Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/20/12 He loves us, and we dont learn like that

haha good stuff about the angels and the game and batting practice. did you guys go with brother oconnor? looks like his seats haha from the pic that mom sent. i still havent really gotten used to the fact that they have pujols...hes good eh? and this trout kid does sound good. and im happy about the thunder. you guys dont like them? who do they have? i dont even remember? thats sweet about the brambilas all at the temple too. good stuff. i didnt even know there was witnesses for weddings ha. ive never seen a wedding in the temple... thats cool. im excited too! well i love ya pops. thanks for the sports update!! ive never heard of this guy that won the us open...? and i will keep working harder and jollyfullerly everyday! i cant let a day get by me now! ha not that i could before but you know what i mean haha. atemais!!

 mom, well, heres my email from last week, or at least part of it.....what happened was this....i wrote dad and sent the pics then i was writing you and the internet went i told the guy here that id just leave it open and for him to just send it to you when the internet came back....because we had to do other stuff and i didnt know how long it would take...but i guess he didnt send it....sorry!

hey. yeah i was tranferred. you guessed it haha. im now here in counselheiro lafaiete. Im here with elder Carneiro. he was my ld when i was in progresso a little before christmasd time. muito gente boa (very good people). hes a hard worker too. like pretty much everyone in the mission except a select few haha. marinalva's reference is still excited she just wants to go to church before committing to a date for baptism. but shes already in mosiah in the book of mormon. shes got a super strong testimony of it because the other night she was going through some rough stuff. we had marked a family night with some mebers and we called her to see if she was ok on our way and she was crying so we gave her some parts of the book of mormon to read and she did and it really helped her then after the family night i was inspired to ask if anyoone had any parts of the book of mormon that helped them in rough times and marinalva talked about 2 nefi 4 and i told her to call her friend (joyce) and share her experience and she did and joyce loved it. Its strengthening them both a lot. The Book of Mormon is true! and it has POWER! It comforts us in times of hardships and guides us to better roads in good times. That couple that called us from the pamphlet are loving the lessons and eating up the bom too. theyre finishing 1st nefi. they read every night by flashlight because they dont have the money to pay their elcrticity bill. thats sacrifice!!! if we could just remember how it was to know the gospel for the first time and keep that fire inside us! ha

 hey mom. sorry about last week. i had a feeling he wasnt gonna send the email. and i dont even know if all of it probably kicked him out of my email when the internet came back...sei la...anyway here we go!!

So, tell us where you are... im in QUELUZ! here in the city of conselheiro lafaiete!

Are you still a zl? yes ma'am

And did you guys have a baptism your last week in your last area? It seems you had a couple of golden contacts!! I bet it was hard to leave, you were having so much success!! we did was kind of hard to because it was the temple dedication. i forgot to tell you guys about that. there was no sacrament meeting in all of Brasil because the Manaus temple was being dedicated. so we couldnt take anyone to church. it was a week for baptisms from the area book and eternal investigators...haha but we left some good people from the other elders there. its good to hear that elder hendrickson liked me haha. hes a good guy. sings really well. and is really humble which is one of the most important thing in missionary growth. the missionaries that help the most people are those that are humble and confiam no Senhor! (trust in the Lord)

How is the work going where you are?? Do you guys have anyone serious about the gospel? its going well. we have one lady thats firm for this saturday. shes been to church a lot, her sons a member. 17 years old. and she didnt get baptized before because she was living with a guy, but he renting the house next door and shes super excited to be baptized. her name is Sandra and she told us about some of her questions of her soul...she said that the only place that they were answered were with members of the church, the sisters, or at church when she went...haha she knows its true.! and weve got some other people too, but not as excited as her...were trying to set it up so her son can baptize er...but we'll see...hes not a priest yet, hes still a teacher....? :/

Anyone ready for baptism? vide pergunta de cima (see question above)

How is your new comp? hes cool. i like him. he kinda reminds me of devin haha i dont know why. but hes from Bahia...he talks super fast, half the time i dont understand him, but im getting used to it haha

Is he a hard worker? yeah, demais! its good. its was different from my last area. there it was really flat and we took a lot of buses because its a huge area. but here its smaller and way more hills! haha so its going good. losing weight again! haha

How are your new living conditions? the house is pretty good. its really big. theres 3 rooms, a big like living room, a huge kitchen and two balconies in the front and back haha. and its just us two here. its just kinda empty because missionaries dont have furniture, but its a nice house/apt...

How is your ward? its a branch here. the district is about to be made into a stake and it will be a ward. theres like 115 that go regularly to church...its just not a stake yet...ha

When did you feel the spirit the strongest this past week? many times....well i got sick on thursday night. it was like 7 oclock and i started feeling really bad. i ran to the bathroom in the house we were at thinking i was gonna throw up, but didnt... yet. then we went to our next appointment, i did the same thing and nothing... then one more time, in the same house, and this time it went haha. i was praying the whole lesson to just be able to help the family! my comp taught almost the whole lesson with me in the bathroom, but i came out and was able to teach the restoration after i threw up haha. anyway, so we went home....i made it all the way without throwing up...but ran to the bathroom when we got there and was in and out the whole night like every half hour...until about 4 am i got to comp gave me a blessing that i would sleep well that night...i thought it didnt work at first, but when i woke up the next day i wasnt even that tired....with like 3 hours of sleep....miracle! of course my body was weak and hurting,but i worked the whole day and ate lunch and everything..your probably asking, what does this have to do with the spirit....and no its not just a story to worry you...but theres a moral haha. i prayed and was asking the lord to help me not get sick at first, thinking hed do that for me because im doing his work...well our ways arent his ways...he saw that i needed to pass through that, so i did. and when i saw that i had to pass through it, my prayers changed....i started asking for strength to get through it well and to learn from it...and i did. it didnt stop the work....i didnt get well at the snap of a finger, but i got through it and learned from it.  moral of the story for life: God doesnt just take our problems away when we pray and give us a feild of flowers as our lives, becasue he loves us, and we dont learn like he gives us the hard times, and if we pray, have faith and a good attitude, and want to learn, He'll strengthen us and teach us! everyday! especially the hard ones...and we come out much stronger in the end. in other words more prepared for eternal life and exaltation, beings more like those we need to be to abide the celetial glory! love you all! preparem-se pela vida eterna!!! (get ready for eternal life!!!)
Elder Bergquist

oh and the pic i sent is more for the guys....i dont know if you heard but ronaldinho is on my team now!! GALO!! hahaa  (missionaries tend to pick a favorite team, as you can see Dallin did too, he loves soccer and played all through high school)

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