Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/15/11 forced to speak. a lot a lot.

well. great to hear about miami getting beat haha great to hear. and about lebron. all good stuff haha. lovin it. i hope youre not just making it up to make me happier while im out here hahaha. and yeah right after i wrote the email last week i was like dang it i forgot to say happy bday to devin. so even though its late. tell him i didnt forget completely. and feliz anniversário! feliz cumpliaños haha or however it is in spanish! sounds like a pretty good present to me haha my comp was like geeze thats a lot of money for golf balls haha but, theyre pentas haha. that was some good times at the us open. thanks for that. preshiachya. haha freakin chad man. seriously?? scout camp high adventure and efy?? is he going to provo? when? thats really cool that Brittney got baptized. good to hear. and we have a place to live now. its in like a "guest house" type thing of one of the members, the papers are being finalized and we have to get our stuff from the sisters house in varginha then we'll be moving in. and its going pretty good with the two of us. we know enough to get around and to teach the lessons haha. ive learned a lot though in this last week because im kinda forced to speak. because i dont have a native speaker that takes over when i freeze haha. so its interesting, but its good for both of us to learn and grow together. but thanks for the letter dad. Eu te amo!! muito! até mais!
Um abração!
Elder Bergquist

olá gente! como tá??
sounds like things are going pretty well at home. nothing to report is usually a good thing, that means nothing crazy or bad is going on haha. how are things at work for you? you are still working there right? how did chad finish out in school? i cant believe you guys are sending him to all those camps without even knowing how he did in school. haha hes gotta earn that kinda stuff neh? but i'll answer your questions and yeah i took some other pics, but you can use the others too because i think i might have liked them better idk, you can pick. and crop them. my legs dont really need to be on my plaque haha.

Elder Vasquez has not added me on FB... do you know his 1st name? nicholas, but he didnt have one yet, he was going to make one....i dont know if he has yet.

Tell me about your companion... is he a hard worker? yeah, but its a little different because we have to work together to figure out what to do rather than just relying on my comp and following him everywhere haha. but we're working hard dont you worry

Tell me about his personality... haha idk what you want to know or what to tell you. hes a white boy from illinois....he plays trumpet, and is studying music in school so he hates my singing because we all know im terrible at it haha.

Did you and Elder I find some new people to teach? we have found some new ones yes....but the work is kinda rough right now, but we have an appt tonight to teach adreyenne' mate? haha friend....idk what to call him. but adreyenne was the one girl we baptized a few weeks ago and she brought him to church this sunday. he seems really interested and it should be good. we found another new one too that accepted the date for the 26th, so we'll see where that goes. he seems like a pretty cool guy.

You said you had a baptism set up, but when you went by his house he wasnt home... what is happening with him? dont remember...hahah cant remember who that is so he must been dropped...

Any investigators at church this week? yeah we had a few, one that just showed up on an invite...pretty rare haha and one that adreyenne brought and one other

Did you get me another pic for your plaque??? ....já era

What are you studying now? i study different stuff everyday. i have been studying about recognizing the spirit in preach my gospel a lot. thats what we need right now because we cant do this on our own. and im in 3 nefi in the book of mormon right now and i usually study a talk from conference too.

What have you learned? Bastante! a lot of stuff i learn stuff everyday. a lot about how to invite the spirit and help our investigators more effectively and in the liahona ive learned a lot of things but a lot of them are things i want to put in practice when i get home or when i get a family because as a missionary we already do pretty much all of that stuff i just want to continue....

How is the language coming along? really well. it has picked up a lot now that i have an american comp and i have to speak. a lot a lot. im speaking like 10 times more now than i was with my last comp

What is the most spiritual thing that has happened this week? just seeing how much i have been helped by the spirit in the language, because i know i didnt know all this stuff until i started relying on him more, and now i can speak to just about anyone

Are you writings in your journal? yup :) i think ive missed like 4 days my whole mish so far, but i always catch up the next day if i miss it.

How are your clothes holding up? clothes are doing just fine. G' a little low. thats something you could put in the package too maybe, just like a couple pairs...idk if possible...the swoop neck and the 50/50 favor...

shoes? alright haha ive almost killed one pair already. i probably should have gotten one pair of really good ones, but im good for now...i'll let you know if i need new ones

Are you exercising every day? What do you do? yeah...some days i get lazy and just do like stretches but i got the p90x ab work out from an investigator in WY and ive been doing that. but if derek has it still (i thought he did) tell him to refresh my memory on it please :) haha and then of course like pushups and whatnot...i really want an ab wheel. i dont know why i didnt bring one haha but i'm gonna look and see if they have one here because im sure it will be cheaper.

but i think thats all...i sent some pics....the one of my comp with the little comic thing, a members brother drew that at our lunch one day while we were conversing haha. and then the one of me with some cigs that we took from a less active member when we taught the palavra de sabedoria. and then one of maria at her baptizm and so on haha...but i think thats it! i love you all! wait...ariel is going on a MISH??? where?? haha wanna hear about that... but até o próximo! tchau!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist
ps love you mom!

I don't know what is wrong, but Blogger is not letting me upload any of the pics right now... I will try again later...

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