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6/1/11 Throwin' in English Words

Elder Bergquist's email to his dad..

Thanks for the letter once again pops. Im really grateful that you and mom both write me every week. i consider myself lucky. i know i was blessed with a great family and great parents for sure. so thank you. but yeah i got a little taste of that in wyoming. not nearly as bad, but we taught like 17 lessons a week. now its like 45. its crazy. we tract a lot here too, as you did in austria but its kinda the opposite. well not opposite, but we get in to like half the houses we knock, you guys it wasnt so easy im sure haha. but yes, the Lord is definitely helping me to learn. But my comp probably speaks more english with me than portuguese haha but still its really good that hes native because i can ask him about any word or phrase and he can answer it. its really nice. sounds like a great weekend. i definitely miss those times. but there will be plenty more of those memorial weekends for me to enjoy in the states, i only have one more here hah. but i should get going! my comp gets mad when i take more than like 40 minutes ha i love you dad! até mais!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

And, now his email to me...

Olá gente! Amo vocês!
primera, perguntas:

What did you have to do at the police station to get the ID? not much, they just checked my papers to makes sure everything lined up, tthe only thing that didnt was your name haha they had it as maesles on one of them haha but it worked out, and then just my fingerprints and sign a couple papers.

How is the work going? How many are you teaching/progressing? How about the mom with the 2 sons... the one that he hid her cigarros? well they didnt go to church. so they got dropped ha. we drop a lot of people here. but we found another to be baptized this week. her name is maria (like everyone else around here haha). kinda cool how we found her though. all of our appts dropped one night and we were looking for a street to tract. we went to one street and started and then my comp said me needed to go to another, so we did. we got there and one of our less actives boyfriend was there and started talking to us. we asked for refs and he said to go teach his mom so we did. needless to say, shes being baptized this sunday :) cool stuff the spirit can do. he definitely guides us

Any more baptisms set up? we set up 4 more for the next week but we'll see. one is a family of 5 with two under age. the other is a mom and a daughter.

How is Roberta doing? roberta ta na moleza demais!! haha her mom put some doubts into her mind and she forgot about the respostas she received. its really sad because shell make a great member slash rs president one day. one day though....

Have you had all the yummy fruit down there that everyone says is so good? Acai? not all of it but ive had a few new ones. i havent had the açai yet though...they have little shops all over i will at some point. but most of them i dont know what theyre called haha. nothing has stood out that much yet, but i havent had that many yet.

Do you guys ever do anything fun on Pday? no haha not really. theres nothing fun we really can do...if you can think of anything let me know. we cant play sports, or games...and we cant leave our area or visit any zoos or parks or anything haha.....

When are transfers? next week. i think i find our monday who my new comp will be

How often do you meet with the MP? umm this transfer we had a leadership conf, and zone conf. and then last week i went for the id thing and saw and talked to him each time but not like interviews or anything. i think thats every other trans

Did you get a pic of you "walking the streets of Brasil tracting/teaching" on a typical day for you plaque? I am sending a couple of pics that you can crop or whatever and play with for my plaque.

Did you pick your fav. scripture for the plaque? oh my gosh its so hard to pick. but i have a couple. I think i want alma 18:34-35 but maybe mosiah 15:14-17...or 3 nephi 5:13 haha or maybe just d the same one that derek and devin put on theres because i'm pretty sure they used the same one haha. but idk help me out here!! haha its way to hard to pick. i also like moses 6:32-34 and d&c 35:13-15 hahahaha idk mom!! but here you go!

What was the most spiritual thing that happened this week? that experience i told you with maria or possibly when i was reading the liahona. i read the talk by pres monson about temples and almost stared crying because of how much i took for granted how close the temples are there. we have 4 within like 70 minutes. here. they just had a trip to the temple in campinas last week and traveled for like 4 hours in a van to get there and had to pay like 60 reais each. we're very lucky we dont have to do that, or like the people in the talk, travel for 7 days there and 7 back to go for one day. made me really think about how blessed i have been in my life. thank you for being such a great mom, such a great family, such a great ward, great teachers and great friends. i love you all!

oh and tambem this week i have started throwin in english words with my portuguese. its terrible haha but kinda funny. like i said to one guy "vocês estavam lá last night" haha it was ridiculous. but kinda funny and i dont think he even realized. but thats it for this week love you all! have a great week! Até a proxima! tchau tchau! te amo!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

Here are the pics he sent! The 1st one is the one he sent for his plaque... I'm not going to use it... it is all washed out... just not a very good pic :(

Here is their last baptisms

Elder Vasquez, Aparecida, Sandra, Elder Bergquist

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