Sunday, December 12, 2010


Physical preparations... After high school Dallin got a scholarship to BYU in Provo. When he got home he went to work at Jamba Juice. He worked all summer and saved his money. He was able to pay for all his things he would need to take on his mission and still have money to pay for part of his mission. A mission currently costs $400 a month. Good job Dallin! Here he is doing a little shopping... I was privileged to be with him at these 2 stores but he did a lot of the shopping without me. I was not thrilled about that but, what can I say? °Ü°

He also had to get shots to go to Brasil but he was NOT big on me taking pictures there so...

Not only does a missionary need to prepare physically for their mission but they also need to prepare spiritually... He was able to go to the temple several times before he left... here is some pictures on Saturday before he left. We went to the San Diego temple with Kyle!

Very happy parents...

Dallin and Kyle are just about the only guys left from their large group of friends... Kyle was called to serve in Columbia, he enters the MTC Jan.19, 2011
I wanted to add this great picture! When Brad was serving as the young men's president they took the Priests up to Salt Lake City to go to Conference...
The 1st 2 boys are younger so they are waiting to be able to go and serve... then we have Brennen Burgoyne serving in North Carolina, Ricky Brambila serving in Honduras, Sam Sprunt in Portuga, Collin Stewart in Bolivia, Dallin in Brasil, Kyle in Columbia, Mike Marchetti in Florida, and Tanner Hemphill in Brasil! What a great group of young men!
Dallin, your mom and dad could not be happier!!! We love you!

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