Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/31/11 Transfers!

oi mãe! :) tudo bem com voce? ill start with the qs since theres like 50000

How are you? ótimo!!!

How was your week? great. we had some good times. and taught some good people haha

Were transfers this week???!! DETAILS! yes they were. and it looks like pres moved the whole mission. no one in my district stayed. all 6 were moved. my comp went to open an area and i came to Sabará. and im with elder martinez. i figured he was already here. but he wasnt we got here without much instruction. will be pretty interesting. elder martinez has been out 4 months and hes from ARGENTINA! from Rosario at that! crazy huh! but he didnt recognize devin. he said hes from like 3 streets away from the mission home there.

Are you still teaching Ana's fiance and brother? How is that going? Have you talked to her brother about "families being together forever"? I am sure you have... I can't believe that there was 15 people there when you were teaching!!! Were you able to help them understand the importance of being bapized by someone with authority? well. yeah to pretty much all of those but im no longer there, so idk.

Anyone else you are teaching that is showing any interest in being baptized? we had a velha that will be baptized this sunday and possibly silvana, but shes got some doubts, but im sure the new elders there will get it done

Did your comp have to have another bicho cut out? nope

How is the tracting going? it was going pretty good, we found a few news, but we'll see how it goes here in my new area

Are the ward members giving you referrals? not really, but we didnt really ask, thats something i need to work on

How is your ward? i dont know yet! haha we'll see

Are there any interesting sights in Guarni? nothing too crazily exciting haha

What do you eat for snacks? nothing. haha once in a while we stop in a padaria or buy some cookies or something but not too much snacking. theres no time for that haha and im already getting fat as you can see in the pics

What do you guys have for lunch each day? lunch we at the members houses, usually rice beans meat salad and once in a while a pasta

Do the members feed you? yup ^ haha

Are you exercising? yeah. i made myself an ab wheel haha

Are you writing your MP like you are supposed to?? uhhh....ill do that right after this haha

Do the ward members feed you in this area? i dont know yet haha. in guarani yes, and when no they give money to eat in a restaurant

Tell me about a time this past week when you felt the Spirit.... i think it was in the first lesson with this lady who didnt even accept a date, but we actually stopped and tried to help her and apply the lesson to her life and stuff, which is what i learn everyday that i need to improve, not that i dont do it, just need to do it better, but the spirit was really strong when we did that so well in that lesson. the Lord know his children and wants to help them, and its our job to listen to the spirit to transmit that to them. not that they dont still have theyre arbitrio, as that woman showed, but it helps a lot for people to accept.
what scripture do have for my plaque right now?

anyway i love you mom. and all the rest of you too haha
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist
p.s. jackson isnt really allowed to write me. pres said parents, siblings and grandparents....
p.s.s. where are dianas fruit pictures? haha when is she due? and i love the pics of weston, keep them coming haha

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