Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11 General Conference!

first of all, yes, i check my visa progress almost everyday too haha. so i knew, also, THREE missionaries in this mission flew out this morning to go to BRASIL!! including the one that was in Lovell, just south of here, elder short, anyway, his visa went to the second step and took about 3 weeks for it to finish and get here and whatnot, so dont get your hopes up for this week haha but it should be soon. But! i'm kinda sad, the work is just starting to pick up here. well, at least this week should be good. i'll answer your questions first:

Where did you watch conference? one session at a member's house that just was sealed in the temple recently after being reactivated, three at the church building(including priesthood, which by the way, you can watch on!!) and one at one of our ward mission leaders house.

Which talks were your favorites? My favorites were probably my boy Elder Dallin H. Oaks', Elder Bednar's and Elder Uchtdorf's in priesthood. those are the ones that stand out in my mind right now at least. i need to go back and watch some of the ones we watched at the Xxxxxxx, it was really loud there ha.

Well, how did your week go? Did you guys have any investigators at church? and less actives? Are you seeing any progress with any of them? Did you guys do any tracting? well heres the thing, there was no church this week remember!!! hahah ;) we had Xxxx come to priesthood session with us though! he hasnt been to church in a long time, he decided to quit smoking this week too, as soon as his next pack runs out hahaha, but still thats good, it was interesting watching conference with him though, because i was kinda watching it for him slash just with him in mind, never really done that before. but i think it went well. our old depressed widow investigator Xxxxx said she was excited to hear the mo tab though! so we're hoping she just left it on that channel after the music and the spoken word on sunday, but she also said she might start watching the byu channel because she saw a quilting show on there haha so hopefully. But, this week should be really good! we have an appointment tonight with a guy who has been coming to church for a few months now but has been hesitant to meet with missionaries, but a couple weeks ago he said to a guy in the ward "how do i sign on with the church?" haha it was cool, this guys is a great member missionary though, hes been bringing him to church and fellowshipping him forever! haha but thats what its all about, when the members get involved it makes our job a lot easier, or more possible. we also met with a girl from the college this week, she seemed pretty interested and the lesson went well, i could feel the spirit there, hopefully she reads and actually prays about it, because i know she has the attitude towards it where she will actually be accepting, if not, she still has the book and the number for the missionaries, sometime she'll come around. also this week we should be meeting with Xxxxx again finally! her husband gets home so we'll be calling her. and then we have another appt with a lady who is less active and has a 10 year old daughter who is not baptized and wants to have her taught the lessons :) so we've got a couple promising potential investigators and progressing ones at that. on top of the people we're already working with.

thanks for the package though! i havent gotten it yet haha but still, thanks. and i do have to say mom, i have spoiled you up to this point. my emails are sooo long! haha so, you're welcome for that hahaha. devin sounds like hes having a great time haha, i'm a little jealous of that, but i'll get to see some pretty cool herps down there probably. oh and the weather here is stupid! haha it gets up to like 60 for a couple days and then snows again, like every week! everyone keeps talking about spring and then i'll think its coming, then the 60 mph winds will come and a storm will come and then it will slowly warm back up and then repeat haha. well.....i think thats about it. i'm running out of time. i love you all! thanks for keeping me updated!
tchau! have a good week!
Elder Bergquist

And, here is his email to his dad...

oi bubs!
hows it going?? i actually noticed that a lot too, about the bishop talk in
conference...made me think of you. its kind of weird watching conference
"for someone else" if you will...not that i was doing that the whole time
but i would think of investigators or less actives we're working with at
certain points, but anyway, i was thinking about you at points thinking, i bet dad is
watching this with different things in mind this time around, just like i
was as a missionary. it was crazy how excited i got for it. it seems to mean
a lot more as a missionary. or maybe i'm just growing up. anyway,
congratulations on being called as a bishop haha uma bricadeira, you will do
great though, good luck on your talk. I really liked that about what
uchtdorf said too, it hit me pretty hard, because even though i do find joy
in this work most of the time, there are definitely times i could show it
more, and be more excited over the little things we take for granted like
going to give someone a blessing ou coisas assim when we get to really
exercise out priesthood and have the opportunity to have these people call
us when they need help. anyway. i love you pops. keep up the good work, i
know you're doing a great job.
elder Bergquist

This Elder Berquist's mom. I am on an email group for missionary moms that have sons serving in Central Brasil. One of the moms said that she just got a letter from her son serving in Belo and all the missionaries just got washing machines and microwaves! Cool, huh?

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