Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/28/11 Elder Bergquist is on his way to Brasil!!!

At 8:46 this morning my cell phone rang! The area code was 612... could it be??? Could it be... YES!!!! It was Elder Berqguist!!! He was in Minneapolis on a layover! We got to chat for about an hour!!! It was so wonderful to hear his voice! He was SO happy and super excited! He told us all about the wonderful people that he was able to teach/work with in Powell! He told us his mission pres there in Billings is just awesome! He rode in a van yesterday from Powell WY to Billings MT to the mission home. They fed him and then they had a farewell meeting with him and 8 other missionaries who were leaving. Obviously, the other missionaries were going home... He said it was a really good meeting, listening to what the missionaries leaving were saying really made him contemplate his mission and how he wants to serve!

He also told us that he was worried about his luggage because the guy that checked him in asked if he just wanted to check his luggage all the say to Sao Paulo and he hesitated (thinking... I am going to Belo Horizonte) and his mission president said yes. So, he is worried it might not be going to Belo, it might show up at Sao Paulo!

I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH HIM AGAIN!!!! Short call this time, but I am glad he called again because Chad got to talk to him! My phone rang while I was sitting here typing up this post (6:26) and it was a 786 number, I really didnt think he would call again (He didn't call us when he flew from the MTC to Billings) but when I saw the strange area code I thought maybe it was and had Chad answer!

He was so funny, he said that they thought his Books in his carry on were bombs... he then laughed and said they are "BOM's"... (get it??? BOM... Books of Mormon) but not the kind that blow up! haha.. I asked him if he had given one away yet and he said no... but the lady he sat by on the last leg (from Minneapolis to Miami) said she was proud of him! He also said that on the 1st two legs of his flights he was alone... he said it was weird! He kept turning to say something to his companion and NO one was there! haha... He said that he asked the guy about his luggage and he looked and said, well, the code is Sao Paulo but the flight is the right one so it is a 50/50 chance that it will go to the right place! YIKES! He has his under clothes and socks in his carry on but no other shirt, haha... I said, "Well you can borrow one from your companion" haha... hopefully his luggage shows up but I guess we wont know until next Wednesday when he emails home! I heard from a couple of the missionary mom's who have sons and daughters serving in Belo and they said that they are expecting 18 missionaries on Friday! But, Dallin said so far he had only run into 4 other missionaries, 3 that were in the MTC with him and one other... and NONE of them were on his flight. A couple were going to Sao Paulo and a couple to Rio so??? Again, I guess we will find out if there were actually 17 others on his flight.

I am anxious to read his email next week so he can tell us all about BRASIL!!! ...if his luggage made it... who met them when the flight landed... if he was able to understand ANYthing that the people were saying! Etc!!! AND, it is just a few weeks away from Mother's Day, when we will get to talk to him again!!!

Miami International (MIA) to Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves Intl (CNF)
Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carrier Flight
Number Departing Arriving Aircraft
Type Flight Status
City Date & Time City Date & Time Comments Seats

AMERICAN AIRLINES 991 MIA Miami Apr 28, 2011
11:05 PM CNF Belo Horizonte Apr 29, 2011
08:05 AM 763


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