Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3/21/11 i've been thinking about you a lot, well, not really a lot

ola gente!
how is everybody?? i'm doing great out here in wyoming! probably something to do with the "warm" weather we've been having. it has only snowed once in the past like 3 weeks. a couple days have been in the 50s and its been pretty steadily in the 40s, so thats always nice. Also, we actually had fun today, we played b ball for a little while, i taught the guys tip-it, dad haha. it was pretty fun, but not quite the same. and we played some futebol in the gym too, so that was fun.

anyway, this week, i've been thinking about you a lot, well, not really a lot, but in church yesterday we had a lesson in gospel principles on parenting, and it got me thinking how grateful i am for my parents, thanks mom, thanks dad, you guys are the greatest, i know i wasnt always the best kid, but with your help, i feel like i've done a couple three good things with my life. ha and without you guys, i know i wouldnt be who i am today, or have the testimony or drive that i have today, so i guess i just wanted to say thank you, and i'm sorry for not always obeying and being a better kid. and thanks to everyone else too and your help and influence in making me who i am today, i dont think any of it was a coincidence. Now Mom, wipe those tears off your face so you can read the answers to your questions! haha ;)

So, how are things going with Xxxxx? pretty good, her husband is at work this week, so we wont be meeting with her again for a little while. oh and i dont think i told you but she told her husband she wanted a divorce because she found her new husband last time we were there. k that sounds kinda bad, but its not, its just that she likes me so much hahaha it was funny

Did she come to church today? no :( we called and invited her, but she didnt answer and didnt call back. i think she wants to go with her husband.

Did any other investigators? no, but at least one of our less actives we've been working with did. she called us to bless her house the other night. it was interesting. she lives in a trailer park, and her husband was taken to jail about a month ago for trying to kill her daughters bf, anyway, so things havent been real good for her recently, but they're looking up. anyway, so things are a little crazy at her house, she said she had really bad dreams the night before along with the rest of the house. (this was when she called us a little after 9, a few minutes after we got home) and she wanted us to come bless the house, so we said we'd be there soon. My comp had already changed so he changed back and we headed over there. it wasnt anything crazy or like demonic or anything when we got there, but she just looked really scared, so we said a prayer, blessed the house, and she was crying, and seemed like some huge burden had been lifted, she started talking to us, even cracked a joke or two, and asked if we would share a thought, so my comp grabbed the book of mormon off the back of the couch and opened it to 2 nephi 31, focusing on "the perfect brightness of hope" and talked about that with her a little, you could definitely see a change in her from the time we got there until we left. The spirit was definitely there. she laid out her clothes for church and was having a friend call her to wake her up, she's trying so hard and its great.

When did you feel the Spirit this week? see above story^ haha

Did you give pass along cards to the kids you were talking to at the college? HA. mom, come on, lets get real.

Did you get to meet with Xxx? no! i'm getting really frustrated with him.

How about Xxxxx? she's doing well, we had a member call her to give her a ride, but she's on some new medicine :/ that was her excuse, but it does seem kinda legit, she just found out she had a few things and she got 4 new prescriptions, and i think saturday was her first day on them, but she's also calling her to invite her to the relief society dinner tomorrow, and she loved relief society when she went so hopefully that goes well

And her son? he switched jobs, ha he didnt like the smell of the chinese food, so he went next door to the cafe haha, but he walked out when we started reading with xxxxx, so i dont know, whats his deal, he's really really quiet, but we try to involve him...idk

Any one else you are working with? yeah a few others ha, but i cant be on that long haha, but this one less active, who has been married 5 times, he went to ricks i guess it was then, and his sister is trying to get him back to church too, we met him this week and he's a really nice guy, he started doing rock collecting slash polishing and photography to keep him away from the bars, so thats good, we'll see.

Did you guys do any tracting this week? not too much, a lot of the time instead of that we go visit less actives because the wads here give us lists they want us to visit, its crazy they probably have like 30% active members in one of the wards ha idk.

What are you doing for Pday today? see previous statements. ha

Anything fun/funny happen this past week? umm...not really that i can think of. But elder huntsman is actually a guys from byu that i used to play ball with and he kinda dated zoe, so that was kinda cool. he's the new elder thats comps with elder short. anyway so, now we'll probably do a little more active stuff hopefully on pday. anyway, i love you all! oh and facebook mom, i have been thinking about it a lot and i think i will, but i'm not retarded, i can block people or just tell them i wont be dumb ha but idk yet. amo voces! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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