Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/10/11 listen to the spirit and ask an inspired question

To dad...

alright so i'll respond to all your questions now haha. The area is great. i
like it a lot. its still technically BH but its not like CITY. its good work. and theres everything from rich areas to favelas that are really humble so you can kinda pick your poison. either have no one answer the door or be scared at night haha. and my comp is good. hes having some foot problems haha i guess you heard about the bichos el pegou. haha and then bought some new shoes so he got some mean blisters ha. were working hard again. he is from sao paulo too. but hes from the south, not in dereks mish ha. and hes the district leader so were kinda the example dupla for the others in the district. i like the pressure it makes me work harder. yes we have the spirit. his thing is to really teach with power and authority and then i come in with the testimony or the questions. he compared it to preparing meat, he beats it to make it tender and then you put in in the sauce and let it marinade in the spirit haha it was pretty funny. we have a lot of fun together. we joke a lot more than my other comps i like it. and yeah he gets it, when i can come up with it in the moment. his sense of humor is similar to mine im just a little slow because of the language, but im getting there. we dont do switches in this mission. my comp called pres to try to get authorization because one dupla was having trouble, but he basically said are you crazy?! ha but they are pretty close. other than that, thanks for all the updates. i always look forward to your emails. i love you pops, or should i say grandpa!! haha
Elder Bergquist (your favorite son)

Agora SIM!! haha yes, you guys do get the privilege of hearing from me this week. thank you, thank you, i know im great, but calm down. its just an email. haha and a few pictures. questions first?? alright sounds good. my comp is getting restless already haha, but i dont really care.

So, you got transferred, huh? yes.

How is the new area? great. its still the city of BH but pretty far from central. like 8 stops on the metro.

How is your companion? probably my favorite so far. he has a good sense of humor finally haha. like really similar to mine, and im getting to the point where i can participate in humor haha so that helps.

WHERE and HOW did he get those nasty bugs that he had to have cut out of his foot? (both feet or just one??) in this area in our area haha where they baptized a couple people. all 5 were on one foot! haha

Where is your companion from? he is from sao paulo. south side! ha

Is he helping you with the language? yeah. he loves to talk! so im not talking nearly as much as my last area where i did like 90 percent of the talking and here i do like 5 to 10 percent of it haha. but i learn from listening and he explains things really well to me and i can pick out words i dont know and ask him about them

Does he speak English at all? im teaching him. he does know quite a few words, but im gonna get him to conversational level haha

Did you have any fun this week? yeah we always have fun were doing the lords work! and theres all kinds of geckos and lizards here and he makes food for me and usually screws it up haha jkjk but he made tapioca that was...umm interesting. and hes gonna make me french toast. (his dad learned on his mission with and american comp and still makes it all the time.) and i wanna make him some american food but i cant think of anything good. help me out haha. i wanna make no bake cookies if you could send me the recipe please! its gonna be hard, but i'll make it work :)

Is he really serious? no not at all haha

Do you have very many people you are teaching? no we dont teach at all here......haha jk yeah of course we do, but like i always tell you it depends on the day. haha

Are you in a ward? or branch? its a ward. a pretty good sized one

How big is your area? umm i dunno, big...? how do i answer that? compared to what? haha

How far away from the mission home are you? the mission office is in central so like 8 stops on the metro to get there from here it takes like half an hour

Give me your address so we can google map it and see where you live! rua cambui 117 bairro guarani - belo horizonte

What is your apartment/house like?? its a 3 story house. its ridiculously big! but we live on the 3rd floor haaha. did i get you excited? but yeah it is pretty big.

Do I get any pics this week? yes.

so monday was zone conference. it was great. president came and watched most of our practices (thats what zone conference is, mostly just practicing teaching and getting feedback from the other missionaries and leaders.) he stopped us in one practice and told us not to talk and just listen to the "investigator" and then he said "dont rush, listen to the spirit and ask an inspired question. do what the spirit says." wow the spirit was so strong. when we followed it, i dont even remember what was said, but it was good. then he came up to me after the conference and said "i like the way you teach Elder Bergquist, you ask good questions" or some thing along those lines. i was speechless haha but it looks like my teaching is doing okay even though im not great at the language. but i think thats it for this week! i love you all. especially you GRANDMAAAAAAA! hha tchau!
Elder Bergquist

a couple pictures.
first, a little gecko that was in our house that i did a little photo shoot with hahaa. (put this on the plaque haha)

our house. LAKERS colors!!! haha legit

the walkway down the side of the house

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