Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24/11 its amazing to see the changes in people

We got a couple of pictures this week!
This is a pic of a little gecko that is "investigating" Elder Bergquist's scriptures!
Elder Bergquist took this picture for one of his best friends, Elder Hemphill who is serving in Rio de Janeiro!

To Brad
Parabens pra você,
nessa data querida,
muitas felicidades,
muitos anos da vida!
Parabens pra você,
nessa data querida,
muitas felicidades,
muitos anos da vida!
Happey birthday pops!

To Chad
CHAD! you wrote me! thanks boi. you know what that means in portuguese? bull. hahah mom does tell me a lot but not that much about you. hows school? did you meet cool people at EFY? any girls you like? haha your almost 16 now huh? wow thats weird. and i keep hearing that in letters too that your "exactly like me" haha. love you bud. sorry i bossed you around so much, but youre the younger brother and thats how i learned that it worked with the younger brother haha. welp, see ya later. Amo você!
Elder Bergquist
(that will be your name too some day, and its the best name ever!! haha)

How is everyone??! how are you mom? I'm doing great down here on the south side. ha its starting to get hot though haha. but its all good. im lovin the mish and improving everyday. i hated practicing teaching at the beginning of the mish like in comp study or in district meeting or zone conf or training and all that stuff, but im starting to like it more and more. i learn so much. we had our lz's (zone leaders) in our district meeting this week and it went really well. i learned a lot, and he seems to like my teaching a lot, but i definitely still have a lot to learn and improve.

So, How did this week go? wonderful. we baptized ana. she is 20 and is getting married in october. we taught the whole family, including her fiance and her atheist brother ha. hes not really atheist, hes just holding a grudge because his dad died a few years back, but i know he felt the spirit last night in the lesson when we taught the 1st message and showed the film of the restauração. the spirit was really strong and there were like 15 people there, hopefully they let the spirit in. we'll find out more tonight and as time goes. but the only reason the rest of the fam wasnt baptized is because the are "already baptized" they didnt understand fully apostasy, so we're going to talk about that and im sure they will, the are already going to church as a family, they just think its bad to get baptized more than once.

Is your comps feet better? yeah, well we think he has one more bicho, but hes walking good, we got our shoes back and were doing well

Do you have anyone that you are teaching that is ready to be baptized? not for this week no, well besides anas fam.

Last week you said, "you have a lot of people for 28 days", what did you mean? You had been teaching a lot of people for 28 days OR a lot of people planning to be baptized in 28 days or...??? sorry, something was lost in translation. dia 28. in other words, the 28th of august. but they pretty much all fell, we were working in a poor area kinda far from the church and nobody came.

Did you figure out what is lacking? a little bit, of course theres always something lacking or everyone we came in contact with would be baptized, but like i said we learned alot in dm (district meeting), and yesterday afterward our teaching was pretty good. better.

How many lessons did you guys teach this past week? i dont remember like 35 or so....

What is different about this area? everything haha. i dont know how to explain it. but everything, the attitude of the people, the houses, down to the accents, like i said last week

Did you get your shoes back? If so, have you worn them? (Derek had his resoled with airplane tires too!) yes i did and im wearing them now, they feel a little smaller, but pretty comfy and hopefully theyll last now

Did you think of anything else you would like in your package I am putting together?no, unless you can get 2 of the BYU football $5 shirts. everyone and their dog wants a byu shirt and theyre willing to pay big money slash trade for them. everytime i go to the office at least the 2 assistants bug me about it

Did you try making the no bake cookies? Can you get oatmeal there? no not yet. oatmeal yes. the problem is the peanut butter and the cocoa....? ha oatmeal is what i eat for breakfast most days.

When did you recognize the Spirit helping you this past week? like i always tell you i feel it everyday, and it was especially apparent last night with ana and glorias family.

What are you studying in your personal study time? this week a lot of the signs of the times. i made a list of them and im going to keep it with me checking them off as they come until He comes again. Im so excited! hahah

and a story i kinda forgot to tell you. it was really cool. i think i told you about her in my last area, marisa. she had well has still, like 18 kids, like 8 out of the home and like 6 or 8 living with her. when we went in the house the first time, she told us that we were representatives of Christ, which was really weird because normally we tell people that. but she said she never opens the door for anyone, especially religious people, and that for some reason she decided to for us. she also told us that she had been praying for some help, that her life wasnt good and they never left the house. we came back the next day to visit them again, the house, well yard, where we all sat and talked, looked completely different, they had cleaned and organized everything, we taught the word of wisdom and she hadnt gone a day without drinking since the age of 13, her son went inside got her alcohol(hes 11 years old) and poured it out on the ground right then and there. its amazing to see the changes in people. the happiness this gospel brings, but what was cool was when it got close to baptism day we found out about abortions she had taken part in and didnt know how that would go in the interview. come to find out at the last zone conference, she didnt have abortions just one or two still borns. and everything worked out. her and 5 of the kids were baptized the sunday after i left the area. :)

two more things:
can you get my line of authority to me some how? ha
and parabens para papai! what is it 57 this week?
(haha, he will be 55 on Saturday!!) happy birthday pops
Elder Bergquist

Dallin's Priesthood line of Authority

DALLIN DON BERGQUIST was ordained an Elder 23 Aug. 2009 by
BRADLY GORDON BERGQUIST who was ordained a High Priest 22 April 1990 by
GORDON ROSS BERGQUIST who was ordained a High Priest 6 May 1966 by
SAMUEL M. DAVIS who was ordained a High Priest 13 Jan. 1952 by
JOHN LONGDON who was ordained a High Priest 27 Sept. 1925 by
RUDGER CLAWSON who was ordained an Apostle 10 Oct. 1898 by
LORENZO SNOW who was ordained an Apostle 12 Feb. 1849 by
HEBER C. KIMBALL who was ordained an Apostle 14 Feb. 1835 by The Three Witnesses
Martin Harris was the mouth.

THE THREE WITNESSES were called by revelation to chose the Twelve Apostles and 14 February 1835 were "blessed by the laying on of hands of the Presidency."
Joseph Smith Jr., Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams, to ordain the TWELVE APOSTLES. (History of the Church. Vol. 2. pp 187-188.)

JOSEPH SMITH JR, and OLIVER COWDERY received the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1829 under the hands of PETER, JAMES, AND JOHN.
PETER, JAMES AND JOHN were ordained Apostles by the LORD, JESUS CHRIST. (John 15:16)

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