Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6/8/11 Transfers!

Thanks for all the updates and whatnot. good to hear about that stuff. but how are things with you?? hows being a bishop? is the glamour wearing off yet? hahaha thats funny that bro oconnor is playing words with friends with you. (Dallin LOVED playing that before the mission) well my comp baptized one there. thats good to hear! really good. the work was tough. but its rewarding nonetheless. well, elder vasquez flies home today. im here in BH with my new comp waiting for our bus back to alfenas that leaves at noon. his name is elder ison. hes from illinois and has 9 months on the mission and about 2 here in brasil ha. so two americans with less than three months in a town of brasilians and two colleges. haha will be fun and interesting. love you pops! keep up the good work! love you!
Elder Bergquist

Olá gente! como vai??
First off all, the news. haha my companion elder vasquez flies home today. today is transfers i dont think i ever said anything about it haha but i am now. and he should be making a facebook and inviting you. he wants to keep practicing his english. i told him he had to haha. and im here in BH waiting for our bus that leaves at noon back to alfenas. waiting with my new comp elder ison. hes from illinios and has 9 months on the mission and just a little more time than i do in brasil. he served for about 5 months in idaho pocatello mission.
and now the perguntas:

Well, I think you were supposed to have a baptism this week, Maria... did it happen? yes it did. she is very....solemn... doesnt show much emotion. but she was happy that day for sure. she had a huge smile on her face and between every class at church she went to the baptismal font and just looked at it haha. and she would ask should i go change now? haha it was great.

and its interesting. we baptized nathaly my first week here, her mom is getting reactivated and her uncle (moms brother) moved here from são paulo and he is getting reactivated too. he talked to the branch president last week and got a blessing and stuff. and maria is the mom of danielle (nathaly's mom) so that family has improved a lot. its cool to see all these changes that i helped with. mostly the spirit, but ya know... :) haha

How about the other 4 you guys set up? (The family of 5 and the mom and daughter) pretty much todo mundo caiu. (everyone fell) so were kinda starting fresh, elder ison and i.

How is the work coming along? How many are you teaching? Tell us about them... Any baptisms set up? we have one date set, but he wasnt there last night when we went by. idk. other than that, will be all fresh haha

Did you guys go back and see Roberta? no. we called, she said she would let us know when she had time....shes in the area book though, one day she'll be baptized

Are you cold at night? Should I send you a blanket or sleeping bag? (that is what Devin used) not really. its not bad. and my comp gave me his blanket ha so no worries. i'll be good.

Are you cold in the day? Should I send you another sweater? no haha im good. thanks though. and if i need one i can buy it here. but i dont. i only use it at night and thats a couple three times a week

Are you eating enough? YES!!! i'm still gaining weight haha dont you worry about that.

Are you taking your vitamins? yes i am. haha, oh mom.

Do you have your sweatshirt that you left at the MTC? Do you need another one? no. haha how would i have it if i left it there? haha but no. i think i'm gonna buy one here. a little lembrança neh. haha but i dont know yet. i dont really need one but like for around the house at night...we'll see

Are you being transferred? im staying. but my comps mission is over haha. he served his two years. but elder ison and i will continue the work. dont you worry about that haha

When does he go home? Is it July? today haha

Will you please send me another pic of you walking the streets? (The last pic was taken at a weird angle and it looked like you have really short legs... was your comp up on some steps looking down at you or something? Are there any trees or anything pretty around on the streets? hahaha) i'll see what i can do....theres not much thats too pretty in the city haha and we cant really leave it. idk i'll figure something out.

Is there only one branch in the whole town of Alfenas? yes

What is your favorite thing about the mission so far? ha what the heck. idk. i guess just seeing peoples lives change and brighten up when they accept the gospel or feel the spirit

What is the most spiritual thing that happened this week? sacrament meeting was really spiritual. one thing i liked is they actually bore their testimonies,like sometimes you get those meetings where its just thankamonies hha but it was good. and so many miracles still occur everyday. its amazing.

When did you recognize the Spirit leading you? every day when i try to speak the language haha. if i didnt have the guidance of the spirit i wouldnt be able to communicate at all.

Where is the closest temple to ya'll? Is there one in your mission boundaries? there is not one in the boundaries. i think campinas is the closest one.

Is your mission pres. really friendly or is he more reserved? he's really animado sempre! thats like his motto: estamos animados!! haha hes great i like him a lot

How about his wife? his wife is a little more reserved i think, but i think partly because she doesnt speak english as well as him and hes the president so she kinda stays out of his way, but shes really really nice and really spiritual

I will be putting together a package for you soon, what would you like for me to put in it? peanut butter haha. we forgot to pack that dry peanut butter sister oconnor found in my bags. but its all good. i dont want to have to mix it with water anyway. and i dunno maybe some chocolate chip cookies haha or some reeses or like thin mints...i dunno. im pretty chill haha i dont need much. but i love you mom. thanks for everything! and the rest of you too! who did elder trujillo baptize?? ela tá doida. ha but i love you all! até a próxima semana! tchau!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

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