Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/18/11 2nd baptism!

Here is Elder Bergquist's email to his father...
Dad, pops, pai, ha
thanks for the letter. Thanks for the pic haha. but mostly thanks for all the lessons you teach me. we truly are blessed above what i ever realized. and i am thankful for that. its amazing how much i took it for granted in my childhood. not only the material things and opportunities we have there in the states, but with my family too. with a mom and dad that are so loving and great and that raised me in the gospel. so thanks to you to for all my blessings. and thanks for the updates ha. the heatles, thats funny, good old jim rome. and im glad the bulls are winning. brother oliver back in wyoming is probably really happy haha. anyway thanks dad. i dont have much more time and i gotta write mom still . I love you pops. soon to be bubs the second haha. A grandpa. how do you feel: haha até a próxima semana! te amo! tchau!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

and his email to me...

Ola todo mundo!
tudo bom lá?! perguntas primera.

How are you? Ótimo! bom demais! loving it here!

How is the language coming along? its coming haha, slowly but surely, everyday im understanding more. and teaching isnt too hard, just like conversational stuff haha when it comes to the gospel i seem to understand much better haha

Have you had any pao de queijo? Did you like it? pão de queijo? have i had any? serio? claro! and of course i liked it! haha whats not to like?! its bread with cheese haha. we have it at least once a week haha. and our branch president told me how its made, its really really easy haha

Do you know Sis. Dunlop or Sis. Corbin or Elder McKell yet? (their moms are on the missionary mom's email group) nope. never heard of any of them haha. oh wait maybe elder mckell. not sure.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? breakfast: a glass of toddy (chocolate milk, like nesquick ha) and some bread or little like cookie/crackers or sometimes misto quench (grilled cheese haha) lunch: BEANS AND RICE! and usually some kind of meat, sometimes some pasta, salad, or like fruit salad stuff. dinner: nothing haha we dont have dinner here. usually when we get home at night at 9 well eat something a misto quench or once in a while we´ll order pizza, or just like a regular sandwich idk

How are things going with the family of 7??!!! I pray for them every day! well. they dropped like a week ago. ha. so not so good. but we´re always finding novos. dont worry

Did Adryenne get baptized? Did you do it? yes she did:) no her dad came down from...not sure haha but her whole family came and it was a really cool spiritual baptism. he did baptized her so like....fatherly haha he like hugged her and lowered her under the water haha it was cool, then her family sang a song for her. it was really good. and we had 3 investigators there:) so thats a plus.

Did any of your investigators come to church? yes! we had sandra, a like 30 year old woman, and aparecida, like in her 50s and her 12 year old neta. and some random guy showed up too. i think it might have been sandra bf. but im not sure haha. and adreyenne of course ha

Are you still living with the Branch Pres? yes we are

Do you take the bus a lot? yeah kinda. at least once a day to get home at night. most days twice. because were working on the opposite side of town from where we live ha

Do you have enough $ for food? no not really haha ive taken a lot out of my personal account because we have to get buses to BH every once in a while: like 80 reais and to varginha: like 30 reais. then we get reimbursed but usually not for a couple weeks so idk haha

Can you email a couple of pics each week? yeah i could, but then it would be useless to send my card home. i´ve taken like 6 pictures since ive been here and like 4 are from the baptisms haha but i´ll send those for sure

How far away is the place that you email from your house where you live? like 4 blocks. not too bad.

How much does it cost you to email? its like 2 reais per hour i think

That is the coolest story about your dream of the guy you are teaching! Are you still teaching him? Is he progressing? ha no! its sad :/ but thats alright haha

How many people are you teaching? ha its hard to say, it changes like every day, but today we have 4 people scheduled to go see.

What was the most spiritual thing that happened this week? probably the baptizm. it was really cool. actually, maybe the lesson we had yesterday with sandra. we had a member there. and it was really spiritual. she has had a lot of trouble stopping drinking coffee ( she drinks like 2 liters a day) haha but we just talked about the importance of obeying 100 percent to show our faith and she picked out a scripture she liked when nefi was bound and he had faith and prayed that he could burst the bands. so i compared that to what shes going through. she has a lot of faith and really wants to do whats right, but she hasnt received a response about the book of mormon yet. she has faith and desire, but she need to show that faith through her actions and live the commandments in order to receive the blessings and certeza that she is looking for.

Is your comp fun? haha... do you ever have a good laugh? he´s a really hard worker haha. its kinda hard to be a whole lot of fun when were so focused on the work haha and when we have the whole language slash culture barrier thing haha. but he´s fun, just doesnt joke around a whole lot. ha

but anyway, this was a great week. we have 4 baptismal dates set. two for this week and three for next. (dont ask me, that doesn't add up... haha) and we found this girl, roberta. wow, she´s definitely one of the elect. no doubt about it. she has been looking and investigating different churches and has really strong faith. we challenged her to pray about our first visit and what we taught and have a conversation with pai celestial. and when we walked in for the second lesson, she was like a completely different person. it was crazy. she did and she said at work some girl asked what happened to her or what was different. she said two angels came to visit her and teach her the truth. man does the spirit guide us to those that are waiting, i wonder sometimes if the spirit is just reminding us of plans we made with each other in the pre earth life to find each other and share the gospel. sei lá. interesting to think about. anyway. i love you all! tchau!
Um abraço pra todo mundo!
Elder Bergquist!

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