Friday, March 11, 2011

Call me blonde.

Okay, so. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY I go to the web site and check Dallin's visa status. AND, every. single. day. it says "no result". Elder Bergquist has had a good attitude, but I have been bummed and his father has been ummm.... stressed. Is that the right word? Last night he said to me, "I have tons of things to be worried about right now and yet I worry the most about Dallin's visa."

Dallin was called to teach the people of Brasil, Belo Horizonte to be exact . All of the missionaries going to Brasil have had a hard time getting their visas. So, Dallin was sent to the Billings Montana mission to serve and teach and wait. Anyway, like I said, he has had a great attitude and is working hard.

So. Today I get on the web site to check Elder Bergquist's visa and again, it said, "no result". I decided to check and make sure I spelled his name correctly when I typed it in.... it was. Then I looked to make sure his birth date was correct and it was. AND THEN I noticed that they wanted the DAY and THEN the month.... oops. I corrected that (never noticed that, call me blonde!) AND, guess what??!!!

It is received!!!

There are 4 stages it goes thru.
1) Received.
2) Processing
3) Authorized
4) Ready for collection

Dallin's says Received!!! Oh, my gosh, I wonder how long they have had it??!!! Good grief.

BUT, I am way happy and super excited to tell his dad!!! I know it doesn't mean he will be going soon, but.... they say that once it enters "processing" it goes REALLY fast! I am going to FAST again on Sunday! I would invite you all to join me in fasting that Elder Bergquist's visa gets processed quickly! THANK YOU!!! °Ü°


  1. Oh my word, that is wonderful but sad. I hope it hasn't been there for a LONG time. Hope everything goes smoothly. P.S. I love the family picture!

    Joneel Lund

  2. That is exciting. You have me actually watching for a post saying he got it!!! Tell his dad I am stressing with you!!! :)