Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/29/11 100 people in Sacrament Meeting!!!

Bishop Bergquist,
well im glad you finally answered my question about what its like being the bishop. sounds exciting slash stressful. but i know how great it is being in the service of the Lord...i found it interesting that in my patriarchal blessing and in my blessing when i was set apart as a missionary the scripture was quoted "when you are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God" ive been thinking about that lately... and how i really do need to find joy in my service...which i do most days but as with any work this demanding, there are hard days...but i just remember that im in His service and im doing the right thing and its really a privilege slash opportunity that only comes once. And im loving it. We're moving today! finally haha i know you were kind of worried about that...but im kinda sad to be moving out of
(branch) presidents house. its nice having a brasileiro around to ask questions and talk to at home. and someone that cooks for you like 3 or 4 nights a week and not just cooks but makes good brasilian food and teaches us how to make it ha. he taught us how to make pão de queijo and wow it was so good fresh out of the oven. and he showed us how to make tápioca (i think thats how its spelled??) like tapíoca as in tapioca pudding. but its nothing like that haha. its more like a pancake...kinda...anyway he said its a thing they eat a lot in the northeast because i guess its more poor there and all... it is this flour stuff that comes from manioc (its a root of a tree and they eat them kinda like potatoes sometimes too) but anyway its just that flour stuff and water and a little salt and they are really filling...not very flavorful but you can put like leite condensado (condensed milk) on them or like eggs and cheese ha its not bad...but i think thats it for today. im excited to move into our new house. its so clean and the sister that lives in the house in front is really nice and she said she has a surprise for us. i feel kinda bad because i dont really know how to say no to her... (I quickly emailed him back and asked him NO??? about what? And, here is his response) no because she cleaned all our furniture that was all dusty, was trying to buy us mattress covers because our mattresses are dirty. bought a new washing machine so we could have her old one, redid the whole house for us, is going to pay electricity and water for us and said she has "a surprise" for us for when we move in and i wont know what it is for another hour or so so youll have to wait to find out haha but i have a feeling she got mattresses for us....but thats all.. byt now! :) tchau
haha but anyway i love you dad. thanks for always
being such a great example and teaching me and raising me so well.
até o próximo! tchau!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

E aí! beleza! (And then! beauty!)
First of all, i told you i cant email anyone...i asked for their addresses! haha like endereço mesmo...the street and number and of the mission i can write them on paper and put it in an envelope with an address on the outside of where the letter will be going so they can receive and do the same thing in return...entendeu? tá you are a little retarded sometimes but i can see how you would get those two missions mixed up i guess... haha and you guys went to the movies together but went to different movies?? haha and you went and watched one by yourself?? haha weird... thats crazy weston will be arriving that soon. im way excited to see pics of him and stuff. and im excited for them. ha. thats chads eagle project??? really? wow... haha and im freaking exciting for jake! hes the man. tell him congrats for me! (His cousin is waiting on his mission call, should arrive THIS week!)

Well.... How are you? ótimo! (Great)

How is the work going? Did you have a baptism this week? did Livaldo get baptized? its going pretty good. yea Livaldo got baptised. it was kind of a mess though. the ward council told us to do it at 4 instead of right after the meeting and more people would be able to go...and there was 10 people there...max...and that was after waiting til 445 and having one of the members go out and pick up like 4 more people to we wont do that again...but its all good. it was my first male baptism on the mish...the first one that will be getting the thats exciting...hes a really cool guy.

How is his brother doing? we havent seen him in a while...he doesnt have the will to quit smoking and drinking...he lost his wife and his house and started drinking...and got addicted...

Which one is Adreyenne's boy friend? Will they get married? How old are they? adreyenne doesnt have a boyfriend at least not that i know of...shes friends with Livaldo though...and i could see them getting married but they arent even dating now ha. but they both want a family and to go to the temple haha

Any set up for next week? Luciano? How is his wife coming along? How old are their children? they didnt come to church. cairam (fell) but they know where and when it maybe one day...

Any investigators at church? ha! 10! but just angelita of ours...the rest were friends slash family of members that they invited...

How is Angelita doing? shes still coming to church...we havent met with her this week yet so nothing new except that...

How many people are in attendance at church each week? in sacrament meeting, normally we have about 60 mais ou menos...this week we had...........drum roll....100 people. 100 people in sacrament meeting. it was legit. we had to bring in like 40 extra chairs to fit everyone.

Do you guys ever go teach by the universities? no. thats the dangerous areas...youve heard about the snakes here mom haha. and most of them go home for the weekends anyway so they wouldnt be able to come to church here...

Do you get referrals or do you go tracting? we get referrals...but mostly tracting. they did like referral lists when my old comp opened the we have those but only like 25 of them have addresses and most are already contacted. but this week in church we got a few. and we went and taught one guy at his gold store he was a referral...he definitely like the fact that we were americans but i hope thats not why he accepted what we taught ha

How is the weather? the weather has been cold and overcast the last couple days but today the sun is out and its probably like almost 70...

Did you guys get moved? we are moving at 3. ha in like an excited but kinda sad to be leaving presidents house...

How many missionaries in your district? What are their names? there are 8. 6 elders and 2 sisters. me, my comp, elder bezerra LD (has the same amount of time on the mission as me),his comp elder ray, elder hilton, elder sloan, sister brooks and sister ribeiro. 2 brasilians out of 8 ha we have a white District.

Do you guys ever do anything fun on Pday? ha why do you always ask this. we dont have time or anything to do haha. if we have any extra time after washing clothes and cleaning the house we sleep or write letters haha

Do you feel like your language is good yet? Do you feel comfortable speaking on the streets? i wouldnt say that. comfortable...speaking, yes, understanding is a little harder sometimes depending on the person and their accent and how fast they talk...but when it comes to gospel stuff i feel pretty comfortable speaking and understanding...

How are you liking the food? i like it a lot...i will admit...i get tired of the arroz e feijão at every meal, but they mix up the meats and stuff or like some pasta or something so its good.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? either in sacrament meeting when we had all those people there. that was really good and seeing all those people that hadnt come in so long and having 25 people in priesthood or maybe last night. i wasnt feeling well at all and we got to this house and it was like 830 and i really just wanted to go home and sleep but they let us in so we got in and honestly i dont remember anything i said...the spirit was speaking through me. and they both accepted to be was cool. its crazy how much the Lord helps us when we need it most, or when His other children need it most...theres a saying that goes around in the mission: "sai da frente do Espírito" get out of the way of the spirit. and thats really what you gotta do, forget yourself, forget what you know or have learned and let the spirit work, just be a instrument in the hands of the Lord. the only problem is that the arent married...but we'll take care of that hopefully ha

Thats it for this week since i wrote a book! love you all! até mais! (even more) oh and about the pics...i want trying but this computer isnt cooperating, so youll have to wait til next week! :P haha tchau!
Te amo!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

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