Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17/11 A Mini Eternity

I got a couple of new pics!!!!

"a picture of my shoes, two of them are like this already, and one im wearing for like the 3rd time today, but i took these ones in to be resoled, with airplane tire. ha we'll see how it works out"

To dad...

oi pai,
how are things? i laughed when you said it was great having him here
(Weston), oh and derek and brittany too haha, pretty funny stuff. sounds like being bishop is pretty unpredictable at times. i feel for you, i cant imagine doing that kind of stuff, then i think of president monson doing all that when he was 22 years old... crazy, how does like a 50 year old ward member trust a 25 year old to interview him and stuff for the temple and whatnot...

i liked this idea a lot. its in a dentist office we went to today for my comp. it has the scripture about other sheep not of this fold, a Book of Mormon on display and then some passalong cards to get your own Book of Mormon. i thought it was a great idea and you could put something like it in your office...? idk just an idea.

i cant imagine chad at efy. i bet he had a blast, speaking of that little garoto, tell him to write me an email, mesmo que seja só uma linha ou duas... no sports updates this week, thats kinda weird, too busy being a bishop? haha

i wonder the same thing about the new ones coming in
(he is talking about new babies coming to earth), if like grandma or barry or grandpa or anyone got to see him off into this world... its like i think of the mission sometimes, like a "mini-eternity" like we lived for some time before,learn a lot of stuff, go to school, get the priesthood, and get our endowments, get our patriarchal blessing (compared to our preearth life where we learned, received our first lessons in the priesthood... stuff like that, then we receive our mission call)i think it would be similar coming to earth, and on the mish you pass through all kinds of experiences and learn a whole lot more, that you couldnt learn at home with your parents and friends by your side, and help other people come to know the gospel... and the mission prepares you for pretty much anything you'll pass through the rest of your life (thats pretty much the same reason were on the earth). and you get to write to your parents (prayer) and even call them once in a while (when you really receive answers to your prayers and those big testimony strengthening moments) sei lá alguma coisa assim. sorry i went off on a tangent. but i think thats it, love you pops! tchau!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist
ps this "tchuss" é german? or so a mess up on your phone or what?

oi mãe!!
tudo bem aí?? how is everything at home? you feeling lonely yet? haha now that weston is gone... questions first...

So, do you like this new area better than the last? i like them both, idk its different, the work, the ward slash branch, the city, the people, the accent. my last area was closer to sao paulo than here so things are a lot different.

Which is prettier? in the city part, here, but there we went on an hour bus ride every week to district meeting and that was really pretty.

How is the work going there? pretty good something seems to be lacking, were improving everyday though, we have um monte de pessoas for dia 28...we'll see how many pull through and realize what the gospel really means

Do you have anyone committed to baptism? (IF you baptize, wear socks! yikes) wear my socks? what do you mean? why? (Ding Dong!!! Because I dont want you to get those same jiggers that your companion got! Go HERE to see what they are! YIKES!)

Is your comps feet better? getting there, he took his shoes in too.

Are you gaining weight? no i topped out at like 78 kilos and im trying to watch myself now, and im working out better, i made myself an ab wheel haaha and we have gone running a couple times.

Is your area bigger or smaller than your last? bigger. a lot. haha like probably twice the size almost

How often do you have zone conf? once every 3 months. and interviews every 3 months too, but in between

I am going to get you a package together... what do you need? want? sei lá...give me some time, off the top of my head peanut butter, and reeses...ill think about it

When did you feel the Spirit this past week? everyday when i study, but we taught one lesson that was really good too. i think they learned by the spirit and at the end we committed them to go to church sunday and asked them why they thought it was important and they went off for like 5 minutes about why it was, haha it was pretty cool. its great when you dont teach well, but they learn anyway because you have the spirit. :)

Tell us somethings that happened this week!!! some drunk guy came up to us asking for money the other night and my comp pretended like he couldnt speak portuguese and he only could speak spanish (although he was speaking spanish slash italian slash portuguese and mostly with an italian accent. haha hes crazy. no hablo portuguese, tu queres pesos? haha

i love you mommy. tell chad and blake i love them too, and the rest of the fam when you talk to them. and that it wouldnt kill them to drop me a line once in a while. tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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