from elder perry though. should be fun. take notes for me. and blake does have the shirt. its fine though, i'll just get their one with 6 rings on it when i get home. :) anyway, i still gotta write mom, so i think thats all i can get on here considering its going to take a while to write her ha. love you dad. pray for me! i need as much help as i can get with the language. tchau!
Elder Bergquist
ps this is the last time i'll write you from the states for 20 more months. ha
Silly boy, it is actually down to 19 now!!! °Ü°

And his one to me....

ola gente! como vai??
okay before i forget, first thing, i want pictures of chad pole vaulting and stuff. i know i'll get to see it when i get home when hes a little better at it all, but i want to see since i cant go watch! and next i guess questions haha. i'll expound upon them though, dont get sad mom.

Are you super excited? yes. i think i've felt every emotion i felt from putting in my papers, leaving for the mtc, being in the mtc, leaving for the field, all within the last like 3 days since i've heard i'm leaving

How are you feeling about it? i'm nervous, scared, sad, happy, relieved and SUPER EXCITED, all at the same time. its weird. ha

Do you have any of your flight info? What time do you fly out? no i dont know yet, he might let me email or call or something because i'll be at the mission home pretty much all day wednesday. i leave powell at about 10 am i will probably be back to the mission home sometime around 2 and dont leave till thursday, so i dont know what i'll be doing. i might get to go through the temple with all the departing missionaries. idk

What airlines? (we want to watch your flight on line!!!) Have you gotten your itinerary yet??!!! sei la!

Are you going to get to call us and give us info on when you leave? Or just call us from the airport? i dont know yet, i assume just during my layover, but who knows. i'll try my best to let you know.

Did you ever get those songs on your ipod? no :( not yet. hopefully i can, but i have some good music on it anyway, so'll be okay. dont worry

Did Elder T get transferred or is he still there with you in Powell? Is there 3 of you together till Thurs? he's still here. transfers take forever here because the mission is so big, so we were gonna be in a threesome til i left, but we wont be. transfers ended yesterday technically, thats when everyone gets picked up by the transfer van and goes back to billings and then they make a loop through montana, then they bring people back like tuesday and thursday, so elder bennion wont get here til wednesday and when the transfer van drops him off i'll get on.

So, who all did you teach this week? oh it was a really good week, we found the most golden investigator. well, the members did. but wow i'll tell you the story.

How are they all processing? we've got a few that are doing really well and a few that are lagging a little bit, but overall it seems really good right now, thats why i'm a little sad to leave. the work is picking up a lot! like this is the best week we've had since i got here.

Did any of them go to church? (I saw on Elder T.'s FB where a sister there asked him to be with her hubby in Priesthood mtg, so, that is good!) yeah, well, she's a sister, but a nonmember sister. she's our golden investigator, but theres a little bit of a sad ending ha

How is Makenna and her mom? Is she ready to be baptized? really well. they came to church for the first time yesterday, the members were really friendly. i think they'll be back. she's not quite ready. has to come to Church ha few more times. and supposedly her dad is pretty anti, so i dont know how much that will hold her back. she only goes to his house a couple times a month, but i dont know.

How about Won Kim? his wife is giving him a bit of troubles, so he wants to wait until she is ready to continue the lessons with her. but he still is coming to church, so thats good. hopefully she comes around.

How about the guy you found tracting... did you get to meet with him again? Had he read any of the Book of Mormon? (Thank you for telling us that story!) we didnt get a chance to go back this week, so i dont know, hopefully elder t goes by sometime.

Did Sam email you? yeah but not much because he wasnt sure if he had my email right, but i'll write him back and get it going.

Has Derek? nope. i dont like him anymore anyway. oh well. at least my parents still love me.

How are you feeling about your language? uhh really scared. like REALLY. but i know the Lord will help me. hopefully i can remember what i've learned and catch on quick. we'll see ha :)

Are the families there good at feeding you? yeah, really good. we have had maybe like 2 or 3 days where we didnt have a dinner. and sometimes we have to cancel because we have too many people that want to feed us. today we're going to the sessions and she's making us antelope roast, potatoes, rolls, all that good stuff (shes the one that took us to the ER and made us soup ha) and then the prestwich's who fed us yesterday, are going to feed us lunch tomorrow, so we'll have lunch and dinner appts. ha they are so tight. he plays golf and the son thats like 17 and they are just a really cool family. one of my favorites here. theyre from pennsylvania/colorado.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? probably, when we had our mission wide conference call on easter morning and had a little easter devotional. i dont really remember anything specific that was said it was just really cool to talk about the ressurreicao and really focus on it. Its amazing everything the Savior does for us.

Any thing fun or funny happen this week? nothing out of the ordinary, everyday has fun slash funny moments. besides sam prestwich. he's a 15 year old kid. one of the funniest 15 year olds i've ever met haha. but i'll tell you about our investigator now so her name is tabitha. a member here is friends with her, she goes to the college. so she set up an appointment for us. we went over and taught the first lesson. it went pretty well. and we challenged her to read 3rd nephi 11 and pray about the book of mormon and what we had taught and set up an appointment for a week later. so about 2 hours after we leave, we get a call from her friend. "tabitha already read and prayed and wants to meet with you tomorrow morning to continue learning" so we go back. talked about her day a little. she said she had more patience with her daughter and husband than she ever has before. she decided to quit smoking and she couldnt stop reading the book of mormon. she read 3rd nefi 11 twice, and then wanted to read more so she started from the beginning and read up to 1 nefi 11. and retained it well, she asked us about the brass plates and some other stuff. but she wants to keep learning before she tries to convince her husband. then the next day is when she told us they were coming to church and she wanted us to sit with him in priesthood ha. but the sad news is they dont live here. they live in greybull, she just goes to school here but they cant really go to the singles ward here because theyre married and have a 3 year old. so we have to hand them off. i know kinda selfish. but she'll be a great member. and we had 3 others at sacrament meeting too :) besides those two. so it was a pretty good week. anyway. thats the end of my book. i love you all! ate o brasil! haha tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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