Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6/13/12 No email :(

I was really bummed last week when my email didn't come through!  I have no idea if it is lost out in internet space somewhere or if Dallin just missed hitting the send button, nevertheless, I didn't get an email from him last week...

Here is the short email he sent his dad...

good stuff. im glad okc won...and cool that the kings won the stanley cup too, one of the guys in my zone told me, hes a hockey player from idaho. he knows chase (Dallin's cousin), elder cox....he said he doesnt know him that well but he knows who he is... good stuff with the angels too... chad got a letter (Dalllin's younger brother lettered in track!) then parabens...thats crazy about president kerr. (Pres.Kerr was Dallin's seminary teacher and he was just called to be our new Temple President!!) super exciting! the prophet said in the last conference thats how its done. he said bishops and stake president sit on the stand and pray for inspiration for who should serve a couples mission.... (Brad had told Dallin a couple of months ago that he thought Pres. and Sister Kerr should be mission pres) you did well haha. im glad to hear it. anyway love ya pops youll hear more about me from mom!

Well, that, "You'll hear more about me from mom" didn't come!!  :(
BUT, I did get these 2 pictures!

eu e meu novo comp (me and my new comp), Elder Carneiro na conferencia de natal. (revelation) (he is saying it was revelation since they took a pic together BEFORE they were companions at the Christmas party) i took one with him and with elder canepa too, my last comp....
two models that showed up in our house last night....? it was weird...... (you know they are bored when they think they are models, haha... although, I could agree, very handsome boys!!!)
AND, I was blessed to hear from a mom of one of the missionaries that was in his zone in this last area... here is what she told me... 

Scott said that he and Elder Morais are staying in Contagem together, but "basically" all other Elders in the district are transferring out of Contagem today. But he also told me "if you´d also like to tell Elder Bergquist's mom about him, he really is a great teacher. At our District Meetings when we do practices, he´ll say `Pause.. Now, ask an inspired question to the investigator´. He´s really experienced, and really in-tune with the spirit. "

So, we now know he was transferred out of this area... and he told me in the email with the 2 pictures, that he has a new companion...  That is all we know for now!  I am excited to hear from him tomorrow!!!

AND, that was very sweet of Sister Hendrickson to tell me!!!  THANK YOU!!

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