Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5/11/11 I had a Dream about it!

Here is Elder Bergquist's email to his father this morning...

thanks for the letter and the encouragement dad. It was good talking to you guys too. its crazy with the language because i feel like some days it goes really well and i understand and can say what i need to and others i feel like its my first day here again. its also hard because pres only gives us a half hour, the first half of our mission for language study. and thats if we both want to do it. and my comp just wants to work, which is great but i dont get any time for language study, but i do it on the bus or during my personal study sometimes. anyway i guess president knows what hes doing and if i follow the mission rules the Lord will help me. that is weird that the lakers are out already, at least i wont miss another championship and i dont have to deal with everyones crap hahah. but too bad they didnt three-peat again. sounds like an exciting sacrament meeting haha. wish i could have been there. anyway. thanks pops. i love you. until next week. tchau!
Elder Bergquist

And here is mine...

olá gente!! (Hello people)
How is everybody?? well i kinda just talked to you Sunday so theres not much to tell, but we did find a couple of FAMILIES! which my comp said he has never baptized any. hopefully these will be them! but i´ll answer your questions now

Do you know how long your MP has been out? (Will you get a new MP while you are out?) he goes home the june or july before i do, so yeah i will get a new one but not for long.

Did you find out what area of Sao Paulo your comp is from? vila nova cachoeirinha, ala parada pinto estaca, são paulo norte, também foi da estaca perdizes

So, how did you end up speaking in Sac. Mtg. your very 1st week there? Did you Branch Pres ask you to or did the speaker not show up or what? yeah he asked me, he said he always has them, usually on the third week, but then he called us saturday morning and i guess needed another speaker or something so told my comp i was speaking, then he didnt tell me till that afternoon, so it was exciting haha

Is there much Priesthood in the branch? uhh...yeah i guess...i dont know how many are strong members and like temple worthy or whatever but last week in priesthood there was like 25....thats all of priesthood...

So tell us about the people you are teaching that are progressing. well its hard to tell for sure, but we have adryenne who we set up a time for interview on saturday for her baptism sunday and then yesterday and the day before we found a few novos. umm one was a family of 7! and they seemed pretty firm after the first vision we invited them to be baptized and they all accepted. but we went back last night and only like the mom and two kids were home and they were leaving, so we're going to try again tonight i think. and we found a couple others too, but they seem less firm...but we have invited a lot to SM(Sacrament Meeting) and it sounds like a lot will come, we'll be running around all over sunday morning

Have you guys been looking for another place to live? not really. if we pass a place we'll write down the number ha and it sounds like theyve got something going on in the office....idk

What does your Branch Pres. do for a living? sei lá! ha i asked and he said "a lot of stuff" haha

Do you guys teach the Sunday School class, Gospel Principles? no we dont, i dont know if they even have one, we went to the other one last week, but we didnt have any idk

Did you say that you 2 are the only missionaries in Alfenas? yes ma'am

How many are in your district? zone? district is 8: 6 elders and 2 sisters, one sister from the states and one other elder from the states

How far away are they? i dont know, where we go for district meeting is about an hour and a half away on bus

How often do you meet with them? once a week, or if we have to go for entrevistas or something

Are you taking pictures? nope haha. we're only allowed to on pday and at baptisms. and on pday we only leave the house to come here and to go shopping ha. so theres not much to pictures of on pday. sorry! i wish i could take more

What did you do for Pday? so far, we have studied and walked here haha. we're gonna go shopping and then eat and i might cut my comps hair, and he has an ingrown toenail so we're gonna go to he doctor i think.

other than that not much has happened except one guy we taught, it was the weirdest thing, i had a dream about it, i dont remember when or much of the dream, but it was like deja vu. and i was thinking, i hope i can get more in tune with the spirit so i can recognize those kind of things in my dreams like nephi and lehi did. i dont know what it means that i dreamed about it, but i remember being in his house and us teaching then him talking, and i remember in my dream not being able to understand, i think it was before i came out on the mish. idk ha anyway just a little interesting tid bit. i love you all. até a próxima semana! tchau!
Elder Bergquist!

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