Monday, March 28, 2011

3/28/11 Visit to the ER

Elder Bergquist's mom here... not to worry, it was NOT Elder Bergquist that had to go to the ER! Here's his email for the week!

Ola Gente!!!
how is everyone?? mom, i wanna start of with a continuation from last week, about facebook, because i kinda rushed through it because i had hardly any time left, but this is what i was trying to say with what i wrote: First of all, i havent decided yet, but right now it feels like i should. BUT! i'm probably either going to block you and some others so i'm not even tempted to communicate with them through facebook. Elder Marchetti said that he wouldnt do it if it got approved in his mission because he doesnt think it would be a good idea for him, i also feel a little weird about it, and am definitely skeptical, but at our last zone conference we talked about how we are fulfilling prophecy by doing this. I cant remember who, but some general authority said, i think like 20 years ago or so, that we would be doing missionary work through ways we couldnt even imagine at that time and he talked about technology. (anyway, that was a terrible quote and citation hahahaha) but also we are told that the Gospel will go forth to every nation. i think just about every nation in on facebook, so we are doing missionary work all over the globe through facebook and these blogs. I have thought about how i can translate my blogs to portuguese too and so then i would be getting more language practice in. anyway, there are pros and cons to just about everything depending on how you look at it, i'm going to talk to president about it too and see what he thinks...but yeah, thats kinda whats going on in my head about the topic. (REMINDER: The Montana Billings Mission is doing a pilot program, where the missionaries do a blog and facebook... posting quotes, talks, church videos etc)

moving on, have you talked to uncle dirk about the mission much? do you know what areas he has served in? was he in wyoming at all? (his uncle - my brother served his mission in the Montana Billings Mission YEARS ago!)

sounds like a bunch of fun stuff going on at home! hope it all continues to go well! i definitely miss the beach, and dont want my little nephew to be born before im home! haha but its ok, i'm lovin it here, and most of the time those are the farthest thing from my mind. oh and that pic of lane and his little Brother? precious! haha now for your questions:

So, how did your week go? okay, i was stuck in the house for friday and saturday :/ my comp got sick. i think he had the stomach flu i had last year at school. hit at about midnight, same as with me, and was throwing up about every 15-20 minutes just like i was. Anyway, so we ended up going to the ER and he got a couple three IV's, (we didnt have a car so we called a member at about 3:30 am to take us!) so yeah, thats was an adventure, and the next two days were umm...interesting...

Did you get to teach any lessons? If so, who to and how did they go? yeah, kinda, well when i first got out and i said it wasnt what i expected, thats kinda what i meant. in the mtc they teach you how to teach these lessons in PMG. I think i have taught maybe 3 lessons like thats since ive been out. Maybe, we should try to do more like that, but usually its just one principle, such as Faith or baptism or importance of church, or scripture study, or a spiritual thought after getting to know them about relying on the hand of the Lord, or enduring, or things like that, and honestly all i remember from this week was being in the house for 2 days. but! i finished Jesus the Christ. That was a really good book. Probably reading about Christ, his atonement, the apostles, and the authority were some of the most spiritual moments of the week. Oh and with Sister Worthy, the less active thats we blessed her house, it was pretty cool. WE went over one night and talked to her for a little while and she asked us to share a scripture. both of us grabbed out books, so we decided to just both share. I ended up turning to John 16:33, and he turned to d&c 101, not sure what verse, but they were basically the exact same scripture. it was pretty cool. it made me feel like we were doing something right. I know that the spriit really does guide us as missionaries. and that a lot of times i think too much. i'm still learning how to do this and recognize it, but i think i'm getting better.

Did you have any investigators at church? no :(

How old is Xxxxxx? (funny what she told her hubby) children? Did you get to meet with her or was her hubby at work? i think she's like 30 or so...not sure. the girls are 7 and 5 we didnt meet with her, not sure if he gets back this week or next, we're going to call her and find out, and probably talk about conference.

How about the less active that had you come bless her house... did she go to church? yes she did. last week, and this week she walked in during gospel principles, so she was late, but she showed up, so thats good

How about Xxxxx?
i almost cried. first of all, i met with her on tuesday, with elder rice, (elder trujillo was in billings for new dl training) and she said she promised sister white she would go to church with her this week, but then found out her sister needed help and she was moving! so i think she's gone, we're gonna go check for sure, but she said most likely she was leaving saturday. :(

How about the less active that went to Ricks (married several times) Did you meet with him again? we tried, he hasnt been home though, but i think we're gonna start him off with conference, because then he doesnt have to leave his house or anything but can feel the spirit through that.
anyway, i gotta go, i already wrote like a book ha. love you all! hope you enjoy conference, i know i'm excited!! Amo voces! ate a proxima semana!
Elder Bergquist

and, his email to his dad...

sorry, i wasted a lot of time on moms email, ha. but i wanna hear about the
ward. how is being a bishop?? did byu lose?? sounds like it since i havent
heard anything about it. thanks for the email though and the updates. sounds
like kobe's back! gotta get that 3peat. so weird the season is almost over
again. sounds like softball was fun ha. love you! tchau!
Elder Bergquist


  1. Okay I miss that boy so so much!! I haven't heard from him in a while now- hopefully he got my last letter! It's so fun to read his emails and see how he is already changing. I've been thinking about him a lot lately- I hope his visa goes through soon! Love you Sister Bergquist!

  2. Shaila I love our "Missionary Mondays"!!!! Dallin sounds like he is doing so well and its fun to hear what he has to say : ) So glad you are posting these for us all to read!! Love you and can't wait to someday meet Dallin when he goes flying with Christopher ; )