Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6/6/12 Take distractions out of our lives and take time for Christ

hey pops!
how are things?? im doing great thanks haha. good to hear about the underdogs in the NBA. im good with OKC winning! and ricky fowler won one. legal. with tiger back on top...things are looking normal again haha. good to hear about the baptism and that theyre taking him in and to the activities....good stuff... rickys already home. nossa mãe...ta louco! tell him to write me! love ya pops. good bishoping to you! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

noooo! what a crappy email. (for the 1st time I didn't send him questions, haha) first thing! tel devin, i sent that email before anything else. i didnt just send it because he was sad. haha in the package.... i dunno ill think about it this week ha. you told me about grandmas house, but i dont even know what plantation shutters are haha... crazy that mike and ricky are home and hayden...mikes working with brother hemphill....good stuff...our ward is so good! i love it. everyones doing big stuff...

personal revelation...(I asked him about this because I am teaching Relief Society on Sunday on this topic) something i learned in the mtc that i was reading about today is how to establish a relationship with the holy ghost is first with search/study and then he will give us inspiration and we have to recognize it which will lead us to follow it which will lead us to search more because we'll see the good results and its a cycle that goes on and on....and read that talk! that i told you about! by elder Bednar. learn by faith. its super good and all about that! i learned a ton from it! 

sunday we had a stake conference here, but it wasnt a normal stake conf. you know who spoke?? elder gonzales a 70. elder Anderson, elaine dalton, and PRESIDENT MONSON!! nossa it was super good. almost all of them talked about taking distractions out of our lives and taking more time for Christ and the family. that we have 2 registers (histories) that are most important...the book of mormon (obvious) but guess what elder Gonzales said was the other....youll never guess....our personal registers (history) ....journal, letters, emails...crazy! so thats why i was reading my notes from the MTC today...and i learned a ton....Pres Monson talked about following Christs example in everything. that we have  to show more love for everyone, especially our was really good. elder anderson talked about 3 responsibilities that parents have to their children... to strengthen their education, teach them to work while their young, and teach them to love Heavenly was really good and three things that my parents really did for me and im really thankful for that. Thank you mom! and dad! 

we are working with one lady that threw away her cigarettes yesterday! she cried all through the first lesson. she is really happy now... and another that is a reference from marinalva (the sister in law of val that we baptized) that we reactivated... her friend is super excited, she already read like half the book of mormon and is reading D&C too. shes super excited! my faith is growing everyday! i love the mission! i know its the work of the lord and when we do our part He does His! ive seen that just this week, we made goals and were doing them and Hes trusting His children to us! we got a call this morning too from a family that we just left a pamphlet with and she had read it 4 times and loves it and wants the book of mormon so she can find the answers  to the questions at the end of the pamphlet! she said i couldnt respond well because i dont have the book of mormon and marked Saturday for us to go by and then called back and remarked for tomorrow because shes so excited! i love this work! sorry i cant share everything with you guys, but ive got a journal you can read after i get home! ta bom! love ya!
Elder Bergquist

Here is a picture he sent us that his Mission Pres. sent him...
fotos de conferencia de zona (zone conference photos)
haha, my son, Devin just called me and told me this picture is like a "Where's Waldo?" picture!!!  It's true!  Can you find Elder Bergquist??

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