Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6/22/11 It's the Middle of Winter

Bishop Bergquist!
how are things as a bishop? staying busy?? at least you still have time for golf. haha thats funny they all are still going herping.
(a couple of Dallin's friends came by the house and borrowed the snake hook) Do you know if they hang out with Sam still? Those are some huge tadpoles you saw haha ive never seen one that big. i was thinking why are they going herping right now? its winter....then i realized its not winter there haha. so weird. im kinda messed up.

Thats ridiculous about rory mcelroy. hes a beast. why was the open so easy
this year?? dumb. ha also really funny about lebron. i guess every good
athlete goes through his stages. kobe definitely had his time when he was
the most hated...but im sure people will get over it and lebron will be mvp
again next year. ha i hope not but as soon as they win the ship he´ll be
right back up there. anyway, we're getting our furniture stuff moved out
here today and moving possibly today or possibly next week. not sure yet.
but i love you dad. até a próxima semana! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

welp, how are things back on the other side of the equator?
Its weird being in "winter" (if you can call it that) in june haha. Dad wrote about kyle and bryce going herping and i thought why? its the middle of winter? haha then realized its not there. but its not really like WINTER here haha its like in the 70s most days i think. but thats crazy about ariel!!
(his cousin, Ariel got her mission call to Toyko Japan!!!) and jake! (another cousin, Jake, has his mission papers in! We are just waiting to hear where he will be serving!!) parabens!! Jake better be learning potuguese on his mish. haha jk but that would be cool. tell him to get on chase and layton too! oh and if possible could you send me a few addresses? Elders Marchetti and Brambila por favor. Tell chad thats sweet him and aimee will be at efy the same week i didnt know she was doing that. or maybe i just forgot haha but thats sweet i wanna do that when i go home. Diana is comedy! arching her back to make her belly stick out haha. (I sent him a pic of his sister in law that is prego!) but im really excited for that baby too. haha and Weston. really??! already? nossa. thats ridiculous. is derek still thinking about speaking portuguese with him?? I hope blake is doing well too. i pray for him all the time. i pray for all of you all the time. but especially him. and the pregos haha and new sobrinhos.

How is your Portuguese coming along? ridiculous. i've had a couple people ask my comp where hes from and then say you're brasilian right? but then i still get like 90 percent that ask what country im from (within the first few seconds) haha so i dont know what the deal is with that but its definitely improving a lot.

How is your comps Portuguese? pretty good. hes improving a lot. like a lot a lot. im trying to make him talk more, at the beginning i just talked a lot, but im trying to stop that a little

How is the work going? pretty good. things are looking up, but we definitely still have a lot to work on. theres still something missing. but theres still elects to find so we're doing alright anyway :)

How many people do you have progressing/teaching? umm...lets see we have i think just 2. idk i lose track because it changes like everyday ha

Any baptism dates set? How about the 2 that were set for the 26th, still happening? progressing and baptismal dates are the same thing in this mish haha so...yeah. but Livaldo is still super animado for his baptism but his brother isnt really progressing, but he'll be baptized sooner or later after seeing the example of his brother. oh and we found Luciano the other day, he accepted a date for the 3rd very excitedly, but his wife didnt, but he has 4 kids too, and i think we'll change his wifes mind hopefully and we can baptize todo mundo!

Are you teaching Adreyenne's house mate? that would be Livaldo and Leandro his brother

Any others come to church Sunday? just Angelita again. shes frustrating but we went to teach her and she still doesnt want to accept a date so we made her pick a date and she said in one the 20th...idk shes kinda mole

When did you feel the Spirit this past week? every day of my life are you kidding me?? haha i dunno we had a branch council meeting and were focusing a lot on getting people to church because if they get 2 weeks of 85 or more people in sac mtg then the get to start the chapel here.i really feel like we can do it. and im really really excited for them

How often do you have district meetings? every week. on tuesday

Zone meetings? every three months. except i think in our district our district and our zone are the same thing haha we dont have a lz...? idk ha

Did you do anything fun this week? just when we went and taught Livaldo one night and got out at like 9:05 and had to run like 15 minutes to the bus stop to not be late and the bus was pulling away so we ran up and hit the window to make them stop hahah that was pretty fun slash funny slash a good adventure.

Any thing funny happen? see previous question haha

but other than that, i think thats all i have for you guys this week. i love you all! Tchau!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

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  1. he sounds really happy in this email, like he is getting settled in :)