Monday, March 7, 2011

3/7/11 The Hardest Rule - I can't hold babies/children

ola gente!
wow. sounds like an exciting week! haha sounds like things are going great with everyone. thats good to hear! i'm excited for derek and brit! i cant wait to hear. i wont lie, one of the harder rules for me to obey is not holding the kids haha. (not sure if i already said that) sounds like dev and di are doing well too. new apartment and all. devin, have fun in Florida again. thats cool landon is up there with blake too, i hope they're doing good. and chad, nice job on the 8 feet! haha thats pretty good. i pray for you all everyday! i love you and thank you for all your support and love:)

On Friday we got a picture of you with your MP (Montana) and a letter telling us that you got there safely! oh i'm glad you clarified that haha i figured you meant my Brasileiro MP haha...

How often do you have zone conference? every other transfer i think ha not sure.

How did things go this week with Lee? Did he go to church this week? well, lee, umm, well....haha every time we call him, he's like i just want to do a little more research on my me in a couple days and we can meet and stuff....but he works with like 3 members, so they talk to him too and we get updates from them, so hopefully he reads and is comfortable enough to have us back over...

How about Norma? Did she go to church again? How old is she? Does she live with her family? Norma did not go to church this weekend, she was at a baptism of her like nephew into the catholic church, we were like oh cool that will be fun and she gave us a look like, not really...haha and was like its not a real baptism though....haha it was funny. but she's probably in her 40's im not sure, she lives with her 18 year old son and her sister i guess, but her sister is way anti so we have to go visit while she's at work. and her son and her are both trying to find work and a place to move into and i figure once that happens she'll be ready to get wet haha, but right now her sister is helping with rent and whatnot so, she doesnt have much of a choice.

Did Kaiden's father get to baptize him? How old is he? Kaiden's father is not a member i dont think, and he lives in like tenessee i wanna say, he and the mom are split up. Kaiden is 8 or 9, i cant remember which haha

Did Jake come to church again? Jake told us he was coming to church, but we were helping him move on friday to lovell, so he didnt show up to church here, but he may have gone out there, he just moved out of his gf's place and has been living on like peoples' couches and looking for a place, so now that he's got a place and whatnot things should get better for him. we're trying to get him to stop smoking, and he wants to, he just doesnt want to quit "cold turkey" or whatever, but he has gone from like more than a pack a day to like 1 a day and i offer to take his cigarettes from him every time we see him haha and we told him we're gonna put up a no smoking sign on the door of his new apt haha.

Did you find anyone else to teach? umm, not really, but we've got a couple referrals we're trying to contact, one we have an appointment set up for tuesday and then we went to see a former investigator and set up an appointment with her for thursday, so we'll see...

Do you go out tracting every day? no! ha meu companheiro hates tracting and i'm scared of it, so we dont go often, but we've set it as a goal to go more this week.

Did you play racket ball again today? no we're going out to lovell to hang out with those elders after we take care of everything here.

How is your ankle? back to 100% i;m good, dont worry.

How about the family that left a note on their door, did you get to teach them? not yet, we're still trying to contact them again.

Do you still want that piano music you told me you wanted? yes, paul cardall, its on our itunes in the playlist i made

Let me know if there is ANYTHING else you would like me to send, I plan on sending you a package this week...nothing i can think of. i dont really need food though haha, seriously. dont send me a lot of junk. i'm trying to not get too fat out here haha. i've been gaining weight since i got to the mtc hahaa. but i'll have you know mom, i eat salad with like almost every meal now haha. i still dont like it, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. also i ate a burger for dinner on saturday night. that is all. i love you all! keep up the good work and keep the good news flowin! congrats dad! amo voces! ate a proxima!
Elder Bergquist
ps i've been watching these videos on 6 billion others in portuguese for language study a little this week and this lady named silvia from brasil haha she's so tight and she's from minas gerais too. and i could understand her pretty well too, better than most of the rest, so i hope thats a good sign for my area and its not just her haha, but yeah, just thought you might like to look at those they're pretty cool. you can just search and go to language of contribution and hear all kinds of different stuff its pretty interesting. anyway, gotta go! love you! tchau!


  1. I LOVE that website! its way cool!

  2. Thanks so much for the updates Sista B! I love reading these every week... I can't believe he ate a burger! AHHH